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Unconditional love means patience, understanding and tolerance

My wife and I recently watched “Jenny’s Wedding.” The film starred actress Katherine Heigl as Jenny Farrell, a young woman living a secret life. Her family does not understand why she never brings any potential husbands home. Feeling pressured, Jenny tells her parents that she is gay, and wants to marry and start a family [ Read More ]

Building a foundation for those of us in need

Earlier this fall, I worked alongside fellow Ohioans with Habitat for Humanity to build a home for Air Force veteran, Mark Jones, in Nelsonville, Ohio. It was what is called a Blitz Build, where you try to complete 70 percent of the home within 48 hours. With the help of sponsors Rocky Brands and OhioHealth—and [ Read More ]

Sun plans to create focus group

To our readers: It has been a couple months since Scott Champion purchased the company from Bill Latham. During that time The Clermont Sun has been evaluating what we want to keep the same, what we want to change and how we want to grow. In an effort to improve our newspaper, we would like [ Read More ]

We all said our piece

The holidays create so many memories that we can all look back and think of something or someplace at some time that causes us to have that thought we smile about with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Today I had one of those moments and I smiled. Growing up when and where I did placed [ Read More ]

My personal safety is my responsibility

In today’s world replete with violence and fear many people find solace in a nanny state wherein they willingly trade freedom for coddling and false hope. One example of this is the transfer of all personal protection responsibility to the state. I advocate legal concealed handgun carry. I believe it to be a prudent course [ Read More ]

House Bill 377 is misguided and harmful to the workers

Dear Editor, I oppose “Right to Work” legislation sponsored by Rep. Brinkman because it’s misguided and harmful to workers and the middle class. These attacks on workers are an attempt by CEOs who put profits before people. These extremists are misleading us on purpose – they want to trick people into supporting these dangerous policies [ Read More ]

Couldn’t get them soon enough

On the 3rd day of July 1965 I passed my exam to receive my driver’s license. That was 10 days after my 16th birthday. I literally thought the day I could drive legally was never going to arrive and my head would burst first from the wait of what I felt was an eternity. There [ Read More ]

The most popular Christmas traditions for Americans

Christmas is one of the most unique holidays in America. We exchange gifts and decorate our homes and workspaces to celebrate the Christmas spirit. But do you know why we set up Christmas trees or decorate them with ornaments? If not, I have listed the five most common Christmas traditions. 1. Gift Giving: Many centuries [ Read More ]

Sadly, Congress seems okay with being weak

Not many people outside of Capitol Hill paid attention last month when the congressional leadership released next year’s legislative schedule. Its headline feature is a strikingly long summer recess: half of July and all of August, along with a few spotty weeks of work before the November election. There are plenty of other breaks as [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Holiday Safety Guidelines For Your Pet

By Dr. Dan Meakin Be careful how you deck your halls! The holiday season is generally a tie of family togetherness in which even our pets participate. One’s thoughts generally are far from thoughts of injury; however, one must be aware of some important seasonal hazards to insure a happy holiday season. Ribbons & Tinsel [ Read More ]

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