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Creature Feature
Senior pets need special care to address problems

By Dr. Dan Meakin Senior pets are the best! You know them well, they know you even better, and they are worth their weight in gold for these reasons. They’re also worth special care to keep them well and happy for as long as possible. Appropriate health care can add years to the life of [ Read More ]

A backpack adventure with a cat named Odie

By George Brown We found kitty helpless and alone under a construction trailer at the Dimmitt Woods Senior Housing site on a sunny Saturday afternoon last April. Yvonne suggested we take the kitty home – “Just until it is old enough to be adopted by a nice older person who can give it a good home,” [ Read More ]

Batavia has had a banner year

By John Thebout The Village of Batavia will celebrate the 200th year of its incorporation next year, and the Village Council and I are determined to make the bicentennial year a celebration of new beginnings. The past year saw major strides for Batavia as we worked towards a renewal of the Clermont County seat. We [ Read More ]

Thoughts on our response to the massacre at Sandy Hook

By Len Harding Read an article in Sunday’s (29 Dec 2012) Enquirer Local section regarding security in the schools in the wake of the Sandy Hook Massacre. There are numerous suggestions in there to address the problem of unarmed school children sitting in classrooms. None of them addressed curbing violence in society or limiting gun [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Hollywood Myths’ offers several nuggets but most won’t find it anything special

By Terri Schlichenmeyer It’s only because of special effects. That’s one of the things that enters your mind when you’re watching a movie. Humans can’t fly. They don’t usually live in luxurious spaceships, meet only pretty girls, transport through walls, drive magic cars, or turn into werewolves. Nifty tricks, no doubt, thanks to a first-class [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
Enjoy some winter reading for gardeners

By Steve Boehme Nature’s Guide to Successful Gardening and Landscaping by William Flemer III explains how design should be guided by an understanding of plant habitat, and has sections on the various types of gardens and how to install them. Another excellent read is Janice Doherty’s “A Calendar Year of Horticultural Therapy – How Tending [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Non-traditional medicine is an important part of practice

Dr. Dan Meakin Nontraditional animal medicine has absolutely become an integral part of our companion animal practice, not to mention a passion of mine. While traditional veterinary medicine is concerned with only eight or less species, exotic animal veterinarians are expected to be proficient in the care, husbandry, and medicine of dozens of species. There [ Read More ]

George Brown
Good grief, are you ever going to tell the truth?

By George Brown This is officially known as the “Opinion” page of the Clermont Sun. It says so in the upper left corner of the page. Each week my fellow columnists (all of whom I hold in high regard) honor this moniker by ardently sharing their views and perspectives about timely and important issues of [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
Treating buck rubs on trees

By Steve Boehme At this time of year we see quite a few young trees damaged by deer. Deer feed on tender new growth all year round, but the worst deer damage occurs during the deer rut season in fall and early winter. Young trees are helpless victims of the courtship ritual between bucks and [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Strange But True’ full of odd, and fun, facts

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Your friends all think you’re weird. And maybe they have a point. You love knowing about eerie things, you can’t get enough oddness, and anything that’s disgusting is pretty cool in your book. If something’s very different, you want to see it as soon as possible… which is kinda weird. And you [ Read More ]

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