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Schools provide a dependable source of food and nutrition

More than 840,000 children in Ohio depend on school for more than an education. For children living well-below the poverty line, schools also provide a dependable source of food and nutrition. During the school year, more than 840,000 Ohio children receive nutrition assistance through free or reduced-price school lunches. So what happens to these children [ Read More ]

Crisscrossing the state of Ohio

When I was a congressman representing a district in southwest Ohio, my family and I continued to live in the Cincinnati area. I commuted to Washington every week so we could raise our three kids in Ohio and so I could stay in better touch with a district that went from downtown Cincinnati to beyond [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Between the Lines’ will make you feel ‘happily ever after’

There’s nothing “fair” about a fairy tale. It’s true: the princesses are always beautiful in fairy tales, and nobody ever has zits. They all live in castles, never in small apartments or houses with messy kitchens. And the fairy-tale prince is always smart and handsome, which is so unlike the dweeb in Algebra who kept [ Read More ]

Read George’s columns with a generous dose of skepticism

Dear Editor: Sir, I’m writing to express my appreciation for the weekly opinion column of Mr. George Brown. Unlike other opinion columns in your paper, Mr. Brown’s column is seldom informative; but while lacking in this regard, it is (almost) always enjoyably entertaining.  I say this with sincere approbation for I have arrived at that [ Read More ]

Farm policy that’s better for farmers, fair to taxpayers

With one in seven Ohio jobs connected to agriculture, it’s obvious just how vital farming is to our state. That’s one of the reasons I’m honored to represent our state’s farmers, ranchers, and rural communities as Ohio’s first Senator on the Agriculture Committee in more than four decades. Over the last year, as part of [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Immerse yourself in ‘Inquisitor’s Key’ and you’ll want to read more

You’ve got your finger on the pulse. You’re quick on the draw, Johnny-on-the-Spot, the person with answers. You have a clue. You onto what’s happening. You’re in the know. Most of the time, anyhow. And then there are times when you’re just as clueless as the next guy, as mystified as anyone… which is what [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
Enjoy Philadelphia history, gardens, and delicious food

GoodSeed Farm is hosting two terrific tours to Philadelphia this fall: the Philadelphia Garden Tour and the Philadelphia Food & History Tour. We’re inviting Ohio gardeners to join us for either of these wonderful getaways; if you love excellent food, beautiful gardens, and American history you need to act quickly to reserve seats on one [ Read More ]

Energy savings, energy future

Our economy is limping along in the weakest economic recovery since the Great Depression. Hiring has not picked up as we all hoped it would, with national unemployment above 8 percent. My view is that the economy has muddled along because Washington hasn’t addressed fundamental structural challenges that are holding back risk-taking, investment and job [ Read More ]

A close encounter with a buffalo near Little Bighorn

Back in 1974 BC (Before Children) Yvonne and I took our first road trip out west. Our destination was my Dad and Stepmom’s home near Tacoma, Washington, via the northern route. We were 28 at the time and, although we had seen a good bit of the eastern U.S., we were anxious to see the [ Read More ]

Lake Erie is a state resource that should be protected

With summer upon us, many Ohioans will soon head to our state’s lakes and rivers for a well-deserved vacation. Our biggest body of water and the most popular location for Ohio fishing, boating and other recreation is Lake Erie. In many respects, the Lake Erie ecosystem is healthier today than it was 40 or 50 [ Read More ]

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