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The Bookworm Sez
‘Monster All Day’ is great for 3 – 6 year olds

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Mama says you’ve been bad today. She thinks you’re not listening. She says you’ve done everything exactly the opposite of what she wants. You’ve used your outdoor voice inside, broken something valuable, made a big mess, fought with your sister, and you were sassy. Mama’s at the end of her rope, then [ Read More ]

What is meant when you hear, ‘Don’t move firewood’?

By Gigi Neal I’m sure you have heard or seen the signs that say “don’t move firewood” all around our communities, television, and about any publication. What does this phrase really mean? It means that you should do your part to not risk the spread of an invasive pest or plant by moving firewood from [ Read More ]

The old oak tree in Half Acre Woods – the final chapter

By George Brown Surprisingly, at least to me, there still seems to be some interest in the three recent columns I wrote describing adventures I had as a boy at the old oak tree in Half Acre Woods. The interest, as inferred by several friends (including one who wrote a letter to me) seems to [ Read More ]

Combating cell phone theft, and protecting Ohioans

By Sherrod Brown Last week in Dayton, I met 17 year-old Tyree Horn – a recent high school graduate and a recent victim of cell phone theft. Ohioans, like Tyree, should be able to focus on their lives — on school and work. They shouldn’t have to think twice about using their cell phone in their [ Read More ]

‘Free trade’ deal will only make the rich richer

By Paul Schwietering While the Washington press is distracted by the controversies over the State Department’s Benghazi “talking points” and whether or not the IRS should have asked any questions before granting “Tea Party” “social welfare” organizations tax-exempt status, the Obama administration is negotiating a “free trade” agreement which has the potential to lower the [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Outlaws’ about three who started a revolution and changed an institution

By Terri Schlichenmeyer The first time you heard that song, you were stunned. You wanted to turn around and hear it again. Was the singer following you around? Did the writer peek into your heart? Because every word, every note mirrored how you felt, the hurts lived, the struggles endured. To get that feeling, you [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow
Mosquito repellent plants – fact or fiction?

By Steve Boehme Now that we’re into the mosquito season and we’d like to enjoy family time outdoors, repelling mosquitoes is on all of our minds. None of us likes chemical-smelling mosquito repellents, so it’s appealing to think about plantings that repel mosquitoes. We often get requests for “Mosquito Plants”, hyped as having the ability [ Read More ]

Groundhog Day in May and other adventures at Pete’s farm

By George Brown “Ok George, hold him up by his hind legs then grab his front legs with the other hand and hold on tight while I castrate him.” I followed Pete’s instructions and watched as he wielded a razor blade and, with the skill of a surgeon, deftly neutered a squealing seven day old [ Read More ]

Ensuring college graduates leave with degrees, not debt

By Sherrod Brown Student loan debt now exceeds $1 trillion. That’s more than credit card debt. That’s more than auto loans. In fact, student loan debt is only second to mortgage debt in this country. That’s unconscionable. Students and their families should not have to sign away their financial futures in order to get a [ Read More ]

Wall Street is writing its own regulations

By Paul Schwietering No institution in history is more susceptible to bribery, in the form of campaign contributions, than the U.S. Congress.  The level of corruption is analogous to what one would expect to find in a police department in Mexico, only the price of the bribes is higher. A perfect example emerges when one [ Read More ]

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