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Monterey Mitch says to expect six weeks of winter

Clouds hung overhead last Saturday morning as Monterey Mitch tossed and turned in his den, trying to decide whether to venture out for a breath of fresh air after a long winter

The LBD Welcome Center is a home away from home

Each weekday morning about 50 frail, older adults arrive at the LBD Welcome Center, which has become their home away from home. The LBD Welcome Center is the adult day services program operated by Clermont Senior Services in the senior wing of the YMCA on Front Wheel Drive in Batavia.

Fond memories of the blizzard of January,

The weather was almost balmy when I left Bob Atchley

A birthday wish for my

I feel like I know Ben Franklin, sort of like having him as a great uncle. So please indulge me in recognizing his 302nd birthday on Jan. 17. Of course he is not my Uncle Ben, but I



There is joy both in the giving and in the receiving

A few weeks ago I wrote about our Adopt-a-Senior program at Clermont Senior Services and invited people to join us in this season of giving. The Clermont Sun also ran a feature story encouraging your participation.

Welcome the new year with bacon spaghetti

I need to begin with a disclaimer. I did not consult Marcy Wilson in preparing this column. I hope she will approve (read

My life goal is to be 95 and a half years of age

A friend e-mailed an interesting piece to me recently about growing old. It is alleged to have been written by the comedian George Carlin, but a bit of research disproved this and confirmed that the author is actually unknown.

Older adults express their appreciation for services

These are just a few of the responses made by older adults who receive meals-on-wheels in a recent customer satisfaction survey. Over 300 participants responded to the survey, and they overwhelmingly expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the meals and the staff who provide the meals.

Think twice before you decide to criticize Santa

I debated about whether to write about Santa Claus. Some will consider doing so frivolous. But when I heard that a former Surgeon General of the United States had allegedly described Santa as too fat and a bad health example for children, I felt compelled to address the subject.

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