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Santorum wins in Newt’s backyard

Rick Santorum edged Newt Gingrich in closely contested primaries in Alabama and Mississippi on Tuesday, March 13. In Alabama, the results were 35 percent for Santorum, 29 percent for Gingrich, 29 percent for Willard “Mitt” Romney, and 5 percent for Ron Paul. In Mississippi, the results were 33 percent for Santorum, 31 percent for Gingrich, [ Read More ]

Tougher action on Iran is necessary

There’s a war going on around the world. It’s not a traditional war, but make no mistake about it: The Iranian regime is waging a covert war against us and our friends and allies. In the past decade, the Iranian regime has made clear its intent toward the United States of America and our allies. [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Prevention is the rule for your pets during heartworm season

Heartworms are blood parasites that are transmitted by mosquitoes in much the same way malaria is spread in people. The adult worms can be 10 to 14 inches long and live inside the heart and pulmonary arteries. They cause a restriction in blood flow leading to lung disease and congestive heart failure. Heartworm disease is [ Read More ]

Bookworm Sez
‘It’s Not About the Pom Poms’ is chummy with just enough gossip

The season might be over, but you really do have to raise your glass to all the great entertainment you got from this last football season. Salud to the quarterbacks. Yung sing to the kickers. Prosit to the coaches and managers. Santé to the owners – and to your fellow fans, skal. To your health. [ Read More ]

The key to having happy relationships with others

I watched a program on PBS the other night about a man who spent the last 30 years of his life in the Alaskan wilderness. He didn’t consider himself a hermit, but his friendships were limited to occasional summer visitors and the animals who became accustomed to his presence, as though he was one of [ Read More ]

Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Ohio

Ron Seide, a small business owner in Akron, recently told me about his efforts to connect with customers throughout the world. Summit Data Communications, based at the Akron Global Business Accelerator, now generates the bulk of its revenue through exporting its products around the world. This 21st century firm is just one of the innovative, [ Read More ]

Highway freedom will save money

Ohioans are looking for common sense from Washington. At a time when the economy is struggling and state dollars are stretched thin, it’s critical that Washington rise to the challenge by cutting red tape and bureaucracy and removing unnecessary – and expensive – federal mandates it imposes on the states. As Congress debates the highway bill, [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
If you share your life with a dog, this is the book for you

Who could resist that little urchin face? The dog staring at you from your computer screen sure was a cutie. He was a stray, found wandering nearby and nobody came to claim him. Tempting. But wasn’t someone missing that sweet boy? How could anybody refuse those please-love-me eyes? Alice and Ed Parmalee couldn’t, that’s for [ Read More ]

We need a new vision for the future of Clermont County

Over the last few years all of our energies, as families and as a community, have been invested in trying to weather the current economic storm. Instead of planning for the future we’ve been scrambling to develop short term solutions to address immediate needs; and if asked about the future, like Scarlet O’Hara we’ve been [ Read More ]

Senator’s most important job is serving his constituents

Some of the most important work that I do has nothing to do with votes cast on the Senate floor. As your senator, my most important job is serving you and helping constituents cut through red tape when dealing with the federal government. That means helping seniors access the Social Security benefits they have paid [ Read More ]

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