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Seniors will see an increase in their Social Security payments

Meals. Medicine. Mortgage. Ohio seniors carry a heavy financial burden in meeting basic needs. Costs for the items they use most continue to increase. Yet, for the past few years, the Social Security benefit seniors receive has remained stagnant. That’s finally changed: monthly Social Security benefits will increase in January 2012. Last week, the Social [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Dr. Ozzy’ is funny, profane

You can feel it down to your bones. You’ve got a pain in the neck, for one thing. No, not that kind – a real pain in the neck and it’s not going away. Work has been a headache – literally – and your feelings are a little bruised. Maybe it’s all because you fell [ Read More ]

Where are you from?

This is a question we often ask when we meet a stranger. If you are a thousand miles from home when someone asks this question, you might say, “Cincinnati,” just to keep it simple. But the closer you are to home the more likely you are to say, “Clermont County,” or to name the local [ Read More ]

Most recent debate was most raucous

After watching the debate of the Republican presidential candidates in Las Vegas Oct. 18, my first reaction was that it seemed more like a video clip of scenes from the Springer show than a debate. Mitt Romney, who in previous debates had seemed to be a couple of grades above the rest of the Republican [ Read More ]

Congress is cracking down on currency manipulation

The biggest jobs bills to pass this session of Congress – one with the potential of creating or saving two million jobs with no cost to taxpayers – passed the Senate this week with strong bipartisan support. This bipartisan legislation, the Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act of 2011, which I introduced and cleared the [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
These books are good for a Halloween shiver

It happens every time: you just turn off the light and hunker down in bed, when you hear a BUMP you can’t identify. If you can, you poke your spouse to go check it out. If you’re brave, you go look yourself. But if you’re reading any of these books for Halloween, you just pull [ Read More ]

Bigotry has no place in U.S. politics

I am not, and have never been, a Mormon. I am not, and have never claimed to be, familiar with the tenets of the Mormon faith. However, it seems to me that the recent comments of a protestant clergyman from Texas, who is a friend of Rick Perry, are unfair and unjustified. The clergyman in [ Read More ]

I am strengthening with each moment, but I am not there yet

My sister, Kathy, lost her husband to cancer in early September. She has been journaling as a way to express her feelings and grief, and to help cope with her loss. With Kathy’s permission I am sharing a short passage from her journal that she recently shared with me. I do so in the hope [ Read More ]

Stop unemployment discrimination now and put Ohioans back to work

Across Ohio, I’ve heard the same story again and again. People lose their jobs—then they lose their health insurance.  After that, they lose their home or apartment because they can’t afford the mortgage or rent. The best way to get our economy back on track and reduce our deficit is to get people working again. [ Read More ]

God blessed us all with Carl Lindner

After I was first elected to Congress in 2005, Carl Lindner invited me to his corporate headquarters in Cincinnati. We took an elevator up to the top floor of the building, which afforded beautiful views of downtown and the Ohio River. “This is what’s important to me,” he said as we gazed upon the city. [ Read More ]

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