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We need a new vision for the future of Clermont County

Over the last few years all of our energies, as families and as a community, have been invested in trying to weather the current economic storm. Instead of planning for the future we’ve been scrambling to develop short term solutions to address immediate needs; and if asked about the future, like Scarlet O’Hara we’ve been [ Read More ]

Senator’s most important job is serving his constituents

Some of the most important work that I do has nothing to do with votes cast on the Senate floor. As your senator, my most important job is serving you and helping constituents cut through red tape when dealing with the federal government. That means helping seniors access the Social Security benefits they have paid [ Read More ]

Washington needs to act on gas prices

Anyone who’s filled up a gas tank in recent days has suffered a real hit to the wallet. Gas prices are at record levels for this time of the year, stressing family budgets that have already been stretched thin. But make no mistake about it: It’s not just a recent, seasonal issue. The problem’s been [ Read More ]

Mitt Romney wins Arizona, Michigan

Willard “Mitt” Romney won the Arizona primary easily and also won a close contest in Michigan by beating Rick Santorum by a count of 41 percent to 38 percent. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich made little effort in Michigan and trailed Romney and Santorum badly. Romney had been expected to win easily in Arizona and, [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘The Man Who Quit Money’ is a book to take to the sofa

Just about fifteen cents. That’s all you ever find between the sofa cushions. It’s never a huge amount of money but for some silly reason, it makes you inordinately happy. Same thing when you find a fiver stashed in last winter’s jacket, or a couple Washingtons in an old forgotten purse or wallet. It’s as [ Read More ]

Thoughts about Valentine’s Day and a happy marriage

I have a confession to make. Yvonne and I did not celebrate Valentine’s Day. Actually, I did receive a truly wonderful card from her. I think it was her way of saying she was really sorry about the three weeks I recently spent living in the travel trailer. I hope the ladies in the audience [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Lone Wolf’ is a howling good read for any fan of this author

Your mother often said you were born in a barn. That’s because it seemed like you were always going ape, laughing like a hyena and horsing around. Surely, you drove her batty until she didn’t think she could bear another minute of you but secretly, Mom probably didn’t mind. She knew you were healthy as [ Read More ]

Home remedies weren’t pretty but they worked

I’ll never forget my first encounter with an enema bag. I was about 8 years old and had one heck of a belly ache from something I’d eaten. I’d heard stories from my older brothers and sister about intimate relationships they’d had with that little black nozzle at the end of the hose on the [ Read More ]

Eliminating conflicts of interest in Congress

Sometimes, it’s no wonder that Americans have lost faith in Congress. Last year, a groundbreaking report by 60 Minutes found that some Members of Congress may be using insider information—acquired through their official duties—to enrich their stock holdings. Members of Congress should not have a different set of rules—they should be treated the same as [ Read More ]

Pray for the family hurt by scandal

Mad, sad, depressed, disgusted – if those describe your reaction to the disclosure of the alleged crimes committed by former commissioner Archie Wilson, well join the club. Mad at how someone abused the trust placed in him. Sad for the tragedy forced upon his family. Depressed, well that goes along with the first two. I [ Read More ]

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