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WOBO FM radio is one of our county


Nature is very interesting to study

The other morning while feeding the dog, (Lady), there was a flight of geese going over, they were in a beautiful V-formation. I can remember as a kid, hearing geese flying over after dark and hearing their honking noise, wishing I could see them, it seems back then they flew at night.

Lions Club zone meeting held at Jackson Township Hall

Ruth Ann and I attended the Lions Club Zone meeting at Northeastern Lions Club on Jan. 11 at the Jackson Township Hall. It was a good meeting and there was a good attendance. The information the District Governor and other officers gave was very good.

The 2010 Census is here and it

Thomas Jefferson, serving as Secretary of State in the Washington Administration, was responsible for conducting the first U.S. census in 1790. This count of the young Nation

It’s snowing, let’s go for pizza

It was a dark and stormy night. I always wanted to start a column with those words but could never really get them to fit my topics. I think they’ll work with this column.


We have sure had some real winter. Three weeks ago the moles were sure feeding and tearing the lawn up. Since this cold and snow, I wonder if this was a sign that the moles were giving us, of the cold weather. It seems the critters know if the weather is going to change.

Sometimes its better to just enjoy the memories

The snow and frigid temperatures this past week got me to thinking this would be a good time to have a St. Bernard. I can speak with some authority on this subject because I had a St. Bernard for several years during the frigid winters of the mid 1970s.

Now is the time to be extra careful about the ice on ponds

We have been working in the carpenter shop, building small Cedar Chests. They are so pretty. I have written about the two outside cats, they sleep in the side of the carpenter shop. Each morning Richochette is at the door for his breakfast. I will call Summer, and here he comes walking.

A memorable day along the trails of the Blackwater River

We spent this past week in Florida visiting Yvonne

An attitude of gratitude

As the year 2009 comes to a close, it’s a good time to reflect back over the past year and also look ahead to what may be on the horizon for 2010.

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