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The Senior Services golf scramble was a really good one

The weather has sure been different, the rain we have gotten has been good, but east of us they have gotten up to four inches. The golf scramble, the Clermont Senior Services held last week was a very good one.

Watch out for the

The Ohio Department of Insurance’s fraud division is warning Ohio grandparents about a new fraud scheme dubbed “The Grandparent Scam.

Those in office should be held to high standards

Memorial Day once again served as the day to honor those in uniform that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Our country is the greatest of all countries because of the many freedoms and liberties we experience.

Meals-on-wheels program has a permanent home in new kitchen

Construction began recently on a new kitchen facility, which will provide a permanent home for the meals-on-wheels program operated by Clermont Senior Services. The new facility is located next to the agency

Visitation held for a good friend who will be missed by many

It is Memorial Day as I write this column. Tomorrow on Tuesday, Ruth Ann and I go to Lebanon, Ohio to attend a P.E.R.I. District meeting along with other folks. I was talking to a feller called Bill. He said he was planting tomatoes and onions, and a dog he has, was pulling the plants up and laying them at his feet.

What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?

The roots of Great Grandma

My Great Grandma, Alice (Boyd) Brown, was born in 1863 at the height of the Civil War. She passed away at the ripe old age of 95 in 1958. It is difficult to imagine what my Great Grandma must have thought about all the changes that took place during her lifetime.

The good Lord has called a couple more folks home

The good Lord has taken a couple more folks home. One was Linda Millman’s son, Tony at age 43. He was a very fine person and he will be missed by his wife and all his family. The other feller was a friend I have worked with here at East Fork. He worked on the area by the Dam, and was a very strong Christian.


In 2007 Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson starred in a movie titled,

The Good Lord has taken some good friends to his home

The Good Lord has taken a couple good friends to his home in heaven. They were Burton Smith and Tom Gardner. We will miss these two along with their families, and a host of friends. Both were farmers and knew their farming good.

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