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The Bookworm Sez
‘Feast’ is a heart-thumper of a novel and a good read

You’re better off on your own. You’ve got a big project and that’s the conclusion you’ve come to. Sure, you’re prepared: you’ve studied it over, asked the professionals, and searched the internet. You’ve also gathered plenty of (unsolicited) advice and (un)helpful hints and, though things might get messy, you’re finally ready to start. By yourself. [ Read More ]

Read my lips – no new taxes!

These words got a former President in trouble because he was not able to fulfill his promise, but I can speak with confidence in saying to you, “Read my lips – the Senior Services Levy will not raise taxes!” The current Senior Services Levy expires on Dec. 31. The 1.3 mil renewal levy on the [ Read More ]

Getting the farm bill passed

The Agricultural Adjustment Act was a bill formulated by farm economists, sold by them to farm organization leaders, sold again by farm leaders and economists to the President, but without any basis in public understanding. The bill was a rude shock for conservatives. Representative Fred Britten of Illinois said, “The bill before the House is [ Read More ]

The president’s debt plan might be some kind of new math

President Obama tossed around some big numbers earlier this week, when he shared details of his plan to reduce the federal government’s debt burden through a combination of spending cuts and tax increases. The president said his plan would call for twice as much in spending cuts over tax increases. Not so, according to an [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘The Eighty-Dollar Champion’ is a horse of a different color

They said you were worthless. You’d never amount to anything. No good. Not worth the time. And just like that, you were written off, completely and irrevocably dismissed. Discouraging? Yes, but scenes like this tend to fan the spark of defiance inside each of us, compelling us to boldly prove the naysayers wrong, thus ultimately [ Read More ]

The agricultural adjustment act

The first business of what came to be known as “The Hundred Days” was to straighten out the banks. Roosevelt’s original plan had been to get the emergency banking legislation enacted and send Congress home. However, the momentum generated by the banking bill now seemed too valuable to waste. On the evening of Wednesday, March [ Read More ]

Leaves are supposed to fall, people are not supposed to fall

Governor Kasich has designated Friday, Sept. 23 as Fall Prevention Awareness Day in Ohio. Although I’ve been working with older adults for nearly 40 years, I was surprised by the numbers issued in a recent report by the Ohio Department of Health. For example, falls are the leading cause of injury related emergency room visits, [ Read More ]

How to create 4,000 local jobs with a stroke of the pen

After President Obama finished his speech about jobs to a joint session of Congress last week, I handed him an envelope. It contained a letter that outlined how to create 4,000 jobs in South-Central Ohio with the stroke of a pen. I told him what the letter was about. He said: “Thank you, I’ll look [ Read More ]

How a president saved the banks

Having assumed the presidency, Franklin Roosevelt was confronted with the worst economic crisis America had ever faced. In his inaugural address, he had promised action. As historian Arthur M. Schlesinger pointed out, “It was hard to understate the need for action. The national income was less than half what it had been four years before. [ Read More ]

Why men are happier and never depressed

I wish I could say this piece is original. Well, I’m sure it is but not by me. Yvonne emailed it to me the other night. I searched online and could not identify an author to whom I could give credit. I’m sharing it with you, first because it is too cute not to, and [ Read More ]

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