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The Bookworm Sez
‘100+’ is both deep and deeply fascinating

Every year, there’s another candle. You remember a time when you got excited about it. Another flame on your birthday cake meant that you were getting big, growing up, not a baby anymore. Each candle was one year closer to Big Kid status. Then one day, you stopped counting candles. Who needed to be reminded [ Read More ]

Newt Gingrich for president?

Newt Gingrich is rocketing upward in the polls of candidates for the Republican presidential nomination. Many of the pundits who have been watching this field of candidates are now saying that Gingrich may have the Republican nomination sewed up. I’m not so sure. Although Gingrich’s polling numbers have risen in a spectacular fashion, it is [ Read More ]

If we make it through December, everything’s gonna be all right

A few weeks ago I shared some thoughts with you that my sister Kathy had written in her journal about the loss of her husband. Don passed away on Aug. 30 from colon cancer, but he also had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for the past two years. My sister is a very special person [ Read More ]

Credit card issuers should not hide behind small print and legal jargon

Credit card agreements should be written in easy-to-understand language – not in small-print legal jargon. Consumers can make smarter choices about credit card usage when they understand what they are reading, but, right now, credit card companies hide costly fees by issuing incomprehensible contracts. And, throughout the country, we’re seeing middle-class families struggling to climb [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘The Lonliest Christmas Tree’ is a wonderful tale for children

What are the things you’re dreaming about this Christmas? Are you hoping to see a new bike beneath the tree, a video game, or a new stuffed pal? Would you like a new pair of pajamas from Santa, or some warm slippers or a new coat? Are you dreaming of snow or a holiday spent [ Read More ]

The adult day program has a long and interesting history

This week Clermont Senior Services celebrated the opening of the new LBD Welcome Center, which houses the adult day services program. The new center is located next door to the agency’s administrative office at 2085 James E. Sauls Sr. Drive. The LBD Welcome Center provides a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment for older adults with [ Read More ]

Walker recall has real momentum

People across Wisconsin are circulating petitions to recall Governor Scott Walker. Walker is best known nationally for his anti-labor legislation and for having a phone conversation with a prankster who passed himself off as multibillionaire David Koch. During the phone conversation Walker revealed that his attempt to destroy the rights of public sector union members [ Read More ]

Ensuring that you can take home more of your paycheck

Middle class families cannot afford a $1,000 tax hike right now. And small businesses looking to expand shouldn’t have a higher tax burden next year. But that’s exactly what would happen if Congress fails to extend the Payroll Tax Cuts – first passed in 2009 – which are set to expire on Dec. 31 of [ Read More ]

Bookworm Sez
‘His Mistress by Christmas’ will put the jingle back in your bell

You don’t make a lot of demands. This year is the exception. Specifically, if there isn’t a certain little box beneath the tree, there could be trouble. You’re fully expecting it to be there, so it’d better be. It should be wrapped in shiny paper with a gold – no, a silver – bow. And [ Read More ]

Thank goodness for steroidal hydroxopenathene

Well I guess I’m retiring just in time. My poor old eyes are just about worn out. A few weeks ago I began having some difficulty seeing the computer screen. This past week that difficulty erupted into a full blown case of something I’d never heard of before, iritis (pronounced i-right-is). Without getting bogged down [ Read More ]

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