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Parties out of touch with reality

By Len Harding Now that the election dust is settling and the shouting has died away, it is interesting to look back. Our political parties are out of touch with reality and each other. Republicans are scrambling to figure out how to sell high risk to the elderly, permanent subservience to minorities and poverty to [ Read More ]

Small Business Saturday, but pro-growth all year

By Rob Potman For the second straight year, the United States Senate has designated the Saturday after Thanksgiving as Small Business Saturday. The idea is simple: highlight and encourage all of us to shop at locally-owned small businesses. Last year’s resolution seemed to quite literally pay off, as there was a big increase in shoppers [ Read More ]

There are new faces of poverty in Southern Ohio

By Jean Schmidt I was among about 300 people who volunteered Wednesday to pack food for the needy and help them carry it out of the Freestore Foodbank in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Among the folks I assisted were several grandmothers, who smiled as they spoke of how busy they’ll be cooking Thanksgiving meals for the [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Look for something different? ‘Krampus’ offers holiday horror

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Ho, ho, ho-hum. It’s almost Christmas, but you’re kinda wishing Christmas was over already. There’s too much faux-merry, too many bring-a-gift-to-pass parties, and enough fake-cheer to make your teeth ache. You’re tired of crowds and incessant jingly-belled music. Seriously, if you hear that one Christmas song one more time…. You’d like to [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Make holiday traveling with your pet enjoyable

By Dr. Dan Meakin The Holidays are upon us once again. If you’re able to take pets with you while you’re visiting friends and family, there are a few important tips to remember that will make your visit more enjoyable for you, your hosts and your pet! Look over this checklist and give some thought [ Read More ]

Construction of Dimmitt Woods is progressing well

By George Brown If you drive by the site on College Drive you will see that Construction of Dimmitt Woods senior housing is coming along quite well. The ponds are completed, the driveway has been graded for the initial layer of blacktop to be laid, and the building is now under roof. This will allow [ Read More ]

Saluting Ohio’s spirit of volunteerism

By Sherrod Brown My mother, a schoolteacher in Mansfield, taught her sons that no matter what your station is in life, no one is too important or too busy to serve. This holiday season, I’m grateful for that lesson – and for the example set each day by so many in their communities. And I [ Read More ]

Fighting to end human trafficking

By Rob Portman Earlier this week, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and I launched the Senate Caucus to End Human Trafficking. We were joined by individuals and groups from around the country who are devoted to ending this modern-day form of slavery, whether it is bonded labor, forced labor or sex trafficking. Advocate Jada Pinkett Smith, [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
The maidenhair tree is a living fossil

By Steve Boehme Few nursery trees have as interesting a story as the Gingko. One reason is that Ginko trees are living fossils, dating back to the Early Jurassic period over 270 million years ago, surviving to the present day very much unchanged. Very few life forms can make that claim. Ginkgo was once widespread [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘The $60,000 Dog’ is a book animals lovers should snap up

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Your life can be tracked by the photos of your pets. Snap, there’s your first cat, held tightly in your chubby toddler arms. Snap, you with a neighbor’s dog, who always covered you with kisses. Snap, you with your own pup on your tenth birthday. Snap, your first horse, your bird, your [ Read More ]

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