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Revitalizing our communities by redeveloping brownfields

By Sherrod Brown Last year, I met with members of the Shefton family of Cleveland. They lived near a former lead smelter site, but had to move when one of their sons was diagnosed with high-lead levels in his blood. No Ohio family or business should be forced to relocate because of hazardous materials or [ Read More ]

Ohio should hit ‘off’ switch on traffic cameras

By John Becker Anybody living near Cincinnati knows about a town called Elmwood Place and the nightmare of it implementing speed cameras to catch drivers traveling over the speed limit. Some of you may have been caught by the cameras. In fact, as the numbers indicate, you might be in the minority if you weren’t. [ Read More ]

Obamacare is proving unworkable for American people

By Brad Wenstrup “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.” Those were the words of then Speaker Nancy Pelosi three years ago, describing the passage of President Obama’s health care law. Unfortunately for the American people, we are finally finding out what is actually in Obamacare. Unworkable [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Memoirs of a Hamster’ will be a quick favorite around your house

By Terri Schlichenmeyer So, how’s it going How’s life treating you You’ve got things to do, plenty of toys, food and treats, and it’s all good Bet you’re a happy kid. Or maybe you’d like it better if you lived in Paris, Mars, or another house. If you’re thinking that’s true, then read “Memoirs of [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
Dwarf trees can grow to be giants

By Steve Boehme The American Heritage College Dictionary defines “Dwarf” as “an atypically small animal or plant”. We get many requests for “dwarf” trees, particularly “dwarf” Japanese maples and “dwarf” weeping cherries (or other weeping trees). Typically the desired size is five or six feet tall and wide, small enough for a foundation planting. Customers [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Getting to know the flea

By Dr. Dan Meakin To help improve your flea fighting skills, lets look at the flea and its life cycle. Fleas are parasites that feed off their host’s blood. When a flea bites its victim’s skin it injects a minute amount of flea antigen. Pets vary in their reactions to flea antigen. In some pets [ Read More ]

Hiking is an addiction for which there is no cure

By George Brown I began hiking at about age four. No, I didn’t carry a little backpack over my shoulder or use a two foot high walking stick, but this was the age at which I moved beyond walking around the yard with Mom to following my older brothers and sister through fields, over creeks, [ Read More ]

Ensuring Ohio workers have the skills to fill jobs

By Sherrod Brown Last week, I heard from Daniel Brewer, a Navy veteran from Cincinnati who could not find a good paying job after returning from Afghanistan. Though Daniel had substantial training in the Navy, moving home to Ohio, he had trouble translating his skills into the civilian workforce. Daniel’s experience is all too common. [ Read More ]

Should Obama pardon Snowden?

By Paul Schwietering Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency contractor – turned whistleblower, has been holed up in the “airport transit zone” of the Moscow Airport in Russia for the past three weeks.  He has been offered asylum by three countries (so far) in South and Central America.  The rest of the nations in South [ Read More ]

Time to repeal the Medical Device Tax

By Rob Portman Since the day it was passed, conservatives have argued that the Affordable Care Act would destroy jobs. President Obama’s decision to delay the employer mandate contained in the health care law because it would undermine an already fragile jobs market serves to confirm our worst fears. But while the President’s action has [ Read More ]

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