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An attitude of gratitude

As the year 2009 comes to a close, it’s a good time to reflect back over the past year and also look ahead to what may be on the horizon for 2010.

The Batavia United Methodist Church Christmas program was really good

Ruth Ann and I attended the Batavia United Methodist Church Christmas program and it was extremely good. Some of the young folks had the parts of the animals at the birth of Christ. These kids would make the sounds each animal made, one little one was the sheep and boy did they give it all they had. It was beautiful.

My New Year’s Resolution: I choose to be happy

I can hear a resounding chorus of voices saying,

Watching birds and cats is a reliable source of entertainment

Well, here it is Christmas, it doesn

Let your light shine

The economy and the internet may change the way we shop, but for those of us who are celebrating Christmas because it is the birth of Jesus Christ, it doesn’t matter if there are presents or not.


Watching a child discover the joy of Christmas is one of life

Visit the train display in Milford

The Grants Farm and Green Houses have their train display set up at the Milford Green House on state Route 50 in front of the shopping center. The area where this shopping center is, I remember, years ago when they raised tobacco and corn, there and on the left was an egg co-op that bought eggs from the farmers, now that goes back many years.

Looking for Joy

I’ve been in a position lately to see some of these random acts of kindness first-hand and I just want to share some of them with you.

What we really need are more Charlie Brown trees

Last week my grandson and I went to Dirr Nursery to cut our Christmas tree. We brought it home, put it in its holder in the living room, untangled and strung the lights, and hung the ornaments.

The Ole Fisherman has had a busy week


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