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Getting to know the flea

Everyone with a pet knows how important flea prevention is, especially this time of year. But to help improve your flea-fighting skills, lets look at the flea and its life cycle. Fleas are parasites that feed off their host’s blood. When a flea bites its victim’s skin it injects a minute amount of flea antigen. [ Read More ]

Harriet the Great

Lately, Harriet Tubman has become a trending Internet topic. Even more interesting is that we are still talking about a woman who died more than 100 years ago. Her name is trending for two reasons. One, she will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Second, her former estate in Albany, New York will become [ Read More ]

All invited to Day of Prayer

Dear Editor, Disasters – destruction – disease – and deaths! Horrific headlines that we see each day in America. On Thursday, May 5 Americans will pray to God on this 66th annual National Day of Prayer. From the court house to the state house, from public parks to church pews people will meet to pray. [ Read More ]

I stole my first dog?

Looking back today and also looking at the facts I guess I stole my very first dog. I think I was about 5 years old when all this occurred but I do recall it clearly. I have said before neighbors on Fruit Ridge didn’t live close to each other. A couple lived in a new [ Read More ]

Protecting Ohioans’ paychecks

American workers know they’re working more than ever before, for less pay. They don’t think they can get by — much less get ahead — even if they work hard. And too often, they’re right that the deck is stacked against them. Across our country and our state, too many workers are putting in long [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Novel best enjoyed by fierce politicos

What is the measure of a man? What motivates him? What makes him do what he does? Is it his background, or his forward look to the future? When it comes to great men of history, those are interesting questions to ponder – and in ‘True Reagan,” author James Rosebush draws his conclusions. Born well [ Read More ]

Come to our community dinner

Dear Editor, ‘Tis the season to enjoy springtime, to meet, greet , and eat with our friends and neighbors at a “community dinner” hosted by the Monroe Twp. Historic Society. An annual event, it will be held on Thursday evening, April 28th at the historic Mt. Zion Church Annex, located on Clermontville-Laurel Road. An original [ Read More ]

To protect and serve

On April 11, 2016, a Chicago police officer shot and killed a sixteen-year-old African-American teenager named Pierre Loury. The shooting occurred after a traffic stop. The officer had stopped Loury because his car resembled one used in an earlier crime. Instead of cooperating with the officer, Loury fled. A foot chase followed. While trying to [ Read More ]

Oh, to go cruising

When you got in a friend’s car along with some others and drove the main artery of a town, you my friend, were cruising, something that has become referred to as “Driving the Miracle Mile.” If a person can’t remember ever riding from end to end in a town in the evening, looking the place [ Read More ]

Beyond transparency, we need accountability

Over more than three decades in Congress, I had the chance to question a lot of federal officials. Most of the time I wasn’t after anything dramatic — I just wanted to understand who was responsible for certain decisions. Want to know how often I got a straight answer? Almost never. It was easily one [ Read More ]

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