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Addressing wrongful foreclosures

If you’re one of the thousands of Ohio families who has experienced the pain of losing your home to a wrongful foreclosure, help could finally be on the way. But you must act quickly. Before the reports of widespread foreclosure fraud two years ago, Ohio had 14 consecutive years of increased foreclosures. Then, we discovered [ Read More ]

Real property, real solutions

After four years of trillion-dollar annual deficits and an accumulated $16 trillion debt, Washington badly needs a course correction. Just as many Ohio families have had to scale back their spending in this tough economy, Washington needs to act now to get the spending under control and make government more efficient. One immediate way to [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
Revisiting the Barnes Museum Gardens in Philadelphia

Marjorie and I recently took a trip to Philadelphia and visited the brand new headquarters of the Barnes Foundation, home of the world’s largest collection of post-impressionist paintings. The Barnes Foundation just completed a very controversial move from a sedate residential neighborhood in Lower Merion (a Philadelphia suburb) to a brand new facility on the [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
If you love old movies, then ‘Dropped Names’ is for you

Admit it. You’re kind of klutzy sometimes. And clumsy. That’s you, as pillows are tossed, furniture bumped, frames go askew, nerves are shattered and so is glassware. You’re Molly McMessy, as knees are skinned, bruises erupt, and moods drop, busted next to belongings on the sidewalk. Ooops. Butterfingers. But dropping things isn’t always bad; just [ Read More ]

Instill a sense of wonder for the natural world in your children

I’m proud to share a guest column with you this week written by my wife, Yvonne. Yes, she really is the author, and, no, it is not a rebuttal to my series of columns about organizing the kitchen cabinets (which may disappoint some readers). Selfishly, I appreciate her writing this column because I’ve been knee [ Read More ]

Made in the USA for Team USA

Shouldn’t Team USA be wearing uniforms Made in the USA? By now you’ve heard this isn’t the case. Instead, the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC)—made up of lawyers, bankers, and other executives—outsourced the uniforms Team America will be wearing in the opening ceremony for 2012 games in London. The U.S. Olympic Committee’s use of Chinese-made apparel [ Read More ]

Washington gets in the way of Ohio rebuilding

At a time when home values have declined and many families are struggling, Washington should not get in the way of Ohioans who are working hard to stabilize and improve their neighborhoods. One way to reestablish home values and strengthen communities is by demolishing abandoned and unsafe buildings. Sadly, vacant properties are a significant problem [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
The pros and cons of having exotic pets

When most people think about exotic pets they think about animals like snakes, lizards, tropical birds and wild animals. Before you buy an exotic pet you need to consider the pros and cons of caring for exotic animals as it related to both you and the animal. Pros of Having Exotic Pets The most obvious [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
When, where, how, and why to water

The lack of rainfall this season makes it a challenge to garden. Newly planted shrubs, perennials and trees have struggled to get established, with temperatures in the 90’s and drying winds. Vegetable plants are struggling and garden productivity is down. Vegetable gardeners know that even short periods of dryness will permanently stunt some plants, limit [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Hunger Season’ is sobering, glorious, and thought provoking

You probably shouldn’t have ordered the super-size fries. That’s what you were thinking after you finished the last of your double cheeseburger-add-bacon. When you ordered, fries sounded good – although maybe not so many. And your soda, well, the word “small” needs redefining. Nothing worse than cold fries, so you wadded them up with your [ Read More ]

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