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Smog is harmful to everybody

By Loren Koehler When a smog alert is issued, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? “Will the protective membranes in my nose and throat swell?” “Will I have red, itchy eyes?” “Will my working lung capacity will decrease?” Chances are, probably not. But those questions are issues that could arise when smog levels [ Read More ]

Debt ceiling deal was an imperfect fix, but necessary

The recent debate about increasing our nation’s debt ceiling certainly wasn’t pretty. While I’m sure everyone involved had America’s best interests at heart, coming to agreement on how to stop this ridiculous spending of tax dollars tested the patience of not only members of Congress but also the public. What we settled on isn’t a [ Read More ]

How does what you believe affect how you treat others?

When I was a young man I was far more idealistic and naive than I am today. When talking with family or friends I was often firm in my opinions, of which I had many. I was almost always quick to share those opinions and would rush to judgment about how I thought other people [ Read More ]

Remembering Ohio’s veterans

A veteran in Cincinnati recently wrote to me that, “it is good to know we are not forgotten.” There are more than 930,000 veterans in Ohio who have made tremendous sacrifices for our country. Members of the Armed Forces leave their families, endure great stress, and put their lives on the line for us. And, [ Read More ]

Senior Services auction is set for September 9

Fifteen years ago, under the volunteer leadership of Judy Walker, Clermont Senior Services held an Art Auction at John Ruthven’s studio near Georgetown. I still have an original water color painting by local artist David P. Atkins that I purchased at that event. It was an exciting beginning, and within a few years the Art [ Read More ]

The picture that hung on my grandmother’s wall

As a very young boy I remember going to my Grandparents home in New Richmond. The old house is no longer standing but it once stood behind where Frisch’s Restaurant is today. It was a very old two story house with a large front porch. Today, we refer to this type of house as having [ Read More ]

Make the dollar-for-dollar rule permanent

Congress and the president have finally agreed to raise the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt limit, along with spending cuts of an equal or greater amount. There are many points of view about the final agreement, but here’s a positive aspect of the underlying principle: If we pledge to hold all future debt-limit increases to the [ Read More ]

A clear path forward for the United States

With a recession that is persistent, the United States must take bold action to prevent a permanent decline in the American standard of living. First and foremost, we must rebuild our infrastructure of roads, bridges, sewage systems, railroads, airports and our electric grid. All of the aforementioned items have received a Grade “D” or “D-” [ Read More ]

Customer says ‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart’

George BrownLast week I delivered meals-on-wheels to a new customer. It is not something I get to do very often but this was an unusual circumstance. This sweet older lady lives at the top of a nearly half mile long driveway that can only be navigated with a four-wheel drive vehicle, which I happen to [ Read More ]

Bill would require safeguards for Peace Corps volunteers

In the 50 years since President Kennedy proposed the idea of the Peace Corps, we’d be right to expect that it had grown into a well-traveled ambassador for what is good about America – the compassion and generosity of our people. Peace Corps volunteers, inspired by optimism and high ideals, have traveled to the four [ Read More ]

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