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Your voice matters

“We Want to Hear from You.” You’ve probably seen that phrase on nearly every business website since the birth of the Internet. “Your Feedback Is Important to Us.” In booking a hotel, or buying a product online, some of those customer comments can come in pretty handy. As a program manager for the USDA’s Animal [ Read More ]

Supporting Ohio’s veterans

Joe Halicker, a WWII Veteran from Northwest Ohio, recently participated in an Honor Flight visit to the WWII Memorial in the nation’s capitol. After liberating Lorient, France from Nazi occupation, Mr. Halicker returned home to a grateful nation with the resources needed to provide for his three children. Today, young veterans often return to their [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘In One Person’ interesting and thought-provoking read

When you look back over your life, you notice things that make you say, “Yes. That makes sense.” You always wondered why you love certain foods, adore cozy smells, or have a way with words – until you learn that your mother loved those foods, your grandfather wore that scent, and your father was a [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
Is your favorite tomato or pepper an heirloom?

We get many requests for “heirloom” vegetable plants and seeds, so at least half the tomato and pepper plants we carry are “heirloom” varieties. Vegetable plants can be either “heirloom” or “hybrid”. But what exactly is an heirloom vegetable, and why is it more desirable than a “hybrid” plant? Plant hybridizing is the process of [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Prevention is the best practice during heartworm season

Heartworms are blood parasites that are transmitted by mosquitoes in much the same way malaria is spread in people. The adult worms can be 10 to 14 inches long and live inside the heart and pulmonary arteries. They cause a restriction in blood flow leading to lung disease and congestive heart failure. Heartworm disease is [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Survival Mom,’ ‘How to Rock Your Baby’ would both make great gifts

For years now, your mother has perfected the Art of Unrequested Advice. It started when she told you not to bring your favorite toy to Show & Tell because you’d lose it – and she was right. You spent your childhood hearing that you “need a sweater,” and she was usually right about that, too. [ Read More ]

About the virtues of women’s shoes

This column may get me exiled to the travel trailer for a couple of weeks, again, but the weather is nice enough for backyard camping so here goes. The topic is shoes – women’s shoes to be specific. Yvonne and I were going through the buffet line at a luncheon the other day when a [ Read More ]

Preventing college costs from becoming unaffordable

Justin Kuemerle, a Wright State University student, relies on federal student loans to help pay for school. He recently told me that without Stafford Loans, he would have to forgo college. Justin is one of more than 382,000 students in Ohio – including some 46,959 in Hamilton County – who are able to attend college [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Dr. Dan Meakin
Canine parvovirus infection on the rise

Since All Creatures has seen a bunch of parvo cases in last week, I thought would offer an update on parvovirus and how to prevent it. What is Canine Parvo? Canine parvovirus (CPV) infection is a relatively new disease that struck the canine population in 1978. Because of the severity of the disease and its [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Belle & Sundance’ is horsey heaven for any equine enthusiast

The argument could be made that you’re a softy. You can’t bear to watch any TV show in which someone loses his pet; even Lassie puts a lump in your throat, never mind those commercials with the homeless dogs. It hurts your heart to see hurt animals because you love your critters so much. Face [ Read More ]

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