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The Bookworm Sez
The Bookworm gives ‘Make the Grade’ a solid B+

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Your grades were an embarrassment last year. Sometime over this summer, though, you realized something that everybody had been saying for eons: you can do better. You have potential, so you’ve decided that you’re going to study harder, work smarter, and get good grades. Problem is, you don’t know where to start. [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
How to get landscape design help

By Steve Boehme One reason many people postpone landscape improvements is that they aren’t sure what they want. Some people are good at imagining finished landscapes, but most people aren’t. Walking around in nurseries can be mind-boggling. Many home landscapes are just a collection of plants that were bought on impulse because they attracted attention [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Canine nutrition is misunderstood

By Dr. Dan Meakin One aspect of canine care and keeping that is the most misunderstood is that of proper nutrition. Years ago, dogs were fed exclusively from the table and many of them seemed to thrive. Those were actually the ones who were lucky enough to receive, by chance, the proper ratio of protein, [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Civil War books will make you rethink relationship with neighbors

By Terri Schlichenmeyer You’ve had a few differences with your neighbor. His car in your driveway almost drove you crazy. He says your dog barks too much. You don’t think he takes very good care of his yard, and he hates your Saturday morning mowing sessions. You think his parties are loud. He thinks you’re [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow
Steer Clear of ‘Row Run’ Nursery Trees

By Steve Boehme Being around trees, planting trees, doctoring trees, pruning and managing trees, we sometimes feel like a foster parent. We look at lots of trees and after a while we can read a trees’ history. Like children, trees need love and attention or they can go wrong. Sometimes wrong trees can be fixed [ Read More ]

Learning to drive in the country

By George Brown I grew up in the country but not on a farm so when I turned 16 I had never sat behind the wheel of a tractor, let alone an automobile – not even on my Dad’s lap to steer the last mile home. My lack of driving experience was compounded by the [ Read More ]

Ending the Wall Street’s tax on Main Street’s beer drinkers

By Sherrod Brown With baseball season in full swing, Ohio families hosting friends for an Indians or Reds game may have to pay more for beer and soft drinks – all because Wall Street megabanks have found another way to game the system. At one time, banks were just banks. They made loans and they [ Read More ]

Disappointed with congressmen’s votes

Dear Editor: I was dismayed to learn that several of our local Congressmen including Brad Wenstrup and John Boehner recently voted against the Constitution by refusing to support the Amash Amendment. This amendment, if passed, would have killed the NSA’s unconstitutional program of spying on the telephone and email conversations of all Americans. Rather than [ Read More ]

Highlights of an exciting week at the auctioneers convention

By George Brown Last week I attended the National Auctioneers Convention in Indianapolis. It may seem an oxymoron to use the words exciting and convention in the same sentence, but spending almost a week with a thousand or so fast talking auctioneers was both enjoyable and educational. A “first timers” breakfast was held on opening [ Read More ]

Revitalizing our communities by redeveloping brownfields

By Sherrod Brown Last year, I met with members of the Shefton family of Cleveland. They lived near a former lead smelter site, but had to move when one of their sons was diagnosed with high-lead levels in his blood. No Ohio family or business should be forced to relocate because of hazardous materials or [ Read More ]

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