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Monterey Mitch: Expect six more weeks of winter

We live about a mile down the road from where U.S. Route 50 passes through the little village of Monterey. For the past five or six years I’ve been keeping company with a groundhog that I’ve named Monterey Mitch. I guess you could say that Mitch and I have grown old together, because in groundhog [ Read More ]

A close encounter with a park ranger and a dog

I asked Yvonne if she had any ideas for a column for this week. She said she thought it was about time I wrote a true story for a change ““ “Not one of those cockamamie yarns about using a backpack to save yourself from a critter.” I reminded her (as if I should have [ Read More ]

A lot of guys have nice wives, but mine is the best

Solomon was a wise man. I especially like his Proverb about how lucky a man is if he has the good fortunate of marrying a virtuous wife. To loosely quote King Solomon, in Proverbs 31 he wrote, “A virtuous wife is hard to find. Her husband trusts her. To him she is more beautiful than [ Read More ]

Sometimes it’s best to just give in and take the high road

Appliances sure can be a pain in the wallet. Last year we had a triple whammy. First it was the kitchen stove, then the dryer died, and just before Christmas the dishwasher took its turn. If an essential appliance had died, like the coffeemaker or my flat screen TV (an essential man cave appliance), I [ Read More ]

To my fellow husbands, may you no longer live in fear

So we’re sitting at home the other night watching television when Yvonne turns to me and asks, “If you had it all to do over again, would you still marry me?” My heart sank as I raised my head and looked in her direction, and for good reason. This is a question that wives have [ Read More ]

Service with heart and a smile is just a call away

When Helen Fisher arrives at work each day, she never knows what kind of calls for help she will receive. But, as Intake Coordinator for Clermont Senior Services, Helen knows that the needs of each caller are very real, and she is prepared to handle each call with the same compassion, understanding, and friendly smile [ Read More ]

Christmas isn’t a holiday to be enjoyed only by children

A few days before Christmas, Cindy (case manager) and Julie (student intern) spent the afternoon visiting customers to deliver Adopt-a-Senior gifts. “Lilly” (not her real name) is in her 90’s. She has outlived nearly all of her family members and lives alone, but with help provided by Clermont Senior Services, Lilly is able to continue [ Read More ]

The Thanksgiving Mouse

A thanksgiving poem, with apologies to Clement Moore

Fond memories of my first Tennessee vacation

I recently decided we needed a new television

I recently decided we needed a new television. I know this prompts the question of whether anyone really needs a TV, but that is a subject for another time. I decided to act on our apparent need, not realizing what a challenge it would be to select the right television for our viewing style.

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