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Keep Kids Drug-Free This Summer — Start Talking!

Summer break is upon us, and for tweens and teens this means no homework, plenty of free time and less supervision. While a majority of youth will find healthy ways to keep busy, some, unfortunately, will use their unsupervised freedom to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Now that your kids are no longer in school, [ Read More ]

Healthcare consumers get little help resolving their complaints

Who protects consumers of healthcare? Two recent emails from readers got me thinking about that question. I don’t mean consumers in their role as patients whose medical well-being is looked after by state medical boards and health departments that police doctors and hospitals. Those organizations don’t always do a perfect job protecting patients from harm, [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Penn pens perfect ode to trees

Shade feels good right about now. Just sitting in it seems to lower your temperature by ten degrees. It calms you, too, and makes you feel drowsy. This time of year, the shade of a tree is a welcome thing and, as you’ll see in the new book “The Man Who Made Things Out of [ Read More ]

How good are UC’s Big 12 odds?

By Garth Shanklin Sports Editor Eight soccer teams representing four different Clermont County schools made trips to Mason earlier this month for the Mason Pre-Season Soccer Classic, held at Heritage Oak Park. Two boys’ soccer teams, the Amelia Barons and Bethel-Tate Tigers, participated in the boys’ tournament July 15-17. Both teams fared well in their [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Can cats get heartworm?

The answer is an unequivocal yes but the feline situation is vastly different from the canine situation. While it is true that the feline infection is not as common as the canine infection, the feline infection has recently been found to be a much more widespread problem than previously believed. In the past, a common [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Mama’ is perfect for 5 to 8-year-olds

Your Mama is really tall. She can reach the cabinets where the cookies are stored. She can touch the upper shelf of your closet and the tippy-top of your bedroom door. Her arms can reach things that you never could. Your Mom is probably at least five feet tall – that’s huge, isn’t it? – [ Read More ]

Living without those we love

My mother-in-law Barb died last September. Since her passing, we have celebrated our first Christmas and Thanksgiving without her. Before she died, we always enjoyed spending those two holidays with her. Barb and my wife were best friends. My wife continues to experience grief from losing her mother. Whenever loved ones die, we must learn [ Read More ]

A barn like this one has never been seen

When a person drove down Fruit Ridge Road there was more to see than just well-kept farms, fields holding in well fed cattle or farmers maintaining the quality that our road was known for. Going from the north end you had to drive by the Nike Missile Base and see the soldiers guarding the gates. [ Read More ]

Howard resigns from committee

Thank you for your support in electing me as your representative on the Republican Central Committee of Clermont County. In recent days I have submitted my resignation from the Committee because I have been ineffectual to make a difference. As you know, I am a constitutional conservative who understands that all our leaders need to [ Read More ]

Remember to register to vote

It is summer. It is time for fishing, cookouts, and softball. Yeah, there is an election coming up, but I don’t need to worry about that until November. Well, not exactly. I was in a polling place in a village in the County during the March 15 Primary Election. A man about my age very [ Read More ]

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