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Uncovering the full truth about IRS abuse of power

By Rob Portman Big scandals start off as small stories. The controversy engulfing the Internal Revenue Service seems to grow bigger every day. What began as what the Obama administration said was a handful of “rogue agents” in a local Cincinnati office has turned into a scandal that runs all the way to the highest [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Tamarack County’ is rich with wrong leads, dark terrain

By Terri Schlichenmeyer He will pay. One way or another, you’ll get back at that person who done you wrong. He’ll pay, whether now or in the hereafter, and you’ll see that it comes to pass. He’ll get his comeuppance. You’ll get your revenge. But remember this: revenge isn’t always sweet, payback’s more than just [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
Hostas are problem-solvers for shade

By Steve Boehme Hosta is a perennial foliage plant that is so well known and widely planted that many gardeners take it for granted. There are over 3,000 named varieties, all of them easy to grow and very trouble-free. They are known for growing well in shady spots where most flowers struggle, just one of [ Read More ]

Well, it happened again – I took the dog’s pills instead of mine

By George Brown My morning routine includes four basic steps – turn the coffee pot on, feed the cat, set my pills out to take with breakfast, and then give our dog, Lily, her pills folded inside a bite of cheese. This seems simple enough but this last step has now tripped me up twice [ Read More ]

Getting government red tape out of the way

By Rob Portman Over the past several years, American Municipal Power out of Columbus has been trying to build turbines to take advantage of the abundant hydroelectric resources along the Ohio River. Not only would these projects produce cheap, renewable energy, but they could also provide thousands of good jobs for Ohio workers. But many [ Read More ]

Fulfilling my duties for the residents of southern Ohio

By Brad Wenstrup I’ve been your Congressman for seven months now, and a busy seven months it has been.  I have met thousands of people across Southern Ohio, and I look forward to seeing many more of you soon. The House of Representatives’ August schedule allows additional opportunities to meet with you to discuss such [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Pilgrim’s Wilderness is a true-crime fan’s delight

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Some days, you just want to chuck it all. If you could, you’d throw your alarm clock out the window and let birds be your wake-up call. You’d perform morning ablutions creekside, with the sun to dry your back. No more rat race, commute, or crowds. Some days, you’d be perfectly happy [ Read More ]

Are you tired of ‘tax reform’ that doesn’t help you?

By Dale Butland On Wednesday, the Ohio House Tax Reform Study Committee will hold a public hearing in Batavia.  Seems the Honorables wanted to hear any ideas you and your neighbors might have for future “tax reform.”  I imagine they were hoping you wouldn’t ask too many questions about their most recent “reforms” – or what they mean [ Read More ]

The funniest column you will never get to read

By George Brown For a number of years now I have called upon the services of a copy editor to review my column before sending it to the paper. Ordinarily, my copy editor’s role is limited to a much appreciated review for punctuation and grammatical errors, but from time to time she does provide input [ Read More ]

Why is there such anti-union feeling in Clermont County?

By Len Harding I recently was privileged to march in the Clermont County Fair parade. The vast majority of the parade marchers and watchers were working people having fun. This was not a country club group; just a friendly group of people. With so many working people in the county, one wonders why the tenor [ Read More ]

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