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Plugging along and enjoying each moment

I think we have to look for joy in the ordinary, everyday things that we do day in and day out and I am determined to make a more conscious effort of doing just that.

Board service is a matter of public trust


It’s time to pray and put our hope in God

Next week our nation will celebrate the 58th annual National Day of Prayer. On Thursday, May 7, people in every state and county in the United States will gather in public places and on government property to ask God for his protection and blessing.


I remember my first fishing pole well. It was just like my second, third, and fourth – a sturdy sapling about 5 feet long that had just a bit of spring to it. We lived along the river bank all summer long when I was a boy. Mom and Dad had real fishing gear but we kids had to make do with our sapling fishing poles.

Memories from childhood light the corners of my mind


The mail, small children and toilet paper.

I do not usually get very excited about the mail. On any given day, peeking into our mailbox will provide you with nothing more than the standard fare of bills, junk and during the Summer months a small spider or two. On occassion though, there might possibly be a package or a surprise.

The essence of life has never changed, and it never will

We live in an ever changing world, and the rate of change today is accelerating at breakneck speed because of the technological age in which we live. Just 200 years ago, when our nation was still young, most people spent their entire lives in one small community, seldom traveling more than a hundred miles from the place where they were born.

The evolution of toys

My granddaughter, Annika, left a little plastic horse on the table at my house the other day and I was fascinated by the detail on that little toy.

Do you have some extra love and time to share with others?

ril is National Volunteer Appreciation Month. This got me to thinking about the first time I served as a volunteer. I grew up on country back roads and, as a poor family, we were more likely to be the recipients of the volunteer kindness of others than to volunteer helping others.

Get ready to laugh

Baseball season is now upon us and even though I am not a baseball fan, I can appreciate a good baseball joke.

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