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Ending taxpayer bailouts and supporting community banks

By Sherrod Brown Many Ohioans would be shocked to find out that the same Wall Street megabanks which received bailouts from taxpayers five years ago, at the height of the financial crisis, continue to receive taxpayer-funded advantages today simply because of their “too big to fail” status. And while these megabanks receive an implied federal [ Read More ]

Clermont is a Republican stronghold

By Len Harding Clermont County is a Republican stronghold. No news there. Our Republican majority percentages match those of rural Mississippi and Alabama. This is good or not, depending on your point of view. Looking at it from the economic interests of the voters, it is not so good. The average Clermont voter is electing [ Read More ]

Banks are reviving risky investments

By Paul Schwietering I was reading the front page of The New York Times a few day ago (April 19) when I noticed an article by Nathaniel Popper headlined “Back on Street, Arcane Names Hiding Big Risk.” The article began “The alchemists of Wall Street are at it again.” “The banks that created risky amalgams [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Monarch watchers will like ‘Serving Victoria’

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Happily ever after. That’s how things go at the end of a fairy tale. The handsome prince weds the beautiful princess, dragons are slain, wicked witches become dust, peasants rejoice, and they all live… well, you know what comes next. But maybe you’re wrong. Maybe scandal comes next, or war, disease, death. [ Read More ]

What am I living for?

By George Brown Strange, isn’t it, how a convergence of events can give us pause to consider that age old question, “What am I living for?” This past week has been one of those times for me. My own impending birthday was the first trigger – not a doomsday sort of countdown but an annual [ Read More ]

Ohio House makes important changes to the state budget

By John Becker The state operating budget (Substitute House Bill 59) has passed out of the Ohio House and is on its way to the Senate, where it will receive further consideration. The budget bill was vetted and debated extensively in the House Finance and Appropriations Committee for a total of 69 hours, during which [ Read More ]

We need a real energy plan to fix the economy

By Rob Portman A real energy plan for America can help bring back jobs, turn around our trade deficit and spark an American manufacturing renaissance. It starts with an all-of-the-above strategy, including an aggressive plan to take advantage of America’s abundant resources and innovative technology in Ohio and around the country. But it also includes [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Kid Pickers’ is a gold mine of good fun

By Terri Schlichenmeyer It was just about the coolest thing you’d ever seen. Most people might’ve described the old bottle as garbage. True, it was dirty and half-sticking out of the ground. Yes, it was junk. But there was writing on the side and a date on the bottom. It was blue and when the [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
Some lawn tips for spring

By Steve Boehme Spring is a good time to restore your lawn. There is a way to do this successfully at a fairly low cost, and following this recipe just once will give you terrific results, but if you really want a healthy green weed-free lawn you’ll repeat this formula in both spring and fall [ Read More ]

Don’t forget to check the cotter pins

By George Brown Rick was an RV mechanic and our neighbor for 15 years. On cold winter mornings we visited and sipped coffee at his kitchen table. When the weather warmed our conversation moved to his back patio where we would sip cold drinks, sometimes in silence, as we watched the sun go down. The [ Read More ]

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