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To protect and serve

On April 11, 2016, a Chicago police officer shot and killed a sixteen-year-old African-American teenager named Pierre Loury. The shooting occurred after a traffic stop. The officer had stopped Loury because his car resembled one used in an earlier crime. Instead of cooperating with the officer, Loury fled. A foot chase followed. While trying to [ Read More ]

Oh, to go cruising

When you got in a friend’s car along with some others and drove the main artery of a town, you my friend, were cruising, something that has become referred to as “Driving the Miracle Mile.” If a person can’t remember ever riding from end to end in a town in the evening, looking the place [ Read More ]

Beyond transparency, we need accountability

Over more than three decades in Congress, I had the chance to question a lot of federal officials. Most of the time I wasn’t after anything dramatic — I just wanted to understand who was responsible for certain decisions. Want to know how often I got a straight answer? Almost never. It was easily one [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Cake’ tells a good story

Take a deep breath. And blow. Blow for all you’re worth. Blow til your lungs are empty, your stomach’s concave, your face is blue. You’ve got a lot of candles to extinguish – one for each year you’ve been on Earth, to be exact, and in “Cake: A Slice of History” by Alysa Levene, you’ll [ Read More ]

Protecting Ohio students from for-profit college scams

Imagine working for months or years toward a college degree — investing hours in late-night study sessions and tens of thousands of dollars in loans, all in the hopes that your diploma will open new doors and improve your job prospects. Now imagine that just weeks before you were scheduled to graduate, your school lost [ Read More ]

The Creature Feature
The truth about heartworms

Heartworm Disease is becoming increasingly more common in this area. The heartworm lives in the right side of the heart, and in the nearby large blood vessels. The female worms produce large numbers of immature heartworms, which circulate in the blood. These young worms, called microfilaria, are ingested by a mosquito when it bites an [ Read More ]

Weekend Walker: Little Miami Scenic River Trail

The Little Miami Scenic River Trail in Milford is a stop along the 50 mile Little Miami State Park, a corridor park that runs from just south of Milford to just south of Xenia, OH. It may not be a nature walk through the woods, but the experience is active and scenic, making it a [ Read More ]

Vocational Restrictions

Sherwood Lacroix was injured on Sept. 7, 2003, while working for GMRI, Inc., a company that owns several restaurant chains. Lacroix did a bit of everything at his job – he worked as a dishwasher, a baker and he performed maintenance for the company. He was only 26 years old when his injury occurred. After [ Read More ]

We got live entertainment

As I have said my dad not only cared for his farm but he share cropped many of the farms near us. Each place was unique and a place of curious interest for me to study. However there was one farm that topped any and all the farms I ever farmed or that Dad ever [ Read More ]

The dreaded customer service menu tree should be illegal

Does anyone else hate customer service menu trees? Recently, after trying to use my credit card, it was declined. I knew this wasn’t correct because I didn’t have a balance. I told the employee behind the desk there was a mistake. I got the standard “Sure, that’s what they all say” response. Feeling embarrassed, I [ Read More ]

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