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Career Center invests in deadend career path

To the Editor: Regarding the Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013 article titled “Grant Career Center adding two animal science programs,” I am perplexed with the Superintendent’s claim that there are “…600 careers in equine science…” Inquisitive as I am, with a vested interest in the school, even though I am retired, a quick Google search led [ Read More ]

Ohio became stronger in 2013

By Joe Uecker Over the past three years, the state legislature has taken steps to get Ohioans back to work by creating an environment in which new jobs can be created and businesses can expand. Since 2011, we have made significant progress toward that goal with Ohioans having created more than 170,000 new, private sector [ Read More ]

Christmas shopping at the dollar store

By George Brown   It’s strange how, after two years of retirement, I still wake up at the same time every day. My biological alarm goes off between 5:30 and 6 a.m. and my brain says to my bones, “Shake a leg old man, it’s time to get up.” And so I do. Yvonne’s biological [ Read More ]

Service is part of our moral fabric

By Sherrod Brown As 2013 comes to a close, Connie and I want to wish you and your family a safe and blessed holiday season. For me, there’s no greater joy than spending the winter holidays with loved ones. Earlier this month, I visited a homeless veteran’s shelter in Cleveland. I met a man there [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Mud Season’ is a self-deprecating story told with grace and gratitude

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Sometimes, you just need a change. Life becomes same-old, same-old and that’s boring. You need to shake things up. Get out of your rut. Do something different. Sometimes you need to surprise yourself or, as author Ellen Stimson says in her new book “Mud Season,” you need to go shopping at the [ Read More ]

A sermon and a letter

Batavia will celebrate its bicentennial year in 2014, and The Clermont Sun is publishing a series of historic vignettes. The late Rosanna Hoberg, author, was a columnist and reporter for The Clermont Sun. This column was written in 1964. By Rosanna Hoberg The first settlers of Batavia were members of the Methodist Church. The Dimmitts [ Read More ]

Christmas mouse gets the cheese

By George Brown Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house Not a creature was stirring except one little mouse. The long hot summer had left Mouse’s pantry bare So he moved into the house in hopes food would be there. His family was nestled all snug in their beds While visions of [ Read More ]

We are a nation of great innovators

By Sherrod Brown We are a nation of builders and innovators. Harnessing that creative energy, manufacturing created a middle class that strengthened our communities and provided opportunity for countless Americans. Manufacturing helped make the middle class. In fact, manufacturing jobs have a larger multiplier effect than any other industry. For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, [ Read More ]

‘Junkyard Planet’ will show you where recyclables go

This will probably be the last year for your old Christmas lights. You’ve noticed that the bulbs are half burned-out and replacements are hard to find these days. Besides, you’d really rather have those newfangled lights anyhow; they’re energy efficient and they look nicer. You’re going to recycle those old twinklers because it’s the right [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
Composting for the lazy gardener

For experienced gardeners, good compost is worth its weight in gold. There’s nothing healthier for your plants than rich black compost, but for most gardeners the only way to get compost is to buy it. We sell amazing amounts of compost and soils in our garden center, evidence that many gardeners aren’t making their own. [ Read More ]

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