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Lois Brown Dale touched the lives of many people

Lois Brown Dale, founding director of Clermont Senior Services, passed away on Aug. 16, just 11 days shy of her 92nd birthday. With her passing we are changed, not because she has left us, but because she touched us.

September beginnings

I looked at the calendar the other day and realized that summer is gone.


It’s funny how things go in cycles. Last week during the full moon, I heard about two herds of cows who got loose.

The last Gospel Sing has been held at Fox Farm

If you missed the Gospel Sing at the Fox Farm, last Saturday evening you missed a good one, it was the last one for the year, and will be the last for the Fox Family to have. This wonderful family have continued the Gospel sing since Ora passed away two years ago.

Service with Heart

In last week

Cakes and pies, garden items all did fine at the fair

Last week at the Clermont County Fair, the cakes and pies sold good, not as high as last year, but good. The garden items we took did fine. I was wondering, due to the cool weather and all the rain, whether there would be much garden produce, but it was wonderful, there are lots of green thumbs in our wonderful County.

Antiques and Collectibles Auction celebrates 10 years

Receptions Eastgate will once again be the location of the Art, Antiques and Collectibles Auction, a fund-raising event to support the work of Clermont Senior Services. The event is scheduled for Friday evening, Sept. 11.

Mamma said there’d be days like this

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning you can tell before you get out of bed whether it’s going to be a good day or not.

Little friends called pets

Did you read the story in the papers this week about a little dog named Muffy? After being gone for nine years, she was returned to her owners who lived 1,250 miles away.

When it comes to domestic chores, a lot has changed

Last Saturday we had friends over for a cookout. Like any good husband should, I helped prepare for their arrival and helped with chores while they were there. This included boiling some eggs and peeling potatoes for potato salad, cleaning a half dozen ears of corn, helping set the table, firing up the grill (the only real

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