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The Bookworm Sez
‘The Goat Woman of Largo Bay’ is an easy-going mystery

You were so sorry. Of all the things you regret, this one is right at the top. The bad haircut, that horrible outfit you loved at the time, things lost or lent and never found – those are all unimportant. No, you’re most remorseful for the thing you didn’t do. You missed saying words that [ Read More ]

‘Wall Street protests’ are refreshing

For over three weeks now, protesters have been demonstrating on Wall Street. Although they seem to be a diverse crowd, many of them are young. Although they bring a number of different perspectives to this protest, there are a few points that they apparently agree upon: (1) they think that our economic system is broken; [ Read More ]

Providing ‘service with heart’ during difficult times

Ruth and Norma retired this year. Both worked for Clermont Senior Services as home health aides. Ruth served for over 30 years, and Norma for almost as many. I use the word “served” because Ruth and Norma did not approach their work as jobs to be performed. The served each older person with dignity, respect, [ Read More ]

Planning for the road ahead can lead to retirement security

With over 14 million Americans still out of work, there is no more urgent priority than spurring job creation in Ohio and across the country.  The federal government doesn’t create private-sector jobs, but it can and must create the right climate for entrepreneurs and small businesses to do what they do best — invest, grow, [ Read More ]

Senior Services sets Nov. 8 as Make a Difference Day

On Saturday, Oct. 22 millions of Americans will celebrate Make a Difference Day. USA WEEKEND Magazine created Make a Difference Day 21 years ago to promote volunteer activities in local communities throughout America. Make a Difference Day has been a huge success. This year over 20 million Americans will paint houses, fix meals, rake leaves, [ Read More ]

Angels in Adoption: Bethel church and Denise Strimple

You don’t have to gaze to the heavens in search of angels. Some walk among us. Look no farther than Bethel, a village of about 2,700 people in Clermont County. There, Denise Strimple and fellow congregants of Bethel United Methodist Church provide an inspiring example of compassion. They have taken on the task of fostering [ Read More ]

CECOS landfill is being monitored by the Ohio EPA

In 1972, operations began at the landfill in Jackson Township now known as CECOS. Before being shut down to accepting delivery of waste in 1988, the site became home to thousands of tons of highly toxic chemical industrial waste. Sealed in drums, the waste was stacked in pits in the ground that was lined with [ Read More ]

Government action in the 1930s turned despair to hope

The measures taken by concerned rural citizens in places like Le Mars, Iowa, did not go unnoticed by the press of the day. The New York World – Telegram said, “For all the loose talk in America about red revolution and menaces of the kind that exist only in the hysterical imaginations of patrioteers, Americans [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Read ‘Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend’ by Susan Orlean

Your favorite celebrity lives in a big house. You’ve never actually visited that big house, but you’ve seen pictures and wow: sumptuous bedrooms with ridiculously huge beds, lush lawns, garage-door-size fireplaces, serious marble bathrooms, and a kitchen that belongs in a five-star French restaurant. It almost makes your place look like a doghouse by comparison. [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Feast’ is a heart-thumper of a novel and a good read

You’re better off on your own. You’ve got a big project and that’s the conclusion you’ve come to. Sure, you’re prepared: you’ve studied it over, asked the professionals, and searched the internet. You’ve also gathered plenty of (unsolicited) advice and (un)helpful hints and, though things might get messy, you’re finally ready to start. By yourself. [ Read More ]

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