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All children go to heaven

On November 14, 2015, an unthinkable crime shocked the community of Scottsville, Kentucky. Amy and Brian Doolin attended a football game with Gabriella, their 7-year-old daughter. Alec, 11, the Doolin’s son was scheduled to play that evening. However, sometime during the game, Gabriella vanished. By Marc Hoover After Amy Doolin contacted the police, a frantic [ Read More ]

The shiny red tomato!

By Mark Calitri I’m excited to announce the grass is steadily growing at Clermont County’s newest sports park opening in 2016 at the Red Barn facility in Batavia. We are ready to begin hosting big time sporting events and welcoming thousands of athletes, their families, and the substantial amount of money they will spend in [ Read More ]

Building a foundation for those who are in need

By Rob Portman “As we count our blessing this year, let’s also think about others who have fallen on hard times and be thankful for groups like Habitat who are there to help families get back on their feet.” Earlier this fall, I worked alongside fellow Ohioans with Habitat for Humanity to build a home [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Learn how Santa makes his business run smootly

The holidays couldn’t get any busier. Between mandatory-attendance parties, decorating your home, buying gifts, wrapping them, and getting your cards out in time, your plate is full and you still have a business to run. Don’t pout – instead see how The Big Guy does it by reading “The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus” by [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Does your pet need arthritis medication?

Osteoarthritis is a painful disease that affects a dog’s joints. It’s the most common cause of chronic pain. Many animals try to hide their pain as they try to be people pleasers. You will be the best person to recognize their painful signs as they develop. Know the Signs: • Reluctance to walk, climb stairs, [ Read More ]

Are locker room interviews with athletes really necessary?

Although I enjoy sports, I question some of their practices. For instance, who thought it was a good idea for reporters to crash a locker room like uninvited party guests? Unless I am missing something, I don’t know why anyone would want to speak to a bunch of 300 pound half sweaty nude men that [ Read More ]

Update on Goshen Twp. Property Maintenance

Rick W. Combs, Goshen police chief Several months ago I announced to Goshen residents that we had begun enforcement of our Property Maintenance Code. To implement this effort, Goshen employed a part time inspector whose only responsibility is working with the public and business owners to make Goshen a desirable place to live and work. [ Read More ]

Giving thanks this holiday season

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the wonderful holiday season, but its meaning often gets lost in the food and the hustling around from one place to another while visiting friends and family during the short breaks from school or work. Thanksgiving is meant to be a time to slow down and give thanks for the [ Read More ]

Protecting the finances of Ohioans in uniform

Thousands of Ohioans are deployed overseas serving in our nation’s military, according to a recent count. Not only do these Ohioans put their lives on the line to defend our nation, but they also often face significant risks to their personal finances while they are on deployment. The challenges include difficulty managing accounts from abroad, [ Read More ]

Farming fits veterans and veterans fit farming

By Wyatt Fraas, wyattf@cfra.org, Center for Rural Affairs The Center for Rural Affairs has worked to support and assist beginning farmers and ranchers for over 25 years. And increasingly, beginning farmer and rancher inquiries come from military veterans. They have the same needs as other new farmers: access to land, financing and information. But they [ Read More ]

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