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Heartworm disease is alive and killing in Clermont County

Dog owners need to take heartworm disease seriously in Clermont county this summer. The disease is becoming increasingly widespread, and threatens any dogs which go outside. The worm that causes the devastating disease is carried from dog to dog by mosquitos. Mild winters give us more mosquitos and therefore greater likelihood of your dog getting [ Read More ]

The New York Times claim Ohio sports teams are cursed

Lance McAlister of WLW 700, discussed a New York Times article that ranked the top cursed teams by city. The article ranked Cincinnati at twelve and Cleveland at one. Cincinnati has two professional sports teams—the Bengals and the Reds. Although the locals cheer for the Bengals, the Reds have veteran status since they have been [ Read More ]

A long and complex history

In the late 1980s, Thomas M. Keenan owned a small landscaping company in Cleveland. He had several men working for him, including Joseph D’Ambrosio and Anthony Klann. In September 1988, after a night out with Keenan and D’Ambrosio, Klann’s body was found floating in a creek. Keenan and D’Ambrosio were subsequently arrested and tried separately. [ Read More ]

We did look special

In the mid-1960s, I was in my junior and senior years of high school. I was at my peak of all that being a teenager had to offer me. However, after the redbuds and dogwoods had passed blooming and warmer days and mild evenings arrived, all the attention at the school turned toward the social [ Read More ]

Women’s history month

Originating from a one week celebration in 1978, Women’s History Month has been celebrated since 1987 as a time to recognize women’s significant contributions to the fabric of our nation. Even with the vast progress that has been made in securing equal rights and opportunity for women, there is still work to be done. On [ Read More ]

Weekend Walk: Pattison Park

Pattison Park is a popular place for weddings and social events, but many people don’t know that it also has some of the best nature trails in the area. Located at 2228 U.S. Hwy 50, Batavia, OH, it is easy to access with the parking lot right off the road. The park extends to both [ Read More ]

A grandparent’s love never dies

My wife and I always look forward to seeing our two-year-old grandson learn new words and new tasks. Recently, he learned how to do a fist bump, which has become his new way of greeting us. He also calls me “papa,” which is what I called my grandfather. My time with my grandson brings back [ Read More ]

Before you reject the system, understand it

If there’s a theme that sets this political season apart, it’s the voters’ utter disdain for most of the people who practice politics. They’re fed up with politicians, they’ve lost faith and confidence in the political elite and they don’t believe that the realm where politicians ply their craft – government – works. The two [ Read More ]

Easter Sunday began before dawn

From my earliest recollections, going to church was an event we did every Sunday. It was just automatic. I guess it was for almost the entire community. But twice a year there was a Sunday that stood out as the happenings of the year: Christmas and Easter. We all know these two events were to [ Read More ]

Penalty enhancement

In 1992, while he was still a minor, Jason T. Bode was adjudicated delinquent – the adult court equivalent of being found guilty – for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (“OVI”). At that time, he was uncounseled, meaning he was not represented by an attorney. Later, as an adult, Bode was convicted four times [ Read More ]

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