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Renewal levy for Senior Services will be on ballot

At the Clermont Senior Services board meeting last week I presented the annual report for 2010. The purpose of this report is to provide a summary of our budget and service performance for the past year. An important part of the report each year is the board chairman’s message to the community. In this message [ Read More ]

I enjoyed a birthday supper I’ll long remember

Yvonne and I drove up to Fredericktown in Knox County this past weekend to spend a couple of days with my sister, Kathy, and her husband, Don. Shortly after their marriage in 1964, Don and Kathy purchased a lake house at the end of Schultz Road on Knox Lake. Except for moving away for a [ Read More ]

Deputies have a new tool for patrol work

Law enforcement is no different than any other industry and is always coming up with new and improved methods and equipment for the safety of our communities. Today I’d like to discuss the Automatic Licenses Plate Reader (ALPR), a new tool the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office obtained through a Department of Homeland Security Grant. The [ Read More ]

Abuse of older adults is often a hidden secret

“I felt trapped, scared, used, and frustrated. Above all, I felt helpless.” You probably heard those words on the evening news a few weeks ago. They were spoken by Mickey Rooney as he sat before a U.S. Senate committee and shook his fist in the air, expressing his frustration and anger about the alleged exploitation [ Read More ]

Portman’s policies are a re-run of former president’s

I was fascinated by Senator Rob Portman’s article of April 14th (“Happy Tax Freedom Day”). In his article Portman states “If big government policies and irresponsible deficit spending continue,” then “Tax Freedom Day will likely come on a much later time for future generations.” I presume Senator Portman is referring to such irresponsible deficit spending [ Read More ]

History of the Civil War touches close to home

The dates of April 9 through 15 hold unique standing in the annals of the Civil War. On April 12, one hundred and fifty years ago this week, this tragic chapter in our Nation’s history began with the bombardment of Ft. Sumter. Though not great in number, there were Americans yet alive whose own fathers [ Read More ]

Bushy eyebrows are more than a sign of old age

When I looked in the mirror one morning last week I could see that it had happened again. Overnight I had sprouted three new curly eyebrow hairs, two gray and one black. They stood out like dandelions that pop up overnight in a freshly mown lawn. Where in the world do these wild hairs come [ Read More ]

Memories are still cherished 36 years later

It was late afternoon when Yvonne and I arrived at Sunrise Campground in Mt. Rainer National Park in September 1974. We had crossed the continental divide at the Montana Idaho boarder two days early and were impressed with the view, but nothing could have prepared us for the iconic majesty of Mt. Rainier. Early that [ Read More ]

Savory Selects will add choice and save money

It’s not often that we can make a major program change that improves quality and saves money at the same time, but this is exactly what we are accomplishing with the introduction of Savory Selects meals for our meals-on-wheels program. Savory Selects, developed by the Derringer Company in Cincinnati, is a line of frozen meals [ Read More ]

Time spent with friends brings joy to our lives

I’m feeling a little bit like the “Ole Fisherman” this week. It was a busy but interesting week. Mostly I was busy at work, but I’ll share a few other experiences that made this past week especially enjoyable. I’ve been a member of the Batavia Rotary Club since 1992 and have made many friends there. [ Read More ]

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