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Mr. President: Don’t forget about those southern Ohio jobs

The president’s State of the Union address on Jan. 24 gave me an opportunity to remind him of the plight of the people of Pike County, which has the highest unemployment rate in Ohio at 14.3 percent. The national unemployment rate is 8.5 percent. As he passed me on his way to the podium in [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
You will find ‘The end of Money’ extremely interesting

It was hardly worth picking up. Yep, there was once a time when that penny you spotted on the pavement was worth something more than just one cent. You could buy lots of things for a penny back then, and saving them was rewarding on many levels. Now they’re tossed and forgotten in desk drawers [ Read More ]

Humble beginnings teach lifelong lessons of gratitude

My family moved six times before I started first grade and seven more by the time I graduated from high school. Mom and my Stepdad were gypsies of sorts, barely holding body and soul together as we moved from one country shack to the next, like boll weevils looking for a home. As I recall, [ Read More ]

Health care rule puts our religious liberties at risk

The Framers of the U.S. Constitution were religious men, but they were also practical. They knew that religion and political power had to be kept separate because putting them together has repeatedly caused societies to destroy themselves. James Madison – author of the First Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees the freedom to worship – [ Read More ]

Newt wins South Carolina, Willard wins Florida

After Newt Gingrich beat Willard “Mitt” Romney in South Carolina by 47 percent to 34 percent, Romney beat Gingrich in Florida by 46 percent to 32 percent. The “Super Pac” supporting Gingrich broadcast negative ads against Romney in South Carolina, and the “Super Pac” supporting Romney (which is run by former Romney staffers) and Romney’s [ Read More ]

Bookworm Sez
Your telephone is your new best friend

Your telephone is your new best friend. That’s because it’s the direct line between your ear and the voice of the one with whom you’ve fallen in love. Your phone is never far away because keeping it close lets him whisper endearments, share her thoughts, or spill secrets. Your telephone rings, you smile. It pings, [ Read More ]

Jan Brewer’s new book tour

To those who know Arizona Governor Jan Brewer at all, she is most well-known for corruption, and secondly for running away from reporters during her re-election campaign. The best-known of her corruption scandals is her move to “privatize” several of Arizona’s prisons. Two of her top staffers were former operatives for Corrections Corporation of America, [ Read More ]

Check register revives treasured memories

Yvonne and I married in August of 1966 at the tender age of 20 in the midst of our college years.  Memories of those early days cannot easily be called to mind, especially those long forgotten memories of the day-to-day events of our lives. A few weeks ago Yvonne was going through what can only be [ Read More ]

Bookworm Sez
‘Girl Hunter’ is a book that will snare hunters and eaters alike

Dinner last night was delicious. The salad was crispy and fresh, with all the right additions and your favorite dressing. There was the slightest tease of a comfort-food memory from the main dish, which was created with a mini-bite of spice nipping your tongue. And the side dishes? You had seconds of those, followed by [ Read More ]

Newt won’t be able to dodge questions the whole campaign

In an interesting innovation to the art of media-bashing, Newt Gingrich dragged his two adult daughters into the sordid details of his breakup with his second wife. Apparently, Newt’s second wife has just published a book and mentions in the book that Gingrich had asked her to agree that their marriage should become an “open [ Read More ]

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