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The Bookworm Sez:
‘Dreamy’ story likely to have you lost in its pages

There’s a kid in your class who’s just plain weird. He really sticks out because of his clothes, his hair, his words, and rumor has it that he has cooties. He’s full of brags, full of awkwardness and, in “The Song from Somewhere Else” by A.F. Harrold, illustrated by Levi Pinfold, he may be full [ Read More ]

Marc Hoover:
Arlington Class of ‘87: Love, loyalty and friendship

After much anticipation, I attended my 30th year high school reunion. It was my first. I can easily sum up the experience in a quote from an unknown author. “Sometimes life gives us only brief moments with one another, but sometimes in those brief moments, we get memories that last a lifetime.” From 1983 to [ Read More ]

Rick Houser:
Summertime is reunion time

When the temperatures can sky into the 90s and the cool sunrises can feel so great to be greeted by. we all know it is time for more summer events. One such event that was annual for ages but these days is dwindling in interest more with the younger and busier generation (their words not [ Read More ]

Letter to the Editor:
Let’s celebrate freedom, faith and family July 4th!

“Tis time to celebrate America’s birthday on Tuesday, July 4th! Those brave men who signed the Declaration of Independence on that historic day in 1776 risked their fortunes, and their very lives. To learn about the sacrifice they made, just read the book written by David Barton of Wallbuilders. FREEDOM: how do we celebrate this [ Read More ]

Haddon Lockyer:
4 Years Comic

The Bookworm Sez:
A rocking ‘nice’ book

“Turn that music down!” Yep, you heard that a time or two during your teen years; it usually meant that one or both of your parents had enough of your tunes, played at high volume. Sometimes it was Dad, but Mom yelled those words up the stairs just as often. Don’t you wish, as in [ Read More ]

Letter to the Editor:
Continued progress needed on health care for all people

On behalf of the 4,900 family physician, family medicine resident, and medical student members of the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians, I write to express concern over the actions of Congress on health reform. Currently, the U.S. Senate is working behind closed doors to draft legislation that could change the future of health care in [ Read More ]

Sen. Sherrod Brown:
Everything pharmaceutical companies hate

Earlier this year, my work to lower drug prices for Ohio families was described as combining “every policy idea drug lobbyists hate.” And that’s something I’m pretty proud of. So I continued those efforts last week by introducing the Stop Price Gouging Act, which would require drug companies to report and justify increases in drug [ Read More ]

Rep. Brad Wenstrup:
Three lessons from my dad

Give a firm handshake and look people in the eye. If you did something wrong, admit it. If you lie about it, you just made it worse. Always respect your mother. These are three of many pieces of advice I learned from my father while growing up – and they’ve stuck with me my entire [ Read More ]

Rick Houser:
Hot summer days were no sweat

When your a/c goes on the blink these days and the temps of summer have arrived we think to ourselves just how did we survive times like this back before we had air conditioning? We look to the generation of today and more than likely tell them we just were tougher in those days and [ Read More ]

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