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Creature Feature
Feline dental disease often overlooked

Dental disease is a common and often overlooked problem in cats.  While cavities are the most common dental disease of humans, cats are more frequently affected by tartar buildup on the teeth.  Tartar accumulation leads to irritation of the gums around the base of the teeth, ultimately leading to exposure of the roots.  Potential outcomes [ Read More ]

Grocery stores have really changed since I was a kid

Grocery stores have been around forever. And they have definitely changed since my childhood days. Whenever I tell my sons about grocery stores from the past, they look at me like I have a third eyeball. The older generation knows what I mean. In the 70s, people pushed their shopping carts with lit cigarettes hanging [ Read More ]

Summer break shouldn’t mean going hungry for Ohio children

By Sherrod Brown Last week, I outlined my top priorities for the upcoming year — and I am getting to work immediately on one of them: renewing and expanding nutrition programs that ensure Ohio children don’t go hungry, particularly during the summer months. One-quarter of Ohio’s children live in households that have experienced hunger during [ Read More ]

Improvement to public utilities

By Rick W. Combs Goshen Police Chief Recently Clermont County Water Department announced the replacement/switching out all residual and business water meters beginning in February 2016 and ending sometime in early 2018. The new generation water meter will be read via a wireless connection which will eliminate the manual reading every other month. The new [ Read More ]

Gonna have a big snow! Ha!

By Rick Houser Heard the weather man on the TV say to prepare for another big snow. I really don’t remember any this year. In fact I don’t recall any for many, many years. I was raised in rural southern Ohio and grew up in the 1950s and 60s. Now then was when we had [ Read More ]

County needs shovel-ready sites

By David Uible Clermont County Commissioner In the last four years since becoming a commissioner in Clermont County we’ve had three businesses (~650 jobs) that moved out of the county. We also missed out on 175 companies during that time that looked to relocate here and decided to go elsewhere. Your first question may be [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
This Valentine’s book isn’t too mushy

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Be Mine, Valentine. Surrounded by pink and red hearts, that’s what the card said and it came from your best classroom friend. Another Valentine is from your teacher, and you got one from a kid you know on the bus. Everybody gets Valentines on V-Day but in the new book “Mr. Goat’s [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Why does my pets breath smell bad?

By Dr. Dan Meakin Many pet owners never even consider that their dog or cat could have any sort of dental problems. However, diseases affecting the mouth and teeth of pets are very common. The major problem for pets is periodontal disease, which includes plaque or tartar that builds up on the teeth and in [ Read More ]

Vote yes on the Developmental Disabilities levy on March ballot

Dear Editor: I have been a Board member for the Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities for two years and am currently its Board President. My two years on the Board have really opened my eyes to the tremendous work that goes into supporting individuals with Developmental Disabilities to live and work as independently as [ Read More ]

All children basically act the same

My two-year-old grandson likes to put chicken in his hair, scream, and throw toys. But if I go back nearly twenty years ago, my son also wore his food and unleashed terrible tantrums. And if I go back more than forty years ago, I probably did the same to my parents. What’s interesting is how [ Read More ]

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