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Feeling like a dog isn’t so bad after all

Every morning I give our dog, Lily, a thyroid pill tucked inside a small piece of cheese. Well, it finally happened. When I went to the refrigerator at 5 a.m. last Friday morning, instead of reaching for the cheese I reached for a bottle of water and took the thyroid pill. My first thought was, [ Read More ]

Yvonne’s 10 rules for a happy marriage

We were visiting with friends the other night and the topic turned, as it often seems to do, to what it takes to have a happy marriage. Yvonne said she feels like we have one of the happiest marriages around. I have to agree, and for my part I attribute this to a consistent application [ Read More ]

Thanks Dad for sharing your goodness with us

I recently had the opportunity to visit the ancestral home and burial place of another of our Nation’s Founding Fathers. While in Quincy, Massachusetts, we toured the home of John and Abigail Adams, and the restored historic farmhouse where John Adams was born in 1735, the house itself having originally been built in 1681. Of [ Read More ]

Palin gives us a history lesson

Sarah Palin’s bus tour stopped in New York, where Palin ate pizza with Donald Trump and visited the Statue of Liberty. While visiting the Statue of Liberty, Palin lectured reporters that the Statue of Liberty was sent to the United States as a “warning” from “other countries” against “making some of the same mistakes they [ Read More ]

The good wife’s guide

A few weeks ago I wrote about “Two simple rules for a long and happy marriage.” My counsel was directed to the male readers of this column, and several men have thanked me. Perhaps I’ve even saved a marriage or two – one can hope. Interestingly, a number of women have also commented about that [ Read More ]

Are you one of the many who suffer with AAADD?

I spent most of last Saturday working in the yard. It’s a wonder that I got anything done. From the time I sat down in the garage to put my work shoes on at 7 a.m. until I sat back down to take them off at 3:30 I wandered around the yard like a blindfolded [ Read More ]

Recollections on the origin of Memorial Day

When I was a boy in the 1950s almost everyone observed Memorial Day or Decoration Day, as it was sometimes called. Parades were held in every town, and flowers and small flags adorned the graves of America’s war dead. All of America paused to honor those who had not long before sacrificed their lives for [ Read More ]

Representative Ryan, Medicare and taxes

The budget passed by the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives just four weeks ago is reported to be “dead on arrival” in the U.S. Senate. Representative Paul Ryan’s (R – Wisconsin) scheme to privatize Medicare by giving the elderly a voucher and telling them to go buy insurance from private insurance companies with the voucher [ Read More ]

Two simple rules for a long and happy marriage

I’m writing from an island off Cape Fear North Carolina this week where Yvonne and I are sharing a vacation house with two couples we have become good friends with over the past few years. The origin of this triad friendship rests with the three ladies, as is typical of most couple relationships. A notable [ Read More ]

Senior Services offers support for caregivers

Pam Scott, a registered nurse on our staff at Clermont Senior Services, recently started a new caregiver support group. It was pouring down rain the morning of the first meeting. Pam stopped by my office and said, “I hope the rain doesn’t discourage people from attending.” She was not disappointed. A few minutes before the [ Read More ]

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