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Vote Becker for state rep

Dear Editor: November 4th is quickly approaching and we will all be happy to see the campaign ads and signs go away. When you vote, please vote to retain me as your state representative. Ohio’s 65th house district includes the cities of Milford and Loveland (inside Clermont County) and the townships of Union, Miami, Goshen, [ Read More ]

Vote Perry for county commissioner

Dear Editor: I am in the running for Clermont County Commissioner. I understand that an article was written recently about my opponent in the race, David Uible, wanting to become a pilot. The irony that I find here is that I am a pilot; I worked for Comair Airlines for 18 years before having to [ Read More ]

Elect Kennedy for judge

Dear Editor: Fifteen years ago, when she was elected as a Domestic Relations Judge in Butler County, Justice Sharon Kennedy took an oath to uphold the Ohio Constitution and enforce the laws of the state of Ohio. Today, she still holds true to that oath as she serves the state of Ohio on the Supreme [ Read More ]

Getting the boot with the boot

By George Brown It happened on a Friday evening nine weeks ago. It was not as if the step was unfamiliar to her. Over the past 21 years she had passed up and down its single tread 15,000 times or more going to and from the garage. But on this particular day for just an [ Read More ]

Ending Ohio’s problem of veterans’ homelessness

By Sherrod Brown In gratitude for their courage and sacrifice for our nation, my office helps U.S. veterans access their medical and disability benefits and the overdue or replacement medals that they have earned for their military service. At a ceremony at the Hamilton County Courthouse in Cincinnati last week – where I had the [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
You will enjoy unwrapping the layers of ‘Leaving Time’

By Terri Schlichenmeyer A good mother loves her child unconditionally. She cares for her little one, making sure the baby is dry, safe, and comforted. She feeds her child and tends to him, no matter what time of day or night. You can add to this list at will, because we all know what a [ Read More ]

SOLACE offers assistance with treatment resources

By Donna Dowdney Do you or a family member need support or assistance with treatment resources? Check out SOLACE – Clermont County Chapter! S.O.L.A.C.E. Is a local grass roots group that has been in existence for a year now. This group encompasses parents and family members whose lives have, in one way or another been [ Read More ]

West Clermont turns the corner

By Dr. Keith Kline Now that the new school year is underway, I want to update community on what West Clermont is doing to increase our effectiveness as a district of choice. Fiscally, through the dedication and sacrifice of many, we have righted our financial ship. Employee pay freezes, a rebounding economy and additional support [ Read More ]


By George Brown After an enjoyable week at Natchez, Mississippi (including an encounter with the mysterious tightrope spider) Yvonne and I traveled to Crestview, Florida to spend a few days with her sister. Crestview is only minutes from one of my favorite hiking haunts, Blackwater River State Park. It was at Blackwater River in January [ Read More ]

Preventing the spread of ebola in the United States

By Sherrod Brown Over the last few weeks, we have heard a lot about the Ebola virus. The stories from Africa are heartbreaking – countries with limited resources are fighting to contain the disease and in many cases it is spreading faster than it can be controlled. In Liberia, Ebola cases are doubling every 15-20 [ Read More ]

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