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Honing your Hunting Skill in the Summertime

No matter what strikes your natural fancy you are one of two types of outdoorsmen; warm or cold. Whether you are a bird watcher or fishermen, deer hunter or kayaker, hiker or archer you prefer either the long warm days of spring and summer or the cool crisp days of fall and winter. I’m not saying you can’t enjoy the great outdoors year round, when you’re favorite time of the year approaches you begin to get antsy, are unsettled, and drive who ever lives with you up the wall in your fanatic anticipation of its arrival. If, like me, the falling of leaves and temperatures is a sacred occurrence because it announces the cure to your summer time blues, I have the prescription for an earlier than expected recovery. Summertime can be a great time to hone your hunting skills.

Our love of tomatoes can be found in our DNA

As I picked our first ripe tomato last week my mind drifted back to the first time I picked a tomato off the vine. I was six years old and did not know the difference between a green tomato and a ripe tomato. I selected and ate a big, somewhat juicy, green tomato. It didn

You are never too old to be a blood donor

During the few minutes it will take to read this column approximately 100 people somewhere in the United States and Canada will need a blood transfusion. To be precise someone needs blood every two seconds, according to The Nationwide Blood Collection and Utilization Survey Report released by the Department of Health & Human Services in 2005.

Memories of Granny Shafer are cherished

A few weeks ago I received an unexpected package from my sister. It contained a video of some family activities filmed 53 years ago, in the summer of 1955, with an 8 millimeter movie camera. In 1955 we didn

Cooling off with a Clermont canoeing adventure

The hot muggy days of summer are now upon us. The heat and ultra high humidity turn everything that is not air conditioned into a sauna. This combination takes your breath away and makes going outside unpleasant. Arriving home from a day’s work, nothing would be better than a refreshing dip into a cool pool, but like most of us I don’t have a one.

Channel catfish abound in the waters of Clermont County

The lowly channel catfish can be found in almost every hole of water that is deep enough to cover its back. They are the most numerous catfish species and also the most sought after; with approximately 8 million anglers in the USA targeting them per year.

Cindy Jenkins is returning to Senior Services

Seventeen years ago this week, July 1, 1991 I walked through the doors of Clermont Senior Services to assume the duties of executive director. I was new to the community, but I had known Lois Brown Dale since 1978 through my previous employment at the Council on Aging in Cincinnati.

Spell Casters sting the competition at Literacy Council spelling bee

The Spell Casters from Clermont Senior Services had no desire to convey an attitude of obloquy toward the other teams in the Literacy Council

Elder abuse can take many forms

Last Sunday was Father

There are many lessons to be learned from turtles

For as long as we

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