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Let’s Grow!
The real legacy of Johnny Appleseed

By Steve Boehme John Chapman could be described as a successful real estate speculator with a good understanding of how to increase your wealth through compound interest. He is also one of the most misrepresented and misunderstood figures in American history. His biggest contribution to life on the American frontier was to create a renewable [ Read More ]

Only my hairdresser really knows for sure

By George Brown For reasons which will become obvious as this story progresses I’m using fictitious names to protect and preserve the relationship my wife and one of her girlfriends have with their hairdressers. Last week my wife, I’ll call her “Sue,” and I were out with our good friends, “Allen” and “Ellen.” I should [ Read More ]

Speeding up home sales will help to boost the economy

By Sherrod Brown One sure way to reduce the deficit is to strengthen the economy—so more Americans have good-paying jobs and can support themselves and their families rather than relying upon the safety net to make ends meet. We have grown our way out of past recessions through a strong manufacturing sector and a robust [ Read More ]

Introducing a responsible, balanced federal budget

By Brad Wenstrup This week, House Republicans introduced a responsible federal budget. It is a plan to make the cuts and reforms needed to balance our budget in 10 years, which will foster a healthier economy and create jobs. Senate Democrats released their budget this week too, and it provides an opportunity to contrast two [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
Raising annual flowers and vegetables from seed

By Steve Boehme Planting flowers and vegetables each spring can be even more satisfying if you raise them from seed. Seeds cost less than live plants, and often you can find more varieties that way. You can also get a head start; home-sprouted seedlings can be ready for planting a few weeks before live plants [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Caring owners should spay or neuter their pets

By Dr. Dan Meakin Q: My neighbor told me that I should have our male dog neutered (castrated) but couldn’t really tell me why. Won’t that just make him fat and lazy? A: No, it won’t. Intact male dogs will, if allowed, spend a great deal of time and energy roaming in search of females [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘The Genius of Dogs’ presents fascinating research results about your best friend

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Your dog has a species identity crisis. Some days, he’s a copycat and it’s like monkey see, monkey do around your house. Other days, he’s stubborn as a mule, eats like a little piggy, is fearless as a lion, and he runs through the house like a herd of elephants. You’re beginning [ Read More ]

Thanks for showing us the way, Bill Over. We salute you!

By George Brown The title “Godfather” conjures up images of a strong, wise, fatherly individual who guides “the family” with a firm hand and a gentle spirit, who inspires confidence and a mutual commitment to a common purpose. In every positive sense of the word, William H. (Bill) Over was the Godfather of LEAD Clermont. [ Read More ]

Reducing costs, and saving the federal government money

By Sherrod Brown Right now, everyone in Washington is focused on fiscal issues – getting our financial house in order. This is something families in Ohio have been dealing with for some time. We know how to do this. We can improve health outcomes and simultaneously save money for our consumers and for the federal [ Read More ]

Health care system has grotesque billing practices

By Len Harding I just finished reading the March 4 edition of Time Magazine describing the grotesque billing practices of our health care system. If you have not read it, I suggest you do so – it’s neither left nor right politically, it simply describes how we are grossly overcharged for health care services and [ Read More ]

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