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New year brings new concerns for Delphi Township residents

By Rob Portman Across the country, Americans are celebrating the promise of a new year. But for 20,000 families of Delphi salaried retirees that lost their pensions in 2009 because of the actions of the Obama Administration, their new year is starting out under a cloud. In the summer of 2009, as the government took [ Read More ]

Supreme Court is hearing a health care case

By Brad Wenstrup This week, the Supreme Court is hearing a case concerning President Obama’s improper – and as a lower court ruled, unconstitutional – appointment of members to the National Labor Relations Board. These appointments are just one example of the precarious drift that our government is taking – moving away from the rule [ Read More ]

A New Year’s resolution you can keep – save another’s life

By George Brown Would you consider doing something to save another person’s life, if you could do so while taking a 20 minute catnap and then get up and eat ice cream and cookies to celebrate? And what if saving another person’s life would provide a deep sense of personal satisfaction without costing you so [ Read More ]

Fighting the War on Poverty 50 years later

By Sherrod Brown Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson declared a war on poverty in his State of the Union Address, saying “Many Americans live on the outskirts of hope – some because of their poverty, and our task is to help replace their despair with opportunity.” He later echoed those statements in May of [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘The Invention of Wings’ is the year’s first great novel

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Your best friend has been all a-flutter about something lately. You haven’t seen much of her, in fact. She’s been sticking close to her nest but that’s okay. Next time you get together, it’ll be just like you were never apart. That’s the way a long-time friendship is: no matter how much [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Your pet’s senior years start at the age of seven

By Dr. Dan Meakin Did you know your pets’ senior years start at age seven? Frequently asked vet questions: My pet’s always been healthy. Why should I worry now that they’re a little older? Just like people, your cat’s or dog’s health will change as it ages. And because pets age faster than people, major [ Read More ]

Batavia’s gold rush

Batavia is celebrating its bicentennial this year, and The Clermont Sun is publishing a series of historic vignettes. Peter A. Barnes, writer, consultant and a Batavia native, now lives near Milford pursuing his life-long interest in local history. By Peter A. Barnes The California gold rush that began in 1849 drew many Midwesterners to the [ Read More ]

Columnist has an encounter with the hobbits of Eastfork

By George Brown This was no ordinary backpack adventure, even though there was no need to fear an encounter with ferocious beasts. The only wildlife to be seen were gray squirrels, a few whitetails that bounded away at the sound of my boots, and a red tailed hawk that glared from a tree as I [ Read More ]

Court considers church property tax-exempt status

By Paul Pfeifer Should land that is owned by a church and is open to public recreation be tax exempt? That’s the question that we had to answer in a case that came before us here – at the Ohio Supreme Court. The case involved a church in Akron called The Chapel. Founded in 1934, [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Cold weather considerations for your pets and wildlife

By Dr. Dan Meakin Winter can be a very strenuous time for dogs and cats, especially those that live outdoors. There are a number of things you can do to help your pets avoid health problems during the cold months of the year. 1. Outdoor dogs and cats need a dry, insulated pet house or [ Read More ]

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