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Before you reject the system, understand it

If there’s a theme that sets this political season apart, it’s the voters’ utter disdain for most of the people who practice politics. They’re fed up with politicians, they’ve lost faith and confidence in the political elite and they don’t believe that the realm where politicians ply their craft – government – works. The two [ Read More ]

Easter Sunday began before dawn

From my earliest recollections, going to church was an event we did every Sunday. It was just automatic. I guess it was for almost the entire community. But twice a year there was a Sunday that stood out as the happenings of the year: Christmas and Easter. We all know these two events were to [ Read More ]

Penalty enhancement

In 1992, while he was still a minor, Jason T. Bode was adjudicated delinquent – the adult court equivalent of being found guilty – for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (“OVI”). At that time, he was uncounseled, meaning he was not represented by an attorney. Later, as an adult, Bode was convicted four times [ Read More ]

Closing corporate tax loopholes

Everyone knows that before you leave a restaurant you have to settle your bill — corporations shouldn’t get to play by different rules. But that’s exactly what is happening for too many American companies. There is perhaps no area of the tax code that is as broken as our international corporate tax system. American corporations [ Read More ]

Weekend Walker
Union Veteran’s Memorial Park

By Kathy Pfeifer Union Township Veteran’s Memorial Park, aka The Helicopter Park, is conveniently located at 906 Clough Pike, Cincinnati, OH, 45245, one of the busiest intersections in the Eastgate area, making it an easy place to stop for a quick walk, but not necessarily a nature walk. We were pleasantly surprised, however, as we [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Mrs. Houdini’ is irresistible

The day you met your beloved, it was magical. Think about it: billions of people in the world, and the two of you – random strangers – found one another and fell in love. What are the odds? And now you’re a pair, a couple, a team and, as in the new novel, “Mrs. Houdini” [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Spaying and neutering your canine

Having a litter of puppies may seem like a fun thing to do. Some owners even believe that it helps their female dog, in some way, to develop more completely or become a better pet. Neither is true. Becoming pregnant and having a litter of puppies in no way alters the maturity level of the [ Read More ]

Who is the GOP?

I enjoy funny books, movies, cartoons, dumb jokes and anything else involving comedy. But I must draw the line at the primary races for the American presidency. I can remember the following presidential campaigns: Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush (the original), George Bush the son, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Although their races had [ Read More ]

Making a difference by combating the nationwide heroin epidemic

At a recent town hall in Darke County, I asked those in attendance how many of them had family members or friends who had been impacted by addiction. More than half the hands went up. Sadly, I wasn’t surprised. It was just the latest example of how the abuse of heroin and prescription drugs is [ Read More ]

Farmed with a plan

Farming in the years I was growing up on our family farm farms was very different than farming is today to make the largest understatement that can be made. Today there is so much technology to apply to the getting the most out of the soil and the seed along with the what types of [ Read More ]

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