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RFS standards help Ohioans

Commissioner Uible’s recent letter “Fixing the RFS Pothole” was full of myth and inaccuracies regarding the ethanol industry and the Renewable Fuel Standard. Uible claims ethanol is raising the price of corn for his livestock. If this was the case, why are corn prices in 2016 lower by nearly 60 percent compared to 2012, at [ Read More ]

Great Oaks grads are all around us

I sat in I-275 traffic on my way to work. This wasn’t a new occurrence…this is a busy stretch of highway. But for some reason this morning I looked at my fellow motorists with a new appreciation. First of all, lots of rush hour traffic means that people are working. They are heading to jobs, [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Fans of oddities will enjoy Milton’s book

Was your old high school history teacher wrong? You can’t imagine so; she taught you all about World Wars I and II, America ‘s past, and British history. But could you have missed something? What don’t you know? Was your high school history teacher wrong or, as in “When Churchill Slaughtered Sheep and Stalin Robbed [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Does my dog have arthritis?

ARTHRITIS is also known by the medical term “Osteoarthritis.” It is a disease resulting in degeneration of one or more joints of the body. Reasons joints become affected with arthritis include injury, birth defects resulting in malformation, and aging. As a result of whatever the cause, the slick surface of the bones in the joint [ Read More ]

Found: Honest Business

On Oct. 25, via my phone, Luke’s Repair Shop in Amelia quoted me $89 to repair my Sears sewing machine. When I arrived there with it, the man fixed it as we talked (new needle and tension adjustment) and he wasn’t charging me! An unscrupulous business would quickly fixed it, called me later and collected $89 [ Read More ]

Shop local for the holidays

Dear Editor: ‘Tis the season when family and friends gather together to eat, give thanks and celebrate the holidays. As you begin your holiday shopping and event planning, I encourage you to buy gifts and supplies within your community which support the diversity and quality of Ohio’s locally made and grown products. When you buy [ Read More ]

Resident shares Black Friday story

That annual shopping frenzy called “Black Friday” is now history; a day shop-holics celebrate but for my family it brings flashbacks of shock, sickness,and suffering. Black Friday, 2006 was the day that our 2-year-old granddaughter named Rebecca was diagnosed with ALL – acute lymphoma-leukemia. While remembrance ribbons now recognize different kinds of cancer, we don’t [ Read More ]

Remembering Mrs. Brady

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. It was unusual. For many years I have cooked a turkey. This year I spent the holiday having dinner at a Chinese restaurant with my youngest son and his girlfriend. It wasn’t bad. They even had a turkey. It was dry, but edible. Another holiday in the books. [ Read More ]

Where did clotheslines go?

I displayed a photo of one of my mom’s quilts draped over her clothes line on my Facebook page recently. A man commented on the picture and added that we don’t see clotheslines much anymore. You know I hadn’t really given it much thought but he was right. After thinking a while I realized I [ Read More ]

Ohio ABLE Act creates resource for individuals with disabilities

As your state representative, it is my job to represent the voices of each individual in my district. It is vitally important to speak for the disabled and make sure their needs are addressed at the Ohio Statehouse. My priority remains giving every person an equal opportunity to succeed—especially those with special needs. In December [ Read More ]

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