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Troop Box Ministry fund-raiser to be held at Bethel-Tate school

Last week we stopped at Health Plus at Eastgate, to the chiropractor to get Ruth Ann

Shine on Harvest Moon for me and my gal

I had a date last Friday evening and it wasn

Ole Fisherman advised to read the directions first

We have gotten an inch of rain as I write this and we needed it, some folks got what we got back in the summer, three or four inches at a time, and down south even more! A couple weeks ago Furniture Fair sponsored a crappie tournament at the Boars Head Bait Shop in Afton. They do this each year.

Finding meaning in a last walk on the trail with Dad

Regular readers will remember the column I wrote a year ago about sprinkling Dad

When plans go awry

As I opened my silverware drawer the other day, I realized that I have been meaning to clean that drawer and organize the other drawers in my kitchen since spring.

Popcorn is the most popular snack there is

We were watching the agriculture program and they said themost popular snack is popcorn. I can agree to that, here at our house we have popcorn about three times a week. Ruth Ann makes carmel popcorn a few times and it is sooooo good!

Understanding why little boys like to climb trees

What is it about boys and trees? It

Ole Fisherman and his wife watch eagle catch a fish

Last Saturday morning Ruth Ann and I went fishing and caught several nice fish this was great. While we were fishing we saw an Eagle fly down to get a shad laying on the water.

Even now, I still remember my first manly moment

There comes a time in every boy

I’m a believer in day dreams

Most of us have been in a situation where we have had a few minutes to just let our minds wander. It happens sometimes when we are stuck in traffic or waiting in a check-out line.

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