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Opportunities are knocking, so answer already

The word opportunity has been popping up everywhere I turn and it wasn’t until last week that I had a revelation about opportunities that each one of us can take advantage of.

Seek wisdom if you want to enjoy happy relationships

If I could have one wish in life it would be for wisdom. A lot of money would be nice, but it won’t buy happiness. If you were to wake up tomorrow and discover you were the only person on earth, you wouldn’t spend the rest of your life gathering all the possessions you’ve always dreamed of; you would begin searching for another person with whom you could share life.

Laughter is good medicine

We need to laugh more. That can be a challenge today because there is so little to laugh about and so we have to create some good times and merriment.

Returning to Vietnam

It was the end of summer in 1967 and my senior year in high school was about to begin, I had just spent a couple weeks with my Marine Corps sweetheart and steady boyfriend, Don Mundy, and he was shipping out to Vietnam.

True confessions of a loving, although forgetful, husband

Februarys are tough for me. Yvonne

Scam artists are targeting senior citizens at all levels

Bernie Madoff, successful businessman and former chairman of the NASDAQ stock exchange, has been catapulted to the front of the line in the Scam Artist Hall of Fame by artfully engineering the largest investor fraud in history.

Census Bureau can provide a part-time job you can count on

In these troubling economic times a lot of retirees are looking for part time employment. Well, here is a part time job you can count on. The U.S. Census Bureau is now in the process of filling part-time and full-time positions to conduct the 2010 census.

Early adventures of six little Indians lead to mischief

The late summer sun had been up just long enough to melt the morning dew, as a group of little Indians moved quietly across the yard headed toward the woods. Leading the band was my big brother, Tom, age 6. Following close behind were my sister Kathy, age 4, me at age 3, and our two cousins, Louis and Clovis, also ages 4 and 3.

Reflections on the election of President Barack Obama

At the end of this century Americans not yet born will reflect on and ponder the significance of the major events that have transpired, shaping and reshaping life in America.

Adopt-a-Senior program exceeds all expectations

The list of donors to our annual Adopt-a-Senior program is far too long to list every person and organization. This column is a tribute to each of these

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