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Why does my pets breath smell bad?

By Dr. Dan Meakin Many pet owners never even consider that their dog or cat could have any sort of dental problems. However, diseases affecting the mouth and teeth of pets are very common. The major problem for pets is periodontal disease, which includes plaque or tartar that builds up on the teeth and in [ Read More ]

Vote yes on the Developmental Disabilities levy on March ballot

Dear Editor: I have been a Board member for the Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities for two years and am currently its Board President. My two years on the Board have really opened my eyes to the tremendous work that goes into supporting individuals with Developmental Disabilities to live and work as independently as [ Read More ]

All children basically act the same

My two-year-old grandson likes to put chicken in his hair, scream, and throw toys. But if I go back nearly twenty years ago, my son also wore his food and unleashed terrible tantrums. And if I go back more than forty years ago, I probably did the same to my parents. What’s interesting is how [ Read More ]

Dig out your old cards

Long winter days and stormy summer nights were always a time when a deck of cards would come out of the drawer and those interested and maybe not so interested gathered around the kitchen table and passed the time by playing cards. There are literally hundreds of games that can be played and I know [ Read More ]

A busy year ahead

In his final State of the Union address last week, President Obama said that “the future we want — opportunity and security for our families; a rising standard of living and a sustainable, peaceful planet for our kids — all that is within our reach.” The record-breaking 2015 auto sales we celebrated this month are [ Read More ]

What it will take to address America’s income inequality

When the history of this year’s presidential campaign is written, one of its more remarkable features will be that candidates of both parties feel it necessary to talk about income inequality. Surely that makes this a watershed moment. The issue is hardly new. As historian and writer Jill Lepore pointed out last year, income inequality [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
You’ll want to read slowly

By Terri Schlichenmeyer You didn’t know where to turn. Sometimes, it’s bad enough standing up to an impossible decision, but acting on it can be the bigger challenge. You don’t know where to turn and so, as in the book “Where the Dead Pause and the Japanese Say Goodbye” by Marie Mutsuki Mockett, maybe it’s [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Cold weather considerations for pets & wildlife

Dr. Dan Meakin Winter can be a very strenuous time for dogs and cats, especially those that live outdoors. There are a number of things you can do to help your pets avoid health problems during the cold months of the year. 1. Outdoor dogs and cats need a dry, insulated pet house or shelter [ Read More ]

The Clermont Sun is doing well

Dear Editor: The Clermont paper has some of the most professional writing and fewest typos I’ve ever come across in a publication this size. The sports pages especially so. The information included shows off not only the best athletes in a sport, but includes background and future prospects of the players and the sport. Keep [ Read More ]

What a bargain it was

When I attended Felicity Franklin School in the 60’s I recall that across the street there was a restaurant that wasn’t very large, made out of concrete block and was the hangout for the teenagers. Over the years I recall the ownership was shared by several people. Most of which were local families. I think [ Read More ]

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