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Thinking about health: Drug prices keep rising with no end in sight

Recently a tweet from Lauren Sausser, a fine health reporter I know in South Carolina, caught my eye. “Crazy drug prices became personal. My dad will start Keytruda regimen on Friday, $15,000 per infusion, once every three weeks indefinitely.” The high cost of pharmaceuticals had hit home! Her 61-year-old father, Jim McCallister, who lives in [ Read More ]

Learn more about Johnson

Like most of my fellow Veterans, I am passionate about my country. I believe in “American Exceptionalism,” and can think of no greater examples than the men and women I was fortunate enough to serve with, as well as the many people from all walks of life I’ve met since who volunteer in our community. [ Read More ]

Of course it will work!

When my wife and I moved into a home on the corner of Felicity Higginsport and Smyrna Roads, we moved from an old farmhouse into a frame ranch style home that was ultra-modern compared to the old brick on Fruit Ridge. First, it had an oil furnace that would blow heat into every room at [ Read More ]

In memory of Jacob Wettering

After nearly thirty years, the mystery of Jacob Wetterling’s disappearance is over. Jerry and Patty Wetterling have finally learned what happened to their missing son. On Oct. 22, 1989, Jacob, his younger brother and a friend had rode their bikes to a local convenience store to rent a video. Minutes after leaving the store, a [ Read More ]

When a spud wasn’t a dud

I feel certain that I have written about the big gardens that my parents would put out every year at our farm on Fruit Ridge Road. Since many meals and, most times, large meals were prepared a large amount of a vegetables were planted so a large yield could be anticipated. Mom caned many quarts [ Read More ]

Return of the football widow

The 2016 NFL season officially starts tonight with a rematch between the Broncos and Panthers, who played in last season’s Super Bowl. Not only does America love the NFL, but they also love high school football and college football. Every year, professional football opens on Thursday, high school kids play on Fridays and then college [ Read More ]

The truth behind the Zika funding delays

Fears are rising as the Zika virus has become a national concern. Nearly three months ago, my colleagues and I in the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to help combat the virus, which is borne by mosquitos and can cause serious birth defects and other conditions if contracted during pregnancy. Yet Americans are [ Read More ]

Social media’s challenge to democracy

I’ve been involved in politics for the better part of a lifetime, and have spoken at a lot of public meetings over the years. There’s one question, I think, that I’ve heard more than any other: “If I want to be an informed citizen, which sources of information should I consult?” For many years, I [ Read More ]

Weekend Walker: Gauche Park

If you haven’t heard of Gauche Park, it’s not because it’s nothing special, in fact, it is very special and is well worth a visit. Located at 410 South Broadway St., Owensville, OH, 45160, a ‘Gauche Park’ street sign identifies the turn off South Broadway St. (Rt. 276), leading you to a nicely paved parking [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Whisperin’ Bill’ a hit for country fans

The song’s been hooked in your brain now for three days. Every time your head’s been idle for two seconds, you catch yourself humming snatches of it. That song kept you awake because someone wrote a melody-hook you can’t forget. And, as you’ll see in “Whisperin’ Bill Anderson” by Bill Anderson with Peter Cooper, somebody [ Read More ]

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