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Good attempt by Sandler in

This is an Adam Sandler you have never seen before. In the new release,

Council on aging recognizes meals on wheels drivers

Sherie Arnold’s service to the 50 or so customers on her Meals on Wheels route comes straight from the heart. She delivers much more than a meal each day. She entertains her customers by dressing in festive costumes on holidays, and brings them small tokens of friendship from her vacations.

Our love of dogs begins early in life

In fact I believe some of us have a loves-dogs gene in our DNA. Those of you who do not possess this gene, and you know who you are, may want to just skim over this column and move on with reading the rest of the paper. Our grandson, Roni, appears to have the loves-dogs gene. Roni will soon be one year old.

In the ancient and honorable time of Greek history, circa 480 B.C., when to die for one

The Blasphemy Challenge

This is more than disturbing . . .

Don’t Beat a Dead Horse in the Mouth

Well, it sounded right at the time.

Board leadership remains strong at Senior Services

One of the major strengths of Clermont Senior Services over the years has been the strong leadership provided by the board of trustees. As a nonprofit organization the board of trustees serves as the governing body of the agency.

Greater Cincinnati Folk Art & Craft Show Previews Apothecary by Local Artisans

There will be a special display of an original interpretation of an antique apothecary handcrafted by Renowned Master Cabinetmaker John K. Spicer and Master Redware Artisan Greg Shooner.. The apothecary-”A Physician’s Herb, Elixir, and Potion Library” will be auctioned January, 2008 at the Designer Craftsmen Show of Philadelphia. Fifty percent of the proceeds from this one-time auction will benefit Habitat for Humanity. Spicer and Shooner both hale from Warren County in Ohio.

The Soundtrack of My Life

What would it be like if we had a musical score that played in the background as we went through life?

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