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Rick Houser:
A time when it was mostly silent

The other evening I was driving home from work which is a forty-five minute drive one way. As I’m logging in the miles I am also listening to the radio. Not only the radio but to a satellite channel. On the satellite I can choose from literally thousands of channels. Then a major thought came [ Read More ]

Letter to the Editor:
Goshen Twp. Police Dept.: Trying to bring awareness of ‘safe haven’ laws for infants

Dear Editor, Child abandonment laws, otherwise known as safe haven laws, currently exist in all 50 states. This offers an alternative to mothers who are unwilling or unable to care for a newborn, who may otherwise be tempted to abandon their child in unsafe places. In 2001 Ohio enacted such a law. It provides sanctity [ Read More ]

Letter to the Editor:
‘Clearing the Air’ in Goshen Twp.

To the editor: On Sunday, October, 29th all community members and candidates for trustee of Goshen Township are invited to the Goshen Youth Soccer Fields (a.k.a. Corcoran Fields) to “Clear the Air” at 2 p.m. Every election is important and community members need to be better informed of each candidate in order to cast their [ Read More ]

Letter to the Editor:
Mother, daughter duo could lead in New Richmond after election

To the editor:  Flowers and lunch may be the tradition, but nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day”, on any given day, like serving on the village council with your Mom. After the November 7th election, this could be reality in our town, New Richmond, Ohio! With over 20 years of public service to the village, (Rev.) [ Read More ]

Sen. Sherrod Brown:
Invest in state-of-the-art schools

If we want to prepare our students for 21st century jobs, we need to invest in 21st century classrooms. But too many of our schools have fallen into disrepair, and students can’t learn in schools that are crumbling around them. Last week, several Ohio schools were forced to close early, taking away valuable classroom time, [ Read More ]

Rick Houser:
A crown jewel in the kitchen

Throughout the years I have lived I have seen and done a virtual ton of things. But if that is to be narrowed done to one topic such as cooking I can then point to some exceptions to good cooking and point out the items that will I feel last my life time. Let me [ Read More ]

Marc Hoover:
Trump and Kim Jong-un should have a PPV fight

My co-worker and I are both MMA fans. I have watched it since Royce Gracie was showcasing his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills and crushing all challengers. Of course MMA has come a long way since those days. The UFC now has weight classes and different divisions. The fighters are also more prepared. Previous fighters looked as [ Read More ]

Letter to the Editor:
Miami Twp. Trustee candidate’s missing signs a growing concern

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter with the hope of reaching the residents of Miami Township, as well as all adult readers of your publication. As adults, we need to lead by example because our children are watching our actions and questioning our virtues. My name is Angela Colwell. I am running for Miami [ Read More ]

The Forgotten Man

For decades, our tax system has been designed by political elites and wealthy benefactors who only seek to enrich themselves. But it’s long past time for that system to end. President Trump ran on a platform based on the Forgotten Man, the men and women who have been left behind by the prominent and powerful [ Read More ]

Lee Hamilton:
Election reform is about more than fraud

A dozen years ago, the preface to a report on federal election reform began with these words: “Polls indicate that many Americans lack confidence in the electoral system, but the political parties are so divided that serious electoral reform is unlikely without a strong bipartisan voice.” I can find no part of that sentence that’s [ Read More ]

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