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Marc Hoover:
WWI Christmas cease fire

The spirit of Christmas lives throughout many American homes through sounds of music and visions of Christmas decorations. Most people associate Christmas with joy, love, family, and friendship. Few people like to associate Christmas with war or death. But over 100 years ago, groups of war torn soldiers took a break from killing and celebrated [ Read More ]

Rick Houser:
Enjoying our break together

After Thanksgiving passes and the heart of the holidays arrive upon the scene I have always looked at that time as a gift in so many ways. Of course there are the holiday’s ways to look but I am thinking of a few other gifts we might have forgotten as the years have moved along [ Read More ]

Lee Hamilton:
Your guide to reforming Congress

The first three words of the U.S. Constitution are, “We the People.” The Constitution itself, our institutions of government, the democratic process — all were established to give Americans a voice in their own governance. We are still striving to make that vision real for all, but we are closer than ever. So let me [ Read More ]

Rep. Brad Wenstrup:
CHIP is an important safety net

Earlier in November, the House of Representatives passed the CHAMPIONING HEALTHY KIDS Act (H.R. 3922), with my support. This bill funds important programs like the Children’s Health Insurance Program, community health centers, and other critical public health priorities. Take a look: Children’s Health Insurance Program. CHIP is an important safety net program that provides healthcare [ Read More ]

Sen. Sherrod Brown:
Protecting healthcare for Ohio children: extend CHIP

While the Senate is spending its time on a bill to cut taxes for corporations that send jobs overseas, kids here in America are on the verge of losing their health insurance. That’s because this fall, Congress allowed the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to expire. States are beginning to run out of money for [ Read More ]

Marc Hoover:
Mexico’s island of creepy dolls

As long as mankind has existed, people have collected dolls. As someone who has collected comics and magazines, I don’t understand the fascination in collecting dolls. Maybe I have watched too many Twilight Zone episodes about dolls that come to life and terrorize people. So imagine a creepy tourist site inhabited solely by withered and [ Read More ]

Rick Houser:
A bit like the ‘Incredible Hulk’

I have said in past writings that my mom was a teacher. She might possibly have been the shortest person to conduct a class I was in. For the most part my recollection of the teachers I had in school listed them mostly to be very similar and only a couple of the educators still [ Read More ]

Rep. John Becker:
Pro-life? Or so-called pro-choice?

I just had a few thoughts on that topic of life and death: The pro-life position is easy to defend both on scientific and moral grounds. The DNA of a newly fertilized egg (embryo) is unmistakably human. On what grounds should it ever be legal to take the life of an innocent human being? Regarding [ Read More ]

Law You Can Use:
Political activism and the workplace

In the age of social media and viral videos, an employee’s involvement in protests or other forms of political expression is unlikely to escape the attention of his employer. What happens when politics and business collide? In this column, attorney Jill McQueen provides guidance to employees and employers alike. McQueen’s practice spans more than 30 [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez:
Man’s best friend? Hard to say

The sofa is covered with fur. It’s a constant battle to keep it clean, and you always lose that fight. Same with toys on the floor, kibble found everywhere but the bowl, and you don’t care. You love a dog or cat, which is better than a furless sofa any day and in “The Animals [ Read More ]

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