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Step aside Joey Chestnut, the Hairy Coconut is warming up

By George Brown Are you still feeling the effects of stuffing 4,500 calories into your belly last Thursday? Yes, 4,500 – that’s the number of calories the Caloric Control Council says the average American consumes on Thanksgiving Day. Keep in mind this is just an average. Children and vegan family members typically consume less than [ Read More ]

Enforcing trade laws to boost exports and support Ohio businesses as they compete in the marketplace

By Sherrod Brown When I travel across Ohio, I hear from business owners who have successfully expanded their companies, created jobs, and sold their products in foreign markets. In 2013, Ohio exports totaled a record-breaking $50.8 billion. To quantify that, every $1 billion in exports supports nearly 5,000 domestic jobs. And in Ohio, more than [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Holiday Pet Hazards

By Dr. Dan Meakin Pets have an undying love of all things that fit in their mouths, especially if they’re bright and shiny. In addition to good cheer, most homes are full of tempting hazards like these: Tinsel Animals that like to play with string often find tinsel irresistible. Batting around tinsel is fine, but [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘How to Be a Victorian’ gives you a taste of the past

By Terri Schlichenmeyer We live in interesting times. Riots, murders, protests, and conflicts make headlines. You have access to nearly anyone, 24/7; information is just a swipe away; and you have conveniences your grandma could barely imagine. And still, you long for the good old days. Sometimes, in fact, you wish you could go back [ Read More ]

Ohio Supreme Court hears case defining what is ‘cohabitation’

By Paul Pfeifer In February 2011, a grand jury indicted Jeffrey McGlothan of felonious assault, with a repeat-violent-offender specification, and one count of domestic violence as a result of an incident at the apartment he shared with his girlfriend, Cynthia Robinson. The domestic violence count alleged that McGlothan knowingly caused or attempted to cause physical [ Read More ]

Black Friday holds different meaning

Dear Editor, As holiday shoppers go into a shopping frenzy on ‘Black Friday’, I suffer terrible flashbacks whenever I hear that word. Black Friday 2006 was the day that our precious granddaughter was diagnosed with a deadly disease called A.L.L. a.k.a acute lymphoma leukemia. Just two years old, our Rebecca’s symptoms included a constant ear [ Read More ]

The sad downfall of John Henry Brown

By George Brown John Henry Brown was about the sweetest little boy to ever reside in Kudzu County. He was polite, thoughtful, kind, considerate, industrious, and obedient, especially obedient. When his Mom told him to do something, or told him not to do something, John Henry always said “Yes Mam”, and then he did whatever [ Read More ]

Giving back to our communities this Thanksgiving

By Sherrod Brown As we approach Thanksgiving, Connie and I are reminded of all that we have to be grateful for this year. For us, the day marks a chance to gather with family and friends to share a meal and give thanks for our blessings. For many Ohioans, however, this Thanksgiving marks another day [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘A Sudden Light’ comes off as a dim ghost story

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Your great-grandpa must’ve been a very interesting man. Growing up, you heard stories about him from inside the family and out – stories of his work ethic, his generosity, sense of humor, wisdom, and intelligence. He was beloved by many, and you wish you’d known him. In the new novel “A Sudden [ Read More ]

Ohio Supreme Court hears case dealing with involuntary retirement

By Paul Pfeifer Robert Corlew began working for Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc., in 1988. After fifteen years on the job, he was injured at work on December 5, 2003. His subsequent workers’ compensation claim was allowed for several injuries, including contusion and tendonitis of the right wrist, and anxiety disorder. Honda is a self-insured [ Read More ]

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