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We even took the short cut

I have given the location of Fruit Ridge Road and approximately where our farm was located on this road. Our place sat about 3 miles from the Corporation limits of Moscow located on the Ohio River just below State Route 52. When we are riding in a car time and distance can feel so much [ Read More ]

There’s too much secrecy in government

We have a secrecy problem. This may seem odd to say during an era in which the most intimate details of individuals’ lives are on display. Yet government is moving behind closed doors, and this is definitely the wrong direction. In fact, I’m dismayed by how often public officials fight not to do the public’s [ Read More ]

Working to create jobs and level the playing field for Ohio workers

My top priority in the Senate is to help create more and better Ohio jobs, with higher wages and benefits. Fair and balanced trade with more exports, while cracking down on unfair imports, will help keep good jobs here—and create new ones. Part of the answer is to level the playing field on exports and [ Read More ]

Meals on Wheels: Providing comfort and nutrition for Ohio’s seniors

Meals on Wheels staff and volunteers work tirelessly every day to provide nutritious meals and comfort for Ohio’s seniors. Again this year, I was honored to accompany Meals on Wheels team members, helping to deliver meals in Brown County during the 14th Annual March for Meals campaign. March for Meals is a national campaign which [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Book serves as call to action

Daddy says the weeds have to go. Every weekend, he plucks them from your yard, pulls them up from their roots and tosses them in a pile. If they’re not grass, out they go. But does he know that some weeds can become butterflies? In “Mr. McGinty’s Monarchs” by Linda Vander Heyden, illustrated by Eileen [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Heartworm disease is alive and killing in Clermont County

Dog owners need to take heartworm disease seriously in Clermont county this summer. The disease is becoming increasingly widespread, and threatens any dogs which go outside. The worm that causes the devastating disease is carried from dog to dog by mosquitos. Mild winters give us more mosquitos and therefore greater likelihood of your dog getting [ Read More ]

The New York Times claim Ohio sports teams are cursed

Lance McAlister of WLW 700, discussed a New York Times article that ranked the top cursed teams by city. The article ranked Cincinnati at twelve and Cleveland at one. Cincinnati has two professional sports teams—the Bengals and the Reds. Although the locals cheer for the Bengals, the Reds have veteran status since they have been [ Read More ]

A long and complex history

In the late 1980s, Thomas M. Keenan owned a small landscaping company in Cleveland. He had several men working for him, including Joseph D’Ambrosio and Anthony Klann. In September 1988, after a night out with Keenan and D’Ambrosio, Klann’s body was found floating in a creek. Keenan and D’Ambrosio were subsequently arrested and tried separately. [ Read More ]

We did look special

In the mid-1960s, I was in my junior and senior years of high school. I was at my peak of all that being a teenager had to offer me. However, after the redbuds and dogwoods had passed blooming and warmer days and mild evenings arrived, all the attention at the school turned toward the social [ Read More ]

Women’s history month

Originating from a one week celebration in 1978, Women’s History Month has been celebrated since 1987 as a time to recognize women’s significant contributions to the fabric of our nation. Even with the vast progress that has been made in securing equal rights and opportunity for women, there is still work to be done. On [ Read More ]

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