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Ending the shutdown and working to get back on track

By Sherrod Brown For 16 days, the day-to-day business of processing veterans benefits, approving small business loans, developing cures for deadly diseases, and inspecting food was halted. Why? Our government shut down because one faction, of one party, in one chamber, of one branch of government held the full faith and credit of the United [ Read More ]

Obamacare really has created a death panel

By Len Harding Apparently Obamacare really did create a death panel. Not the one Fox News lied about; something worse. The Republicans decided that the United States must die if they cannot have their way. The Republicans have become America’s Death Panel. Republicans are reacting to the effects of historical developments by desperately trying to [ Read More ]

Preventing the coming national debt crisis

By Rob Portman Over the last 30 years, a debt limit debate has been a time for sober reflection for members of both parties. Raising the debt limit is, by definition, a sign of failure. It means that our government is spending more money than it brings in. That’s where we are today. The federal [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Losing to Win’ is a fluffy-light, refreshing book that romance lovers will also enjoy reading

By Terri Schlichenmeyer It’s always in the last place you looked. You know how it is: you’ve lost something. You look beneath, above, in and out, corners and cabinets. You turn the house upside down but no matter where you look, it’s always in the last place you’d expect to find it. It almost makes [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Being prepared to care for your pet’s health care needs

By Dr. Dan Meakin No one wants to imagine your pet having a health problem. Pets are family members, now more than ever, and we want to be able to care for them in the same manner. Unexpected health issues can spring up, just as with our human family members, and medical expenses can add [ Read More ]

Adventures at our old Kentucky home – Part IV

By George Brown Over the past few weeks I’ve shared an assortment of memories about adventures at our old Kentucky home in Foster, Ky., but best of all is that those were our children’s toddler years. When we backed the U-Haul truck up the lane (which was an adventure in itself) to unload our meager [ Read More ]

Fixing the Obamacare mistake

By Rob Portan Congress is known to make mistakes. And when it does, it is the duty of those senators and members of Congress who come after to try and fix those mistakes. In the last decade, no mistake has been greater than the one that gave us Obamacare. It was a mistake born of [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Story of Baseball’ is a unique and fun book you’ll want to catch soon

By Terri Schlichenmeyer No matter where you are, you can remember that sound. You can just about hear it now: that “thwock” that comes when baseball meets bat. That hollow noise, that breathless second before the knowledge that you’ve hit it square, it’s exquisite. Is there anything sweeter than a perfect hit on a summer [ Read More ]

Adventures at our old Kentucky home – Part III

By George Brown When we arrived at our old Kentucky home in Foster, Kentucky in the fall of 1980 we had indoor plumbing that worked splendidly for a whole week. It seems the previous owner thought it would be a good idea to apply a fresh layer of wallpaper to the walls throughout the house, [ Read More ]

The origins of Batavia and Batavia Township

The Village of Batavia, settled by Europeans in 1797, was established as a town in 1814. Batavia Township was established the following year. The village will celebrate its bicentennial year in 2014, and the Batavia Bicentennial Commission is organizing a celebration, which will center on the newly renovated Batavia Downtown area, where some of the [ Read More ]

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