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Vote yes on park levy

To the Editor: I love the outdoors and spend as much time in nature as I possibly can. One of the best things about living in Clermont County is our beautiful and varied natural landscape. The land that surrounds our small towns and neighborhoods is a lush tapestry of woods and streams, fields and farmlands, [ Read More ]

Sometimes, it’s not your year

By Garth Shanklin Sports Editor The city of Cincinnati has endured a surprising amount of success over the years on the gridiron. The Bearcats have rose to national relevance, advancing to a pair of BCS bowl games. Right around that same time, the Bengals began drafting players that have led them to six consecutive postseason [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Without Mercy’ a murder thriller

You ran into someone from your past the other day. He didn’t recognize you, but you remembered him: same hair, same walk, same irksome laugh and swagger. He breezed right past you and you didn’t say a word, preferring to keep everything behind you. As in the new novel, “Without Mercy” by Bill Bass, if [ Read More ]

Fixing the RFS Pothole

One measure of good government is how easy it is to spot the long term benefits of a policy or law. This is particularly true when it comes to being good stewards of Americans’ tax dollars. If a local government is going to spend $1,000 to fill its potholes, then the measure of whether or [ Read More ]

For bragging rights

Webster says that the term bragging rights is “a good reason to talk with pride about something you have done.” As a young boy onward it seemed that life on the farm was based always on competing for that defined right. It didn’t matter if it was who was the strongest and could skip a [ Read More ]

Thinking About Health: Obesity rates fall, still higher than in 1990

Is the message that the nation is getting too fat beginning to sink in? The answer is “yes but,” says the Trust for America’s Health, a nonprofit, non-partisan group that aims to protect the health of communities and make disease prevention a national priority. And a study of healthcare quality and quantity across the nation [ Read More ]

Bixler runs for commissioner

My name is Tom Bixler and I am running for Clermont County Commissioner. Bob Proud is retiring as our County Commissioner and I am running to fill that position. Bob has been a great Commissioner that always helps our veterans and their families. He has always recognized veterans and thanked them for their service to [ Read More ]

Cleveland is where quarterbacks go to die

Last Sunday the Dallas Cowboys handed the Bengals their third loss. Of course it could be worse. You could be a Cleveland Browns fan. Last week was the perfect example. The Browns got blown out by a guy named Tom Brady, who had not played football in a month. The Browns also lost another quarterback [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
“Story Book Knight” perfect book for sharing

You love it when someone shares a book with you. Sharing a book is great for snuggling, for listening, laughing, or for settling down before bedtime. When you share a book you like, it makes everybody happy. And in the new book, “The Story Book Knight” by Helen Docherty & Thomas Docherty, it might save [ Read More ]

When our sons become men

Last Saturday, I attended my son Tim’s wedding. He married his sweetheart Erin. Watching him vow to honor her brought back memories. When I got married in 1997, Tim was my best man. And now nearly twenty years later, I stood with him at his wedding. Tim chose his brother, my youngest son, to be [ Read More ]

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