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Garth Shanklin
Don’t take anything for granted

By Garth Shanklin Sports Editor As I prepared to go to bed on Saturday night, the Bengals dominated my thoughts. The team faced a tough match against Denver on Sunday, and I was concerned they wouldn’t be able to pull out the win. When I woke up Sunday morning and checked my phone, suddenly, I [ Read More ]

Bethel-Tate places levy on Nov. 8 ballot

I am, Lois Dennis, a resident of Tate Township and a retired teacher of Bethel-Tate Local School District. Due to a new job Dave Fallis, resigned from his position as chair of the Tiger Pride Community Wide levy campaign chair. I accepted a co-chair position along with my colleague and friend Cindy Shepherd, a secretary [ Read More ]

When will state Route 131 be done?

As I hear the “racetrack” buzzing by my house on Cedarville, I wonder, “What happened to my quiet home?” I know rain and heat can delay work, but the ongoing work on state Route 131 is about three weeks past the original complete date. The problem? The “locals” do not use the long detour on [ Read More ]

Another deadly confrontation

Last week, Bryan Mason, a nine-year Columbus, Ohio, police veteran shot and killed Tyre King, 13, and friend Demetrius Braxton, 19. Both were suspected of their involvement in a man’s robbery. Officer Mason chased King and Braxton, who originally gave themselves up and laid on the ground. Braxton said King then tried to flee. Officer [ Read More ]

Reducing DUI recidivism in Ohio

Drunk driving accounted for 9,967 car crash deaths in 2014, equating to one every 53 minutes. On average, one in three people will be involved in a drunk driving accident in their lifetime. For drunk drivers serving a suspension, anywhere from 50 to 75 percent continue to drive illegally while serving that suspension. The statistics [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Wonder’ will have you wondering what’s next

The truth was bent a little bit. Okay, so it was actually mangled. Warped beyond anything that might remotely be real. Wrapped up in a colossal “liar-liar-pants-on-fire” conflagration. The truth was nowhere near the lie you told to save face, to save feelings, or as in the new novel “The Wonder” by Emma Donoghue, to [ Read More ]

Loss to Steelers shows NFL, Bengals with work to do

I don’t usually like it when people call out referees. It’s a tough job, regardless of the sport. You have to know the rule book inside and out (in theory) and apply it while the action on the field, court or whatever is moving quicker than most people can follow even with the help of [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Unlock the Weird’ with newest ‘Ripley’s edition

School has started, and you’ve got it all locked down. You know your class schedule, who your teachers are, who assigns the most homework, and who takes the best notes. You even know where your locker is, but before the semester gets any further, why not relax a little and read something fun – something [ Read More ]

Thinking about health: Drug prices keep rising with no end in sight

Recently a tweet from Lauren Sausser, a fine health reporter I know in South Carolina, caught my eye. “Crazy drug prices became personal. My dad will start Keytruda regimen on Friday, $15,000 per infusion, once every three weeks indefinitely.” The high cost of pharmaceuticals had hit home! Her 61-year-old father, Jim McCallister, who lives in [ Read More ]

Learn more about Johnson

Like most of my fellow Veterans, I am passionate about my country. I believe in “American Exceptionalism,” and can think of no greater examples than the men and women I was fortunate enough to serve with, as well as the many people from all walks of life I’ve met since who volunteer in our community. [ Read More ]

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