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Remembering sacrifices

On Saturday, I participated in the Honor Ride, a cycling event to benefit wounded warriors held every Memorial Day weekend. I joined active duty service members, veterans, including some with serious injuries. The organizer is Ride 2 Recovery, a group that helps more than 10,000 wounded veterans get rehabilitation. It was an opportunity for me [ Read More ]

Controlling college costs

Holding roundtables across our state is one of the most important things I do in the Senate — it gives me a chance to meet with and hear the stories of Ohioans of all backgrounds, and to gather new ideas. One of the early ideas that came out of these roundtables was the Ohio College [ Read More ]

Down by the Ohio

I still like to think about all the visits to the Chilo and the Meldahl Dams and parks. Being a farm boy raised on rolling ridged lands and about as removed from the world of aquatics as one could be, going to these places was always fascinating for me and continues to be. As a [ Read More ]

Authorities still seek answers about the unsolved murder

On May 25, 2013, Bardstown, Kentucky Patrolman Jason Ellis had just completed his shift and was returning home. Before getting home, he approached some branches laying in the road. After clearing the branches, an unknown assailant shot and killed Ellis. Authorities called the homicide an ambush. They believe that someone had targeted Ellis by intentionally [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Intestinal parasites of dogs and cats

The major intestinal parasites of dogs and cats are hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, and tapeworms. Three of these can potential health hazards to people. Contrary to popular belief (old wives tales, etc.), dogs and cats do not get pinworms. Hookworms and roundworms both produce microscopic eggs that are passed in the pet’s stools. These eggs hatch [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Glockner’s ‘Chasing Perfection’ perfect for hardcore hoopsters

All air. Is there anything better in basketball? It’s sheer poetry, absolute magic, and your team can’t do it enough – especially when it happens from the three-point line. In the new book “Chasing Perfection” by Andy Glockner, you’ll see how science is trying to ensure that it does, as much as possible. Ask any [ Read More ]

How bad could they be?

By Garth Shanklin Sports Editor Exactly one week ago, this space was occupied by me saying, in no uncertain terms, this year was a lost year for the Reds. It didn’t matter what the team did on the field, the point of this season was to build for years in the future. 2017, 2018, who [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Underdogs’ is powerful, but too descriptive

Your dog did it again. You were just thinking about going for a walk, and he starting bouncing before you said a word. He hopes to share your snack before you even realize you’re hungry, and he often beats you to bed. Your dog knows you perhaps better than he knows himself, and in “The [ Read More ]

Obama should not appoint a new Supreme Court justice

Dear editor: We have entered quite a tumultuous campaign year, and daily the internet, presses and cameras are buzzing with new stories related to one or the other candidate. This will continue to hum noisily until November, but I’m more concerned with the now vacant seat in the Supreme Court. President Obama recently announced his [ Read More ]

Students need more recess time

Dear Editor: What’s the old saw? It’s eight o’clock: do you know where your children are? How about this instead: it’s recess time. Do you know how long your kid has? With education initiatives growing ever more important and plentiful, recess in elementary school has shrunk appreciably from what readers may recall. Recess twice a [ Read More ]

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