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AARP program could help you drive safer and save money

My dad is 89 and still drives. On a rainy night not long ago he backed into another car in a parking lot. A friend, age 86, while driving in a construction zone slipped off the edge of the road and struck a safety cone. Another friend, age 76, recently pulled in front of another car that was approaching faster than he realized.

Seniors will enjoy a reunion of the 50/50 Club performers

The day is always hot and sometimes it rains, but the weather doesn

Good friends, fishing, and food – it doesn

A soft fog drifted over the still green water of East Fork Lake as George and Ruth Ann Rooks slipped their pontoon quietly into the water last Friday morning. Their destination was a cove a few minutes around the bend that has come to be known by the locals as Rooks Hollow.

The water still flows past the family homestead in Cornett

I spent this past weekend in southeastern Kentucky at the home of Yvonne

Word Processors took a byte out of the competition

On June 22 the Literacy Council of Clermont & Brown Counties held its 15th annual spelling bee competition, an event that raises funds to support the Literacy Council

Life is good on Maple Lane

When asked to name places where we enjoy going on vacation, I almost always include our backyard on the list. I

Volunteers are needed to join our

Volunteering at Clermont Senior Services does not require a mind like Einstein, the athleticism of an Olympian or the charisma of a politician. Our volunteers come in all sizes, shapes, ages, and from diverse backgrounds. Our only requirements are to have a compassionate and caring attitude, and to be someone who is willing to help their senior neighbors.


Does the world need yet another nauseatingly light-hearted and life-lesson-teaching penguin movie? Splashing in on the frigid, arctic heels of

CAAG, Citizens breakthrough on Wayne Township Police

At the request of some of the citizens in Wayne Township, Clermont County, I’ve recently attended several meetings of the Community Action Advisory Group (CAAG). The CAAG was created by the trustees to “gather facts about the police department to educate residents about how the department was formed and why it is important to the community.”

Welcome Home, Soldier!

There once was a soldier. This soldier enlisted in the Army Reserve in June of 2001 and entered into Basic Combat Training in late August. While on the first day of a four day training field exercise, the news came that our nation was under attack. It was the early morning of September 11, 2001.

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