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Timing is the key to controlling invasive bermudagrass

By Steve Boehme So many readers have responded our previous columns about “Bermudagrass”, this topic deserves a follow-up. Timing is key; Bermudagrass control is most effective if done in July with a follow-up in August. If you want to stop a Bermudagrass invasion, get started with a spray program right away. If you wait too [ Read More ]

Do your feet a favor and lose the shoes

By George Brown I considered titling this column, “Going barefooted is good for your soles as well as your soul,” but opted for the above title fearing that shoe wearing readers might stumble over my use of the word barefooted instead of barefoot, thereby entirely spoiling the creative use of a homophone. Let’s settle the [ Read More ]

Columnist was too lenient on the hidden agenda of ALEC

By Len Harding I read a wonderful opinion piece the other day – right here in the Sun. Paul Schwietering’s guest column was a bracing look at a hidden agenda that is slowly but surely removing “for the people” from state government. He was far too lenient regarding ALEC’s nefarious plans. A look at their [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Doctors’ is a graceful, elegant book

By Terri Schlichenmeyer He wasn’t the doctor you normally see. It really didn’t matter, though. Choice of physician wasn’t an issue in the ER, but pain and fear definitely were. You didn’t care who you saw right then. You just wanted it over – stat, as they say. When it was, and you were finally [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
Winterthur Museum and Garden Tour coming in September

By Steve Boehme Regular readers of this column already know about our Philadelphia Garden Tours, and most people have heard of Longwood Gardens and the Brandywine Museum. Fewer gardeners have been to the nearby Winterthur Museum and Gardens in Wilmington, Delaware. Like Longwood, this fantastic estate was built by the DuPont family a century ago, [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
If you know that stardust can tarnish, ‘Queen of the Air’ absolutely soars

By Terri Schlichenmeyer The bar was all of an inch in diameter, but it was perfect. You only needed to grab it and hang on, so it didn’t have to be very big. It just had to hold your weight as you swung hand-over-hand, hung upside down, and performed monkeyshines on the monkey bars when [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow
Hydrangeas are landscape problem solvers

By Steve Boehme For a long-lived display of huge showy blooms, few plant families can top the diverse Hydrangea. We took a walk around our nursery looking for summer color and realized that we had almost a dozen Hydrangea varieties in bloom. From the spectacular new “Big Easy” and “Incrediball” to the creamy pale pink [ Read More ]

The old oak tree in Half Acre Woods – 50 years later

By George Brown Unlike my previous stories about the old oak tree in Half Acre Woods, which were mostly true, this story is entirely 100 percent true. And so I ask you to trust and bear with me, as this (I’m pretty sure) will be the last old oak tree story I shall ever tell, [ Read More ]

Helping graduates pay down debt and plan for the future

By Sherrod Brown Last week, I heard from Lynsay Spratlen, a Macedonia native and Ashland University graduate who is currently working at a tech firm in Summit County. Like many recent college graduates who see most of their income going to pay off high-interest private student loans, Lynsay lives with her parents. Even though new [ Read More ]

Scandals harm our trust in government

By Brad Wenstrup In my youth, I always had a strong faith in those who were chosen to lead. I felt confident in the character of Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan, as well as Sparky Anderson managing the Cincinnati Reds’ “Big Red Machine.” And while my faith was occasionally tested by events like [ Read More ]

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