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Let’s reduce the national debt

Dear editor, It is not often that I see an article by a Republican in Congress that makes a valid point (or, for that matter, contains any truth) but Congressman Brad Wenstrup’s article in the May 5 Clermont Sun does make a valid point. The 9 percent of the budget that goes for interest payments [ Read More ]

Moscow reunion is on May 21

Dear editor: ‘Tis time to think about our ole school days and to meet-and-greet old classmates at our annual alumni dinner. Moscow High School should be in Ripley’s Believe-it-or-not book; it has a thriving alumni association having survived without its beloved school that closed in l959. Once again ole classmates will meet for a time [ Read More ]

Reasons why siblings are our best friends

If you are an only child, then you didn’t have to share your toys or worry about receiving hand-me-downs from older siblings. But if you did have siblings, you know all about fighting over hot water, food, living space, TV and fair treatment from your parents. So what is it about our siblings? We often [ Read More ]

I felt I was a good flunky

Looking back on my days growing up it seemed like there was something to be done every single day of the year. If we weren’t farming in the fields or working with the livestock we might be helping Dad with trustee business, such as spreading sand and salt on the township roads when it had [ Read More ]

It’s getting harder to govern, and it’s not just the politicians’ fault

We may not know who our next president is going to be, but here’s one thing that’s almost certain: he or she will take office with roughly half of the electorate unhappy and mistrustful. The notion that the president speaks for a broad coalition of Americans who are willing to set aside their differences on [ Read More ]

Weekend Walker: Kelley Nature Preserve

Kelley Nature Preserve is a little farther out, but it is well worth the drive. Located at 297 Center St. (St. Rt. 126), Loveland, OH, north of Milford, right outside the charming town of Miamiville, it is close enough to be convenient and far enough to feel like you are in the country. We walked [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Your book club should pick ‘Britt-Marie’ next

“Hey! Look at me!” You spent a fair amount of your childhood hollering that. Watch me. Look here. See what I’m doing, because nobody likes to be ignored. In fact, as in the new book “Britt-Marie Was Here” by Fredrik Backman, being invisible is the worst thing of all. Civility is dead. Britt-Marie feared that [ Read More ]

What happens if you die without a will?

After the famous rocker Prince died, Tyka Nelson, Prince’s sister, said her brother died without leaving a will. So what happens if you die without a will? Although your problems are over, they are only beginning for your loved ones. If you own property, retirement accounts or have children, then you need to draft your [ Read More ]

This plan had no catches

I have mentioned in the past that my two best friends were Herb and Charlie Marshall, better known as the Marshall Brothers. Along with playing together, working together and just plain hanging out with each other we always seemed to be in some attempt to make money with no money to invest. Now we came [ Read More ]

Vacancy on the Supreme Court

Dear Editor: We have entered quite a tumultuous campaign year, and daily the internet, presses and cameras are buzzing with new stories related to one or the other candidate. This will continue to hum noisily until November, but I’m more concerned with the now vacant seat in the Supreme Court. President Obama recently announced his [ Read More ]

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