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Transportation helps seniors to live at home

They call it America

A trip to Buckeye Furnace will be fun for the whole family

The schedule here at the ole fisherman

Saltair Church of Christ festival to be held Oct. 31

The Saltair Church of Christ will have its fall festival from 10 am. – 4 p.m. Oct. 31. This is always a great event with plenty of food, lots of good singing, and things for the kids, so mark your calendar and go take part. There will be a beautiful team of horses to take a wagon ride.

We need to protect our most vulnerable elders

After 11 long days of deliberation, last week a New York jury found Anthony Marshall guilty of exploiting his now deceased mother, Brooke Astor, out of nearly $200 million of her family

Forum will consider transportation needs

It happened again last week. When I was introduced to a woman and told her where I work, she responded,

Remember to check on your senior neighbors

With the weather getting cold, we all need to check on our neighbors to see if they need any food, or to be taken to the store, or doctor

Everyone has a passion for something

Have you ever noticed that it only takes a few minutes of listening to someone to find out what they are passionate about? It

Troop Box Ministry fund-raiser to be held at Bethel-Tate school

Last week we stopped at Health Plus at Eastgate, to the chiropractor to get Ruth Ann

Shine on Harvest Moon for me and my gal

I had a date last Friday evening and it wasn

Ole Fisherman advised to read the directions first

We have gotten an inch of rain as I write this and we needed it, some folks got what we got back in the summer, three or four inches at a time, and down south even more! A couple weeks ago Furniture Fair sponsored a crappie tournament at the Boars Head Bait Shop in Afton. They do this each year.

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