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National Day of Prayer

Dear Editor On Thursday, May 7th from sea to shining sea Americans will pray for this nation. For the last 64 years the lst Thurs in May has been designated as the “National Day of Prayer”. From the court house to the state house, from public parks to church pews, people will meet to pray. [ Read More ]

What is the ‘Teen Challenge?’

By Paul Pheifer In September 2008, Jason Kirkpatrick was sentenced after pleading guilty to 16 counts of breaking and entering and one count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. The common pleas court judge in his case – Judge John Stuard – sentenced Kirkpatrick to five years of community control. The term “community [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Getting to know the flea

By Dr. Dan Meakin To help improve your flea fighting skills, let’s look at the flea and its life cycle. Fleas are parasites that feed off their host’s blood. When a flea bites its victim’s skin it injects a minute amount of flea antigen. Pets vary in their reactions to flea antigen. In some pets [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Find the Good’ helps find humor in every day life and beauty in your surroundings

By Terri Schlichenmeyer The guy a couple streets over is a great big jerk. He’s one of those bad apples Mom always told you about: sour, rotten, and not anybody you’d ever pick. No, he’s not exactly your idea of Friend Material but you do admire his green thumb. He deserves every gardening award he [ Read More ]

The backpack adventures – A close encounter with airport security

By George Brown Yvonne and I are considering an air travel vacation later this year, which would be our first since 2009. When I began checking on flights I found that a lot has changed since 2009. Airline fees are higher and security regulations are tighter than ever. One of those regulation is the 3-1-1 [ Read More ]

Helping Ohio families afford college

By Sherrod Brown College costs are sky-high and climbing. Right now, many families across Ohio are waiting on their financial aid packages. For many students and their families, those aid packages can force agonizing choice over budgets, savings, and which school to attend—or whether a student can afford school at all. Investing in college shouldn’t [ Read More ]

Voluntary abandonment of the work force

By Paul Pfeifer On March 11, 2000, Darwin Floyd was injured while working for the Formica Corporation. As a result of the injury, a workers’ compensation claim was allowed for various shoulder conditions. Following surgery on his left shoulder, Darwin returned to light-duty work in September 2000. He stayed at that position until his light-duty [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Explore the Cosmos’ is for starry-eyed children

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Nighttime is absolutely your favorite time. Some people choose to hang out with friends after dark. Some go to movies, listen to music, or just go to sleep. But you – as soon as it’s dark, you lay down somewhere quiet and look up. That’s where the stars are, and in the [ Read More ]

Brown: I’m here to help

By Sherrod Brown During his presidency, Abraham Lincoln would meet regularly in the White House with ordinary Americans, even during the darkest days of the war. He called these meetings his “public opinion baths.” That’s why I travel to each of Ohio’s 88 counties and meet with people from different backgrounds, and why I believe [ Read More ]

The backpack adventures – an encounter with a ranger named Bret

By George Brown Over the years Yvonne and I have visited 27 of America’s 59 National Parks, including two in Alaska and one in Hawaii. Our bucket list (actually mine) includes visiting the remaining 32, although I doubt we will get to all of them because there are 6 more in Alaska and one, for [ Read More ]

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