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Creature Feature
Your pet’s senior years start at the age of seven

By Dr. Dan Meakin Did you know your pets’ senior years start at age seven? Frequently asked vet questions: My pet’s always been healthy. Why should I worry now that they’re a little older? Just like people, your cat’s or dog’s health will change as it ages. And because pets age faster than people, major [ Read More ]

Batavia’s gold rush

Batavia is celebrating its bicentennial this year, and The Clermont Sun is publishing a series of historic vignettes. Peter A. Barnes, writer, consultant and a Batavia native, now lives near Milford pursuing his life-long interest in local history. By Peter A. Barnes The California gold rush that began in 1849 drew many Midwesterners to the [ Read More ]

Columnist has an encounter with the hobbits of Eastfork

By George Brown This was no ordinary backpack adventure, even though there was no need to fear an encounter with ferocious beasts. The only wildlife to be seen were gray squirrels, a few whitetails that bounded away at the sound of my boots, and a red tailed hawk that glared from a tree as I [ Read More ]

Court considers church property tax-exempt status

By Paul Pfeifer Should land that is owned by a church and is open to public recreation be tax exempt? That’s the question that we had to answer in a case that came before us here – at the Ohio Supreme Court. The case involved a church in Akron called The Chapel. Founded in 1934, [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Cold weather considerations for your pets and wildlife

By Dr. Dan Meakin Winter can be a very strenuous time for dogs and cats, especially those that live outdoors. There are a number of things you can do to help your pets avoid health problems during the cold months of the year. 1. Outdoor dogs and cats need a dry, insulated pet house or [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘The Thicket’ is a down-and-dirty, enjoyable, modern day western

By Terri Schlichenmeyer You know who your friends are. They’re the ones who keep your secrets, or your car keys when you need them to. They’ll loan you five minutes or five dollars, tell you when your ideas are good and your breath is bad, and can be counted on, but never out. You’d like [ Read More ]

The homecoming and the school

Batavia will celebrate its bicentennial year in 2014, and The Clermont Sun is publishing a series of historic vignettes. The late Rosanna Hoberg, author, was a columnist and reporter for The Clermont Sun. This column was written in 1964. By Rosanna Hoberg Chronicling his experiences in the Mexican War in a book he published in [ Read More ]

Ten thousand trails both far and near are calling

By George Brown The reflections I share here are inspired by two books I recently read. One was about hiking the Appalachian Trail, (the AT) and the other about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (the PCT). As some readers may know, the AT extends 2,200 miles from Georgia to Maine, passing through 14 states along [ Read More ]

Court deals with citizen’s arrest

By Paul Pfeifer On April 16, 2009, Katrina McCall went to the Hamilton County Municipal Court to file a hand-written affidavit alleging that her husband – Mor Mbodji – had caused physical harm to her. That action touched off a case that ultimately made its way here – to the Supreme Court of Ohio. When Katrina [ Read More ]

Getting things done for Ohio in 2013

By Rob Portman Our nation faces many challenges, and the important work we do here in Washington on issues like job creation, the economy, the budget, healthcare reform, and foreign policy are followed closely by the press. But my job, serving the people of Ohio, is much bigger than what you see in the papers [ Read More ]

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