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Chicken feathers for the soul

A neighbor of ours has a few chickens and every time I drive by and see them wandering absentmindedly and perilously along the edge of the road a little part of me begins to think it would be nice to have a few chickens of my own again.

The nicest place I

Mary passed away a few years ago but I

Transportation is just a phone call away for Clermont seniors

On October 1, 1908 the first Ford Model T rolled off the assembly line in Detroit, Michigan. The first Tin Lizzie sold for $850. Innovative assembly line production cut the price of the

Cicadas – if you can

It has been a beautiful spring. The tress, shrubs, and flowers are greener, brighter, and lusher than we

My first and fondest childhood memory

I awoke early as usual, not knowing this particular Wednesday would be different from all the other Wednesdays that had come and gone since my birth a little more than two and a half years earlier, which, also happened to have been a Wednesday; Wednesday April 24, 1946 to be exact.

Senior Services teams up with Sauls 5K Run and Walk

Jim Sauls Jr. is a generous and caring man, but if you use the words

Record service levels in 2007 indicate growing needs

Throughout history a few lucky souls in each generation have had the good fortune to enjoy living a long life. We

New three-seat outhouse was quite impressive

When we moved to the little house on Brokaw Road in February 1954 we found an old outhouse waiting for us, just like we had at each of the other houses we had rented during my short nine years of life.

Volunteers are needed to deliver meals and to shop

Last weekend Yvonne and I went shopping, then stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few items for supper. Going to the grocery store to buy foods we like and fixing a good meal are two of life

Clermont vounteers recognized by the Council on Aging

It was apparent by looking at the faces of agency representatives attending the Council on Aging of Southwest Ohio

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