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Batavia’s railroads

Batavia is celebrating its bicentennial this year, and The Clermont Sun is publishing a series of historic vignettes. Author Ron Hill is past president of the Clermont County Historical Society, was editor of the Society’s newsletter for 17 years, and edited two of the Society’s books and wrote another. He is a member of the [ Read More ]

Thoughts about the differences there are between men and women

By George Brown This is going to sound like a conversation between Jerry Seinfeld and his buddy, George, while sitting in their favorite booth at Tom’s Restaurant; but sometimes you just have to get something off your mind, and the best way to do that is to talk (or write) about it, even if it [ Read More ]

It’s easy to cast your vote in Ohio

By John Husted To all Ohio voters: There has been a lot of discussion about recent changes in the voting laws. Some of that discussion has informed and some of it has misled. As the chief elections official in our state I want you to have the facts about how easy it is to vote [ Read More ]

Creating a clear path to the middle class through manufacturing jobs

By Sherrod Brown In Ohio, we know manufacturing can create a path to the middle class. But during the Great Recession, that path became turbulent as plants across the country shuttered their doors and devastated local communities that depended on their jobs. But today, due to smart investments and a renewed effort in manufacturing, we [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Read ‘Handbook’ if you love a good autobiography

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Having braces apparently wasn’t bad enough. You hated your tin grin, but that wasn’t as demoralizing as acne, which was nothing compared to hormones, which wasn’t as annoying as untamable hair, which was minimal compared to your teenage self-esteem – which hovered around 5 on a 1-to-50 scale. Still, you overcame, lived [ Read More ]

Census tells us there is great potential in rural America

By Tom Vilsack This week, USDA released preliminary data from the 2012 Census of Agriculture that provides a snapshot of a rural America that remains stable in the face of difficult economic times. While the data do not paint a perfect picture, they do tell a story of the unlimited potential and growing opportunity in [ Read More ]

Court deals with case of injured worker

By Paul Pfeifer Billy G. Black started working for Park Ohio Industries decades ago, when he was a teenager. When Black injured his back while working as a press operator on October 17, 2000, his eventual workers’ compensation claim ended up here – at the Ohio Supreme Court. Dr. Elizabeth Mease diagnosed Black’s injury as [ Read More ]

Maple syrup operation taps sappy memories of childhood

By George Brown I stopped by Clermont County Park District’s annual Pancakes in the Park breakfast at Pattison Park last Saturday morning and enjoyed some real maple syrup with blueberries on my pancakes. Even sweeter was reminiscing with a few old timers who happen to know a thing or two about tapping maple trees and [ Read More ]

The Batavia Roller Mill

Author Cindy Johnson of Batavia is an artist and an officer in The Clermont County Historical Society. She lives near the old mill. By Cindy Johnson When my husband and I first moved to Batavia, I became fascinated with an old wooden, four-story abandoned wreck of a building I drove past regularly. It was wedged [ Read More ]

The economy of hate puts our economy, infrastructure at risk

Paul Schwietering I suppose I should begin this article with a disclosure: I once had Brad Wenstrup examine my right foot in his capacity as a podiatrist (this was before he was elected to congress). My impression of him was that he was extremely competent and professional (after a brief examination of my foot, he [ Read More ]

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