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Shrek the Third is good family fun kids will enjoy

Watching the light-hearted and animated adventures of the obnoxiously lovable ogre Shrek, along with his colorful companions, is entertaining and hilarious at times, but haven

There Is A Simple Solution To Speed Traps

May 8th, 2007 — In response to “Highway Robbery”, an article posted on www.cincybusinessmag.com in May: The numbers presented in “Highway Robbery” are simply astounding! I never imagined that the Village of Arlington Heights, Ohio could issue enough citations over one year that every man, woman and child living there could have four of their very own?

Kindness is always appropriate, if not appreciated

Think for a moment. Who is the kindest person you have ever known? Don

President Bush proclaims May Older Americans Month

The theme for this year

Spiderman 3 will catch you in its web

Spidey is back in theaters, and for the third installment in the amazing adventures of the friendly neighborhood, crime-fighting, genetically-altered

Customer service lessons discovered in a Cracker Jack box

When I was a boy Cracker Jack was a favorite treat (Yes, it is Cracker Jack – not Jacks). The colorful box was filled with popcorn and peanuts coated with molasses. I liked the peanuts, but best of all was the promise of a prize in every box. I remember prizes like tops, tiny cars, and a small plastic magnifying glass.

See what happens

There goes the neighborhood: ‘Disturbia’ rates an A

Ever spied on your seemingly perfect suburban neighbors? Maybe had the temerity to even point a camera at their windows? Ever wary of the esoteric and isolated elderly man who lives down the lane? How about the suspicious midnight noises coming from the darkened garage directly next door? Ever taken a quick peek? Come on, be honest.

Perfect Stranger

It only takes a few moments of watching the new suspense thriller Perfect Stranger to ascertain that this film is going to be far from perfect. Halle Berry, whose beauty if nothing else will keep your eyes transfixed to the screen, portrays Rowena, the ace investigative reporter of a local tabloid newspaper, determined to get her story regardless of any pesky ethical concerns that may stand in her way.

Exposing Mickey Mite for the nasty creature he is

I’ve wanted to write about bed mites for a long time but keep putting it off because of other more important topics. Well, I finally run out of important topics.

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