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Holding the trailer, and our lives together with cotter pins

Last week we pulled our trailer up to my sister

Fisherman goes berry picking in Adams County with his wife

Last Wednesday we went up to Adams County to pick black raspberries. This feller has about five acres of these and he is sure a good hand at taking care of them. We picked six quarts, which are now in the freezer.

Looking at life in the rearview mirror is not the best way to live

A friend recently gave me a tip about setting my vehicle side mirrors to assure maximum benefit in using those mirrors. The instructions are simple. While in the driver

I’m looking for a Super Hero

We sometimes have to look long and hard to find good news, but believe me, it’s out there. Superheroes Anonymous is one of the best news items I’ve read about in a long time.

The Ole Fisherman and his wife go on a tour of churches

It seems the rain doesn

Flower gardening and other great summertime pleasures

Howdy Folks. With apologies to the Old Fisherman, I thought I

Reading unlocks many doors

We can experience the world through the voices of those who have sailed the oceans, climbed mountains and lived in rain forests. If it has been done, there is a book about it.

The Ole Fisherman has had quite a busy, and unusual, week

This last week at the ole fisherman

The significance of Old Glory should be remembered

Its well-worn colors and tattered edges have instilled courage in the hearts of young soldiers for over two centuries. It flies in schoolyards, on courthouse lawns, over our Nation

A Father’s Day tribute

My dad is one of those people who never met a stranger. He has a way of starting a conversation with everyone who crosses his path. Waitresses love to see him coming because they know that he appreciates them.

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