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Durant’s decision not at all controversial

By Garth Shanklin Sports Editor Like many people, I spent last Monday’s Fourth of July holiday with family. We did the usual summer things like swimming and playing basketball, which for the most part required me to be away from my phone for most of Monday morning. Just before noon, as we were wrapping up [ Read More ]

What they’re fighting over

Barring a surprise at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland later this month, the race for the presidency is set. So this seems a good time to step back and consider just what it is that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are fighting about. I don’t mean where they stand on the issues, or whose [ Read More ]

Never happened to Tarzan

In the years when the Marshall brothers and I played together we spent many days playing in the woods that were behind their home and belonged to their Uncle Richard Davis. For Herb, Charlie and me his woods were a place where boys our age could play endlessly as the woods went from gently rolling [ Read More ]

Why does the racial divide in America continue to grow?

Last week was a bloody one for Dallas police officers. A former soldier named Micah Xavier Johnson opened fire on police officers at a Black Lives Matter march in Dallas. The event was peaceful until Johnson fired at police officers from a parking garage. Johnson shot twelve officers and two pedestrians. Unfortunately, five officers didn’t [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Keeping your pet well all year long

One of the best ways to keep your pet healthy is through prevention and routine wellness checks. At All Creatures we have developed a wellness program perfect for your pet and your budget.  Some of the details are below, and much more will be on our website and in our hospital moving forward.  But for [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Untethered’ looks at family ties

Oh, the ties that bind. Be they familial, friendly, or formal, the relationships you’ve made in your lifetime have given you many interesting days filled with ups and down. But, really: would you ever have it any other way? Of course not, unless, as in the new novel “Untethered” by Julie Lawson Timmer, one of [ Read More ]

‘Save America’s Pastime Act’ bad for game

By Garth Shanklin Sports Editor Let’s play a quick word association game. I’ll throw out a word, you tell me your first thoughts that come to mind. Ready? Here we go! The word is: Congress. Now, if you’re like most people, the words you immediately thought of weren’t very nice. Synonyms of useless, spineless, slow-acting, [ Read More ]

The ghosts of Gettysburg

On Monday, Americans celebrated Independence Day. The special day celebrates America’s separation from England after the Revolutionary War. However, July is also the anniversary of another battle for freedom. On July 1-3, 1863, friends, brothers and fathers fought one other at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The South’s crushing defeat at Gettysburg would be their worst loss in [ Read More ]

The choice has always been our own

Many times I have stated that I was raised a country boy and that my dad was a farmer who raised a considerable amount of Burley Tobacco or, as we referred to it, “cash crop.” I’m not too sure how or why but when I moved into my teens my interest in using tobacco products [ Read More ]

Knowing livestock tampering laws helps keep animals in competition

Summer marks the beginning of fair season – a time when thousands of 4-H youth all across the state showcase the animal projects they have spent so much time perfecting. As these hard working kids gear up to show their animals, I want to encourage all exhibitors to be aware of livestock tampering rules so [ Read More ]

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