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A few years ago Tom Brokaw wrote a book titled

Medicare Rx enrollment begins November 15

Most adults over age 65 have enrolled in the Medicare prescription drug program. If you have not done so, or if you are not happy with the plan you selected, now is the time to investigate your options. The open enrollment period begins Nov. 15 and extends through Dec. 31.




You probably heard the news, last week the first Baby Boomer applied for Social Security benefits. The applicant, a former teacher in Maryland, showed up at the local Social Security office 90 days before her 62nd birthday to claim her benefits.

United Way is making a difference for older adults

When Clermont Senior Services was founded nearly 40 years ago United Way was there to be a partner in service to older adults in Clermont County. Our partnership remains as strong as ever today, with Clermont Senior Services receiving over $200,000 each year to support Meals-on-Wheels, Medical Transportation, and Home Care Services.


We use to call them Baby Boomers, but they

Would a reverse mortgage the work to your financial benefit?

With all the news about home foreclosures, is it a safe time for older adults to consider a reverse mortgage? This question was posed to me by an older person recently. The answer is yes, if you do your homework and know your lender.

Adult abuse and neglect often go unreported

The social worker tapped on the door several times. He held a file in his left hand containing an Adult Protective Services referral that said a neighbor had called concerned about Mr. Dahlberg. The door opened just a crack, enough for the social worker to see the gaunt expression of a frail old man, stooped by age and poor nutrition.

One woman

Last week I wrote about becoming


When I was 30 and began wearing a suit to work, I was surprised when people would sometimes call me Mr. Brown. Not surprisingly, the inclination for people to do so has increased over the years, but today I tell them the same thing I did when I was 30,

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