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Trees are there for little boys to climb

While walking in the backyard with our grandson last weekend he asked me to help him climb a tree. He is only 3-years-old so I could understand he wanted to be sure that Grandpa had a firm grip on an arm or leg as he stretched to reach a limb above his head and pull himself to a secure perch all of six feet off the ground.

Do our veterans really have any political clout?

Our country has approximately 24 million armed forces veterans out of a total population of approximately 308 million American citizens. Ohio has approximately 970,000 veterans and Clermont County has about 16,000 veterans.

VA has claimed a backlog since 40s

President George Washington once said,

Employers should consider hiring military veterans

As many of the returning veterans begin their civilian life they find a new enemy that is very devastating both financially and emotionally. The new enemy is unemployment! Imagine coming back from a tour(s) of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan to discover your financial situation has been turned upside down.

The Ole Fisherman and family have had a very busy week

The past week has been busy for the ole fisherman and family. Saturday March 6, we had a very special time, we went to our daughter and son-in-law

Beans and cornbread – it just doesn

When I arrived home from work one evening last week I could smell the sweet aroma of beans and cornbread drifting through the door. Strange how a comfort food like beans and cornbread, with fried potatoes and onions, and bread and butter pickles on the side, can suddenly bring a smile to your face and melt your cares away.

Warm weather and sunshine mean its time to start gardening

The sun has been shinning the last few days and boy does that stir the gardening bug in me! Last Sunday evening there was a concert at the Bethel United Methodist Church, there was a soup, sandwich, salad, dessert and drinks meal, then the singing.

Senior centers have come a long way since they opened

Senior centers have come a long way since Lois Brown Dale, founding director of Clermont Senior Services, opened the doors of the first senior centers in Clermont County over 40 years ago. When Lois opened those centers in the fall of 1969, most of the seniors who attended were born in the 1880s and 1890s.

We may be out of the snow after the fifth heaviest snowy season

It seems we may be getting out of the heavy snow. The paper had this was the fifth heaviest snowy season on record. I remember the snow in 1950 that was the fall, my Dad died. So far we here, have had 38.4 inches, but we are lucky, the folks along the Eastern section of our wonderful country have had more!

The 2010 census

You will soon receive your 2010 Census form in mid March. The form has 10 easy questions that you can answer in about 10 minutes. It is very important that every person in Clermont County is counted.

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