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Marc Hoover:
Ohio State awards degrees to three students posthumously

Graduating from college is an exciting moment. Every year, millions of students across the country will receive their college diplomas from colleges across America. The event is also special for family members who have supported their children as they burned the midnight oil studying for exams and drinking gallons of coffee to prepare for exams. [ Read More ]

Rick Houser:
To win a ribbon

When I moved from Moscow school to Felicity I of course was more than a little apprehensive. Everything was going to be new but one area that shinned for me was sports. There was baseball, basketball and even track and field. That sport was something I had yet to experience at Moscow. Since I had [ Read More ]

Letter to the Editor
Milford settlement a win for public’s right to know

For years, Milford’s city council routinely and systematically engaged in illegal closed-door meetings in violation both of the city’s charter and Ohio’s Open Meetings Act. On Tuesday, I reached an agreement with the city settling a lawsuit I filed in response to such violations that has now put a legal end to the practice. I’ve [ Read More ]

Weekend Walker:
Stonelick State Park

If you’re looking for a hike on a larger scale, Stonelick State Park has well-marked trails, a beautiful lake, camping amenities, and more.  Located at 2894 Lake Drive in Pleasant Plain, Ohio, it is covers 1,058 acres, and is surrounded by country roads and small towns.  We found the main entrance after driving into the park a ways [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez:
Terri Schlichenmeyer
This book is not just presidential; it’s ‘tasty’

Eight courses. You seriously doubted if the food was ever going to stop coming, though you hoped it wouldn’t: you’d tasted all your favorite dishes, and then some. It was a meal fit for a King or Queen. Or maybe a president, and in “The President’s Kitchen Cabinet” by Adrian Miller, you’ll read about First [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Zez:
Book sequel doesn’t quite have the same bark

One for the money, two for the show. Everybody knows that double is better in sales (Buy-One-Get-One!), socks, and help (two hands make light work). It takes two for marriage, a duet, tennis team, and a tango. And in the new novel “Two Good Dogs” by Susan Wilson, two tails are better than one. Skye [ Read More ]

Does the internet make your life any better?

I recently heard an interesting radio conversation. One host mentioned all the brick and mortar businesses that have closed their doors because of the internet. He also mentioned that malls are no longer the same social scene since people prefer to shop online than visit a crowded mall. Since I grew up in the ‘70s [ Read More ]

Rick Houser: Done correctly, delivered largely

Being raised at the time and in the place where I was has left me with so many great thoughts to recall and great points to look back on. Those thoughts remind me of details that can and do help me out as much, as they do so many of us from the time I [ Read More ]

Lee Hamilton:
How to handle the Russia mess

The recent announcement by FBI Director James Comey that his agency is investigating links between members of President Trump’s campaign and Russia has upended Washington. Yet there needs to be an even stronger and broader investigation to get to the bottom of what happened. There are really two questions at hand. The first involves Russian [ Read More ]

Ohio coal communities saved from costly plan

Many Americans have already forgotten about the Clean Power Plan (CPP), the Obama administration’s signature effort to reduce carbon emissions from the nation’s power plants. But not the nation’s coal communities. They’ve lived with this regulation as an ever-present threat even after its implementation was stayed by a federal court. Ohio’s coal communities saw the [ Read More ]

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