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Letter to the Editor:
Remembering John E. McClellan

Letter to the Editor, This is indeed the season to reflect and count our many blessings. Williamsburg, Ohio has lost a familiar, friendly face with the passing of John E. McClellan on November 18, 2017. While mourning the loss of our loved one, we are thankful for his amazing legacy and wish to acknowledge it. [ Read More ]

Marc Hoover:
The ransoming of Charlie Chaplin’s body

Charlie Chaplin is one of history’s most prolific comedians. The man known as the “Little Tramp” gained international fame through his comedy skits. As a child he lived a difficult life. His father was an alcoholic who didn’t support his family either financially or emotionally. Chaplin’s mother dealt with mental issues and was in and [ Read More ]

Rick Houser:
Maybe only the time was good

While I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s I would from time to time see a commercial for electric on the television. I think it was a short infomercial about how greatly our world has advanced that the ultimate home that we could hope for was a gold medallion home. Then they would [ Read More ]

Rep. Brad Wenstrup:
Reasons to be grateful

There are some moments when it is easy to feel immensely grateful. For me, I think of the day, four years ago, when my son Brad Jr. was born. Or when I realized that my little sister’s bone marrow transplant was successful. Or the feeling of freedom that came from being out on a boat, [ Read More ]

Law You Can Use:
Federal law regulates advertising

As President Donald Trump prepares to nominate two new commissioners and a chairman to the Federal Trade Commission, the agency charged with the protection of consumers and the promotion of competition is poised to be at its full commissioner capacity. The bipartisan commission works to protect consumers from unfair and fraudulent practices by addressing issues [ Read More ]

Letter to the Editor:
Small businesses shape local communities

By Columbus District Director Rick Garcia, U.S. Small Business Administration As a voice for entrepreneurs and small business owners nationwide, the U.S. Small Business Administration celebrates small businesses on a daily basis. They help shape the identity of the city or town that they are located in. They bring in jobs and keep resources local. [ Read More ]

Letter to the Editor:
‘Black Friday’ family flashbacks

Tis time for thoughts of Thanksgiving, turkey, and talk of family,food, and of course, football! However most of us forget to thank GOD for our blessings this past year. At our house it’s time to count our blessings and especially for granddaughter, Rebecca, our miracle. While the media promotes a shopping frenzy on ‘Black Friday’, [ Read More ]

Rick Houser:
Once good, always good

Taking a bite out of a food served and immediately the taste not only tells you it is delicious but you know you have tasted this before? We have all had this experience and if history continues to repeat itself as well as the food did we will all be able to consider ourselves fortunate. [ Read More ]

Corporate tax reform should benefit domestic companies

As tax reform becomes a major focus in Washington, Congress faces a unique opportunity to fix a situation that has long favored multinational corporations at the expense of U.S. companies. Doing so could level the playing field for American companies while also delivering an extra $1 trillion in tax revenue over the next decade. Currently, [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez:
A tricky book on the emotions

Alakazam. Watch closely and see before – poof! – the hidden object is gone. Abracadabra, it reappears right in front of you. You know it’s all an illusion. The hand really is quicker than the eye but, as in the new novel “The Trick” by Emanuel Bergmann, the spell may take several decades. Max Cohn’s [ Read More ]

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