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The Bookworm Sez
If you ever loved fairy tales, you will love ‘Cinder’

Once upon a time, you loved fairy tales. Once upon a time, you loved princes and princesses, gnomes, and castles with moats and dragons. There was magic in a fairy tale, there were monsters and evil queens, and you had to use your imagination to see it all. Then you grew up, and you began [ Read More ]

I don’t believe I’ll ever hike this trail again

Yvonne and I slipped away on New Year’s Day for a road trip to Florida to spend a week with her sister, Dolores. Yvonne’s brother Jim flew in from Boston and her cousin Jean accompanied us, setting the stage for a mini family reunion. When the Bartley’s and Steele’s get together you can always count [ Read More ]

Retirement is going pretty well, so far

Adjusting to retirement has had its challenges, but I am getting comfortable with sleeping in the travel trailer. The little box heater has helped a lot. I should explain myself for those of you who may have missed the column I wrote a few weeks ago about my plan to help make Yvonne’s life a [ Read More ]

Addressing the housing crisis we face

Some Ohio families are starting the New Year in a new neighborhood, apartment, or shelter after being foreclosed upon or being unable to sell their former home for as much as they paid for it. Meanwhile, once-thriving, middle-class neighborhoods are being undermined by vacant homes, vandalism, and declining property values. If we’re going to continue [ Read More ]

Will Romney’s ‘pious baloney’ be enough?

According to the latest polls, Mitt Romney will win the New Hampshire primary, but he has fallen 10 points in the last four days. The beneficiaries of Romney’s decline seem to be Ron Paul and John Huntsman. Two debates were held in New Hampshire, one last Saturday and another on Sunday. The other candidates took [ Read More ]

The year of job creation

Not to dwell too much on the past, 2011 was a difficult year to say the least. Hundreds of thousands of Ohioans sought jobs as the unemployment rate stagnated at 9 percent. Though the past year has been a trying time for many, Ohioans are nothing if not resilient. Despite the hurdles, the 129th General [ Read More ]

Girl asks for help to find a cure for a deadly disease

Avery Addington walked into my office in Washington, D.C., and made herself at home on a couch. The 5-year-old from Springboro was nursing a cold that day in March, so I handed her a tissue. Despite having the sniffles, Avery was a good girl while the grown-ups talked. But her mom, Hallie, was mortified when [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Tuesday Night Miracles’ will be dynamite for your book group

You were pretty sure your head was going to explode. Oh, that’s right. You were mad – so mad that you couldn’t see straight, that anger was buzzing in your ears, that your blood was running a NASCAR lap around your insides. You were seeing red and three other colors, angry enough that you were [ Read More ]

I suggest you step away from the cupboards

Many of you tried to warn me about my plan to make Yvonne’s life a little easier by organizing the kitchen cupboards for her after my retirement, not to mention other ideas I have like preparing meal menus and going shopping with her to help compare prices. Here is a sampling of the comments I received from the wives of [ Read More ]

As the Primary Turns – an Iowa soap opera

In the Republican presidential primary, the latest polls in Iowa show Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum in the lead for the Iowa caucuses. Newt Gingrich, who was polling as high as 35 percent in some polls in early December, has dropped to 16 percent. Mitt Romney’s Political Action Committee has paid for some [ Read More ]

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