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Each year our employees at Clermont Senior Services see hundreds of senior citizens who cannot afford to purchase everyday necessities that you and I take for granted. Often these seniors have little or no family support to help meet their needs, which makes our Adopt-a-Senior Program all the more important.


If you haven

Fewer people than you think are smarter than third graders

I laughed out loud as I read the answers to the

Sweet clover and tobacco juice make interesting combination

Mom had sent us to the meadow behind the chicken coop to pick some clover for the rabbits. It was a beautiful summer day, and this was a chore my sister, Kathy, and two older brothers, Tom and Mick, didn

The object of my affections

I spent some time at the Pumpkin Run Car Show in Owensville last weekend. This was the 30th year for this nationally recognized event, and once again the Clermont County fairgrounds was packed with upwards of 3,000 hot rods, custom cars, and a good number of old pickup trucks sprinkled among them. All of the vehicles were from the 60s, 50s, and 40s, with a few even older.

Taking a bath was much different in the old days

We had the little guy (our four year old grandson) last weekend. On Saturday night Yvonne helped him take a bath. He selected some favorite bath toys while she filled the tub with bubbles and laid out a towel.

The Doty Clan – gypsies, tramps and thieves

September 24 is my Mom

Old age should be one of our happiest times

When you began reading (or perhaps as a metaphor it would be better to say,

Our wonderful country is struggling on many levels

As a veteran I closely observe our wonderful country that is struggling on many levels including from within. I

A close encounter at Buzzardroost Rock

Last Saturday I awoke early and prepared for a hiking trip to Buzzardroost Rock in Adam

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