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The war touches Batavia

By Rosanna Hoberg Batavia may have had its young folks under control in the middle of the 19th century, but the country as a whole was far from being at rest. The sound of shots at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, turned everything topsy-turvy. The little village of Batavia sent 100 men to battle [ Read More ]

Observing Workers Memorial Day

By Sherrod Brown While many of my colleagues wear a special pin indicating they’re a Member of Congress, I wear something different on my lapel: a pin depicting a canary in cage. Generations ago, miners took a canary into the mine to warn them of toxic gases. If the canary died, the miners knew they [ Read More ]

Let your life control your age, not the other way around

By George Brown She was born in October, 1887. As a child in Gallia County, Ohio her primary source of transportation was walking. Little did she know this most basic form of exercise, whether performed for work or pleasure, would one day, and quite unexpectedly, make her famous. At 19 she married a man with [ Read More ]

Dallas in the early 1960s

By Paul Schwietering After reading a couple of the books about the assassination of John F. Kennedy that were published as the 50th anniversary of the assassination was observed, I think I can understand why so many people who had reached voting age by 1963 simply don’t believe the conclusion of the report of the [ Read More ]

Richards running for Congress

Dear Editor: Mr. Ronny Richards is running in the May 6 Democratic Primary Election for representative to Congress from the 2nd Congressional District. His service to our country as an Army medic in Vietnam began his adult life of service to others. Although he retired from the Ohio Division of Forestry, he still stays close [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘The Humor Code’ looks at humor in a different way

By Terri Schlichenmeyer So a guy walks into a bar and… Okay, you say you’ve heard that one. Well, then, how ‘bout this: There once was a man from Nantucket who… Wait, how does an elephant hide in the refrigerator? Either you’re laughing now, or you’re not – so why are some things funny, while [ Read More ]

Early Batavia lawyer was cousin of Grant

John S. Griffith, Lawyer, was born July 2, 1813, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He was the first son of 11 children of James Griffith and Mary (Simpson) Griffith. James Griffith, father of John (brother in law of Hannah Simpson) a native of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and a blacksmith by trade, moved to Ohio in 1817, [ Read More ]

Harvey’s white mule – the rest of the story

By George Brown A week or so ago a good friend asked me about Harvey’s white mule. (“Harvey’s white mule and the winter of ’52”, Clermont Sun, February 20). It’s my policy to not use the names of friends in my column but I’ll tell you this friend is a few years older than me [ Read More ]

Clermont County Library is open 24/7

By Christine Wick I want to introduce the 24/7 Clermont County Public Library. As the director of the library, I know people are using the library differently. And, our library staff is changing how we work with you. We want to encourage everyone to take a look at what is available online. People are busy [ Read More ]

The assassination of President Kennedy examined after 50 years

By Paul Schwietering Almost exactly 50½ years ago, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. As a result of the 50th anniversary of the assassination, a spate of new books about the horrific event came out. Although I well remember the assassination of Robert Kennedy (a topic for a separate column), I was [ Read More ]

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