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CAAG, Citizens breakthrough on Wayne Township Police

At the request of some of the citizens in Wayne Township, Clermont County, I’ve recently attended several meetings of the Community Action Advisory Group (CAAG). The CAAG was created by the trustees to “gather facts about the police department to educate residents about how the department was formed and why it is important to the community.”

Welcome Home, Soldier!

There once was a soldier. This soldier enlisted in the Army Reserve in June of 2001 and entered into Basic Combat Training in late August. While on the first day of a four day training field exercise, the news came that our nation was under attack. It was the early morning of September 11, 2001.

Performance reviews are conducted, and employees hope for positive feedback

Each spring we conduct annual performance reviews for all of our employees at Clermont Senior Services, including me. We are fortunate to have many dedicated and caring employees, and the annual reviews are always a good time to highlight good performance.


Watching Kevin Costner play against his every-man hero/heartthrob image and tackle a psychopathic role that personifies cold-blooded evil in the new film

A bed bug infestation in your home is no laughing matter

A few weeks ago I wrote a tongue-in-cheek column about bed mites. Bed mites are creepy little creatures that live in our beds, but they

Great effects and a memorable performance by Depp cannot save

Batten down the hatches, haul anchors aweigh and, well, just insert your own nautical cliche here. With last week

1912 certainly was a year to remember

1912 was an interesting year. Cincinnatian William Howard Taft was President of the United States. Redland Field opened in Cincinnati, later to be named Crosley Field.

Shrek the Third is good family fun kids will enjoy

Watching the light-hearted and animated adventures of the obnoxiously lovable ogre Shrek, along with his colorful companions, is entertaining and hilarious at times, but haven

There Is A Simple Solution To Speed Traps

May 8th, 2007 — In response to “Highway Robbery”, an article posted on www.cincybusinessmag.com in May: The numbers presented in “Highway Robbery” are simply astounding! I never imagined that the Village of Arlington Heights, Ohio could issue enough citations over one year that every man, woman and child living there could have four of their very own?

Kindness is always appropriate, if not appreciated

Think for a moment. Who is the kindest person you have ever known? Don

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