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Are we ready for the now aging boomer generation?

An age-wave is about to sweep across America, as the Baby Boomer generation of the 1950s and 60s becomes the Aging Boomer generation over the next 20 years. Over the next 17 years every Boomer in America will become eligible for Social Security


Seventy of Ohio

Surviving first grade was full of challenges

I was still struggling to tie my own shoes without knots and without having to tie them again in 15 minutes. I was six years old and ready for the world of first grade.

What was it that made the old days special?

Have you noticed how each generation seems to fondly recall the early years of their lives as the

Old habits die hard

The other day I saw a fellow pull a pack of tobacco out of his pocket and put a big chew in his mouth. That

Lessons I learned from having my first bicycle

A few weeks before my 13th birthday I broke my ankle sliding into home plate on the baseball diamond at school. The problem was that home plate was a cinderblock buried in the ground, except for an inch that remained just above ground.

Adopt-a-Senior program again needs your help

All of us are affected by the shaky economy; whether it

Camping on the banks of the Clear Fork River

Indians still roamed the shores of the Clear Fork River in Mohican State Park in 1957. As the mist lifted from the river at sunrise their campfire awaited the fish they were catching for breakfast. In the afternoon they could sometimes be seen, but not heard, as they moved silently through the underbrush, peering out at the white settlers w

Twenty years of hard labor at Bernie

I was about seven the first time I visited the place where Dad (my stepdad) worked. I think the official name of the place was Mount Vernon Scrap Metal, but it was owned by Bernie Marks and everyone just called it Bernie



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