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The Cincinnati Bengals meltdown

By Marc Hoover I have been a die-hard NFL fan since I could walk. For many years, I have watched many great football games. Football can teach us about teamwork, camaraderie, competitiveness, respect, and achieving goals, which are lessons we can apply to our own lives. Unfortunately, the Bengals must have missed a lesson. Last [ Read More ]

Government needs to work better

By Lee Hamilton Whoever wins next November’s presidential election, it’s a sure bet that at some point he or she will vow to set the federal government on the straight and narrow. Maybe the new President will even resort to the time-honored pledge to create a government “as good as the people.” It’s a bracing [ Read More ]

Saying ‘why not?’ leads to good things

By Rick Houser To say why not is a mind set and a way at looking at life as we handle it. I say this often even when I know why but it was engrained in me from my child hood on as I grew up on our farm and attended school in Moscow. I [ Read More ]

Automobile break-ins

Over the past month or so Goshen Police, like many other communities, have reported about a dozen or so break-Ins of automobiles. Traditionally about 20 per- cent of our crime [here] and other communities, locally result from what officers call the “Smash and Grab “. It seems around the Holidays our cases increase and then [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Biography includes stories from King’s childhood

Leaders come from surprising places. The quiet girl that sits the next row over may know how to inspire people. The know-it-all in your class could own a business in the future. The kid everybody picks on might become President. But in the new book “Women Who Broke the Rules: Coretta Scott King by Kathleen [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
The truth about getting bloodwork for your pets

Have you ever wondered why your veterinarian recommends bloodwork on your pet if they aren’t showing signs of illness? This article is designed to demystify that recommendation and help you better understand how important lab work is to our cherished pets and family members. Pets, unlike ailing humans, are masters at hiding signs of illness for [ Read More ]

Is America ready for a 2016 presidential media circus?

By Marc Hoover According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, a study suggested that Ohioans are disenchanted with today’s political scene. Voters may not think any of the potential candidates have America’s best interests at heart. Americans are facing challenging times, and we need answers. For instance, two major challenges are immigration and gun control. From now [ Read More ]

Ohio’s Public Records Act

By Paul Pfeifer In 1963 the Ohio legislature enacted the first version of Ohio’s Public Records Act. The simple philosophy behind the act was that public records are the people’s records. Over the years, we – the Ohio Supreme Court – have reviewed numerous cases dealing with the question of what is public record, including [ Read More ]

Making time pass during winter

By Rick Houser When I was a little boy and the world was in the deepest part of winter the days could become very long and boring on our farm on Fruit Ridge. Almost any day when the weather was decent enough to allow me to play outside I could always find something to occupy [ Read More ]

Gearing up for the big fight

By Traci Bruckner Center for Rural Affairs Crop insurance is an important and necessary component of an effective farm safety net. However, it is a very complex program that will work more effectively with much-needed, commonsense reforms. Under current law, we are subsidizing crop insurance at an average rate of 62 percent on every acre [ Read More ]

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