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Weekend Walker: Niagara Gorge

Living in southwest Ohio gives us the benefit of being in a great central location where a day’s drive in any direction can take us to some pretty amazing places. One such place is the ever popular Niagara Falls. We decided to stay on the Canadian side of the falls to take advantage of some [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Rain’ will leave you in a puddle

Rain, rain, go away. That never worked, did it? You could chant those four words all you want, trying to keep your picnic, reunion, or party from being ruined, but the sky opened up and there you were. Rain, rain, go away – unless, as in the new novel “I Will Send Rain” by Rae [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Cat scratch fever – you and your cat

Ted Nugent made cat scratch fever, actually called cat scratch disease, nearly a household name with his song in the late seventies. However, most people still know little about this infection other than that it involves a fever spread by cat scratches. It actually involves infection by a bacteria called Bartonella henselae, which is spread [ Read More ]

Time will tell how Reds fared at trade deadline

By Garth Shanklin Sports Editor It’s never easy around here, is it? If there’s one thing the Aug. 1 baseball trade deadline made clear, it’s that there is no minor transaction in Cincinnati sports that can or will be done quickly and without incident. It’s as if Murphy’s Law decided to open up an office [ Read More ]

What do voters do if they don’t like either presidential candidate?

On Nov. 8 we will choose our 45th American president. The final two candidates are Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (D), and Donald John Trump (R). So which candidate deserves to become the next president? What happens if you don’t like your options? This election features two of the most disliked and untrustworthy candidates we have [ Read More ]

A car of my own!

I don’t know about other kids past or present but when I hit high school and as I drew near to the day of my 16th birthday there was only one thought on my mind. I wanted to get my driver’s license and my own car. With those two items in hand I had obtained [ Read More ]

Ohio’s coal industry crushed by an agency in need of a purpose

For decades, Ohio has proudly mined the coal that fuels America. Coal still generates more than a third of U.S. electricity – more than any other single power source last year – and provides thousands of good jobs for states like Ohio. Unfortunately, Ohio’s coal industry is now facing an all-out assault from an unlikely [ Read More ]

Where the election stands

The next few weeks in politics are a little like the All-Star break in baseball. With the Republican and Democratic national conventions upon us, it’s a good time to step back and assess this year’s election. Which carries bad news for both parties. The Republicans face a steep electoral challenge. If Hillary Clinton carries Florida [ Read More ]

Thinking about health: Higher premiums are likely coming

An Indiana couple who wrote to me a few weeks ago has experienced the ups and downs of Obamacare, and they wanted me to know about one downside they now face—a monthly premium of $836. “No one should have to pay those high premiums unless you’re considered high class, and we aren’t,” the woman said. [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Teacher’ a perfect back-to-school read

You can read! What a wonderful thing! You can write, too. Math skills come easily, you live with science, history is a passion of yours – and those are all skills that you weren’t born with. No, somebody had to teach you, and in the new book “Thank You, Teacher,” edited by Holly & Bruce [ Read More ]

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