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Rep. Brad Wenstrup:
Made in America

“Made in America.” Whether these three simple words are stitched inside a pair of jeans or splashed in bold letters across a banner outside a local car dealer, they invoke a sense of pride. It’s almost as if a small piece of our national identity has now taken tangible form. The same pride rings true [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez:
The rare book with 18-wheels attached to it

From here to there. That’s where you need to move your stuff: from Point A to Point B. Take it out of one place and put it in another, possibly many miles away. And it’s not like you can wiggle your nose or wave a magic wand to do it, either; you need someone who [ Read More ]

Garth Shanklin
Bailey vs. Cueto: The great debate

I have a terrible habit of losing things. Wallets, keys, phone: if you hand it to me, there’s a good chance I’ll be looking for it in the very near future. For instance, on Monday I spent the better part of the morning before heading into the office looking for my wallet. Couldn’t find it [ Read More ]

Haddon Lockyer:
4 Years Comic

This comic strip, “4 Years,” is an almost-weekly series by 11-year-old Haddon Lockyer of Batavia.

Rick Houser:
When the accident delivers the education

A number one rule on the farm is when it is time for a crop to be started or when it is time to harvest the crop that time is so very important to the result of the crop. Probably no crop had to adhere to this rule more than tobacco. When the tobacco plants [ Read More ]

Marc Hoover:
The controversial transgender soldier in the U.S. military

Donald Trump recently posted to Twitter that transgender people will no longer be permitted to join the military. And you can just bet that Trump’s administration is working on making it official. The reasoning is because President Trump doesn’t think the government should be spending tax dollars on any expenses associated with gender change. The [ Read More ]

Rep. John Becker:
Building a better education experience for our students

It is no secret that our current standards in our local school districts are overreaching, overbearing and overburdening. As a staunch conservative, I have long been an advocate for abolishing federally-driven mandates and replacing them with locally-developed strategies. The ultimate solution requires a complete overhaul at all levels. The Ohio House is currently considering two [ Read More ]

Hicks: I was shutdown and removed from the meeting

I am Chris Hicks. I live at 444 Woodwick Court, Cincinnati Ohio 45255. At the end of the July 26, 2017 Commissioner’s meeting, Commissioner Uible opened the floor saying “We are at the public participation section of the meeting. Any public participation.” When I attempted to exercise not just my 1st and 14th Amendment rights [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez:
They say you learn something new every day…

It’s going to be a great day. You woke up this morning (always a good thing) and you’ve got big plans, which is exciting. There’s food in the fridge, gas in the tank, and a roof over your head. Today’s going to be a great day – which could often be said throughout history, as [ Read More ]

Marc Hoover
Remembering the master of horror

On July 16, we lost George Romero—a true legend. Among horror fans, Romero was a key figure in the monster genre. Fans will always remember him as the man who created the flesh eating zombie. In 1968, Romero directed the zombie flick that would launch our fascination with zombies that used to be our neighbors, [ Read More ]

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