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Prayers for our law enforcement

Dear Editor, In addition to praying for our country at the July 2nd “God & Country” concert, we had a special emphasis on our officers in Law Enforcement. These brave ‘men in blue’ often walk the beat in a war zone. Daily they deal with drugs, dangers, and death! And seldom are they recognized for [ Read More ]

Two-Year state budget invests in key priorities

By Joe Uecker The state’s two-year operating budget was recently signed into law. We have created a balanced, sustainable budget that invests in Ohio’s top priorities, while making the tax rate more competitive and putting hard-earned money back in the hands of those who earned it. Education. Making significant investments in young Ohioans, the budget [ Read More ]

Easements and eminent domain

By Paul Pfeifer Stanley and Kathryn Wasserman own a piece of farmland in Sandusky County, Ohio, that – because of a one hundred-year-old easement – became the center of a case that we reviewed here – at the Ohio Supreme Court. The easement was created in 1915, for the purpose of draining the land the [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
How to prevent tick paralysis and death

Dr. Dan Meakin What is Tick Paralysis? Tick Paralysis is caused by over 40 species of ticks worldwide (5 in North America, including the deer tick) and can occur in almost any region where ticks are found. It has killed thousands of animals. Tick paralysis occurs when an engorged and gravid (egg-laden) female tick produces [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Book scope limited

By Terri Schlichenmeyer The opportunity arrived on a silver platter. It was almost irresistible, in fact, but the truth is that you’re looking for a new plate because your old one is full. You have no time to take another project, no matter how wonderful it might be. That all could change, though, once you’ve [ Read More ]

Challenging breath-alcohol tests

By Paul Pfeifer In the early morning hours of October 22, 2011, Daniel Ilg lost control of his car while driving in Cincinnati; he struck a fence, a sign, then a pole. The police officer who investigated the accident arrested Ilg for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. At the police [ Read More ]

Paying Ohioans the overtime they’ve earned

By Sherrod Brown Too many Ohioans are still struggling in today’s economy. They work hard, but still have trouble getting by. For many workers, it feels as though the harder and longer they work, the less they have to show for it. They aren’t imagining things. Over the past three decades, wages for American workers [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Rusty Summer’ has good characters, but has issues

You can’t stay home one more minute. It’s summer, the weather’s fine, there are things to do and people to meet. A concert’s being held somewhere nearby. A rally is being held somewhere else. You need to be a part of the scene, to see and be seen. Or, as in “Rusty Summer” by Mary [ Read More ]

After 884 weeks it is time to take a break

By George Brown It was about this time of year in 1998 that Bill Latham, publisher of The Clermont Sun, approached me with the idea of writing a Senior Services column. I was CEO of Clermont Senior Services at the time and was glad to have yet another outlet to share information about the agency’s [ Read More ]

We need both insiders and outsiders to be in Congress

By Lee H. Hamilton Members of Congress get categorized in all sorts of ways. They’re liberal or conservative; Republican or Democrat; interested in domestic affairs or specialists in foreign policy. There’s one very important category, though, that I never hear discussed: whether a member wants to be an inside player or an outside player. Yet [ Read More ]

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