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New Richmond captures SBC-A tennis crown

New Richmond can be proclaimed as the most successful of Clermont County’s high school varsity tennis teams with the season now just recently concluded. he Lions, champions of the Southern Buckeye Conference American Division, defeated Felicity 4-1 in a non-division game. The winning Lions were first singles Tyler Esham 2-6, 6-3, 7-6, second singles Daniel Heflin 6-0, 6-1, first doubles Nick Groman and Eric Hays 6-0, 6-0, and second doubles Matt Dooley and James Martin 6-0, 6-1. The Cardinals’ winner was third singles Trevor Shouse 6-2, 6-4.

Clermont Crew season ends with national championship meet

The Clermont Crew experienced a season that varsity coach Amy Condrey described as having been “very successful.” The crew is composed mostly of high school students who are residents of Clermont County. They attend Amelia, Batavia, Bethel-Tate, Glen Este, Goshen, Milford, New Richmond, and Williamsburg high schools. There are several crew members who are students at Anderson and McNicholas high schools.

Eight-year old hauls in a 55-pound carp

Eight-year old Josh Cobb was believed to have caught a state record carp. It weighed 55.5 pounds, had a girth of 32.5 inches, and was 47.5 inches long. It was an grand size, but it was determined that it was not the right type of carp.

Rolph, Owens make state-record catfish catch

What was expected to be a typical very early morning of fishing turned out to be a record-setting day of achievement for Chris Rolph and Jon Owens. On June 11, about 12:45 a.m., they caught an enormous blue catfish that was 54.2 inches long, had a 36-inch girth, and weighed 96 pounds. The catch was made near the Turkey Bottoms that is located about one mile upriver (east) of Schmidt Fields along Kellogg (Eastern) Avenue.

Fourth Annual June in Olde Williamsburgh Car Show draws more than 60 vehicles

Several exciting competitions took place at the Annual June in Olde Williamsburgh celebration. One of the most attended and most participated competitive events was the automobile show. Jay Riedel, owner of Custom and Classic Auto Service, in Williamsburg, served as the chairman of the car show.

FAVC-B spring athletes of the year announced

The all-star squads of the spring season of the Fort Ancient Valley Conference Buckeye Divison (FAVC-B) were selected by the head coaches of each respective team. Following are the all-stars from Glen Este and Milford high schools, the two Clermont County high schools that are members of the FAVC-B. The year in school of each all-star is included.

Spring SBC-N all-star teams announced

The coaches of the National Division of the Southern Buckeye Conference (SBC-N) have chosen their all-star dream teams for the 2009 spring campaign. Following are the selected athletes of Batavia, Felicity and Williamsburg, the Clermont County schools that are members of the SBC-N. Their respective year in school is included.

SBC-A spring all-star squads are named

The spring all-star squads of the Southern Buckeye Conference American Division (SBC-A) have been chosen by the conference’s head coaches. Following are the stellar stars from Bethel-Tate, Clermont Northeastern, Goshen, and New Richmond high schools, the Clermont County members of the SBC-A. The year in school is also included.

Amelia’s FAVC-C spring all-stars selected

The head coaches of the Cardinal Division of the Fort Ancient Valley Conference (FAVC-C) have chosen their all-star dream teams for the spring season. Following are the all-star choices from Amelia High School, the only Clermont County high school that is a member of the FAVC-C.

Cougar linksmen gain experience for future success

The University of Cincinnati Clermont College varsity men’s golf team is gaining experience for future success. The highlight of the season was the Red and Black’s third place finish in the Ohio University – Zanesville Tournament.

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