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The settling down

Batavia’s bicentennial year is 2014, and this is the fourth in a series of historic vignettes concerning the community. The late Rosanna Hoberg, author, was a columnist for The Clermont Sun. This column appeared in the Sun in observation of Batavia’s sesquicentennial celebration. Charles Robinson of Maryland came to Batavia in 1806, and he and [ Read More ]

For our veterans, the battle goes on

By Rob Portman My father and grandfather both served as Infantry Lieutenants in the US Army – one a veteran of WWI, and the other a veteran of WWII. They both taught my brother, sister, and me early on that in order to preserve values we hold dear, like freedom, equality, and opportunity, sometimes men [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘The First Phone Call from Heaven’ is a good call

By Terri Schlichenmeyer The call almost scared you half to death. First of all, it woke you up and everybody knows that middle-of-the-night phone calls are never good news. Secondly, you were sound asleep and third, who calls a wrong number at three a.m.? It took you awhile to get back to sleep that night. [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Cold weather considerations for your pets and wildlife

By Dr. Dan Meakin Winter can be a very strenuous time for dogs and cats, especially those that live outdoors. There are a number of things you can do to help your pets avoid health problems during the cold months of the year. 1. Outdoor dogs and cats need a dry, insulated pet house or [ Read More ]

An 8-year-old boy pulled off the great Halloween Candy Caper

By George Brown The hoopla last week about trick-or-treat night was a bit ridiculous. Not to say there wasn’t good cause for concern about little children getting drenched and looking more like drowned rats than little princesses and super heroes, but when I was a boy we wouldn’t have thought twice about going trick-or-treating in [ Read More ]

Batavia’s beginning

Batavia Village will celebrate its bicentennial year in 2014, and The Clermont Sun is publishing a series of historic vignettes concerning the community, of which this is the third. The late Rosanna Hoberg was a long-time columnist and reporter for The Clermont Sun. This column originally appeared in the Sun in observation of Batavia’s sesquicentennial [ Read More ]

Ensuring Ohio’s troops find work

By Sherrod Brown Ohio’s heroes who fought for our country shouldn’t have to fight for a job when they return home. Unfortunately, many do. And it’s not right. Recently, at the SuperJobs Center in Cincinnati, I met Marianne Linardos, a Hamilton native and a Navy veteran who struggled to find full-time employment after returning from [ Read More ]

Delay Obamacare, and then repeal it

By Rob Portman The rollout of Obamacare is less than a month old and it’s already the “train wreck” that some warned about. Millions of Americans have received notifications that their insurance — which they chose and wanted to keep — has been canceled because of the regulations in Obamacare, despite what the president promised. [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Furious Cool’ filled with laughs and an abundance of profanity

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Dirty, nasty, filthy. That’s what your mother claimed “those words” were. You said them once… and were never allowed to say them again in her presence. They were bad words. They were dirty – unless, of course, Richard Pryor said them. Then they were hilarious, fall-down-funny, and in the new book “Furious [ Read More ]

Dancing in the kitchen with the star of my life

By George Brown While watching Dancing with the Stars last week Yvonne succinctly described my (lack of) dancing skills. “Sweetie (she always calls me sweetie when the words that follow aren’t exactly sweet), when it comes to dancing you will never know the thrill of victory because you have the agony of de-feet.” Don’t think [ Read More ]

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