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Support local farmers and garden centers

I hope your tomato plants are doing better than ours. We have seven nice looking plants, but the blossoms have been slow to set. We finally have a lot of thumbnail size tomatoes coming on, but only seven that will ripen within the next couple of weeks. We did all the things we always do, like planting them in a sunny location, and fertilizing each plant with a handful of homegrown compost.

Thank Heavens for the spelling Angels!

The Literacy Council of Clermont & Brown Counties recently held its 18th annual Spelling Bee competition, and as we have for most of those 18 years, Clermont Senior Services participated in the competition.

Some reflections on the history of growing older

With coffee cup in hand I sat down on the back porch last Saturday morning, and flipped on the radio. It was 6 a.m. and the NPR station was broadcasting the news live from the BBC in London. I started to change the station but then heard a guy talking about the science of growing old so I listened in.



Ice cream social held at the Monroe Grange

The weather is still hot! And the rain we got last week was sure a blessing, the garden seemed to grow over night. We went over to Pringle

Celebrating the fourth with a hook and a line

Last week we forgot to write something about the fourth of July, but folks we are living in the best country. We can go to the church of our choice and can go any place we want to, without being arrested or bothered. I thank the service people for this freedom and thank the Good Lord for this country, when you see in the news about other countries, boy are we privileged!

The Ole Fisherman catches a bunch of 8-inch crappies

Last week one morning the cat, our grandsons named

State of Ohio forfeits $525K for disabled veterans

A state program intended to help disabled veterans re-enter the work force saw its funding slashed by more than $500,000 because state officials fell short of a federal requirement to hire and retain vocational counselors.

The Ole Fisherman catches a bunch of 8-inch crappies

Last week one morning the cat, our grandsons named ‘Summer’ was on the porch rail looking in the bedroom window.  His meow is very low, but it woke both of us up, this was after 5:30 a.m. Then the next day Richoette, joined him on the rail at 6 a.m.  So we got up and fed all three cats, this made them happy.

Graduate retention will revive Ohio’s economy

After a full year of double-digit unemployment and more than 200,000 Ohio jobs lost in 2009 alone, it is clear that in the interstate competition for jobs and economic growth, Ohio has fallen vastly behind.

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