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Leaves are supposed to fall, people are not supposed to fall

Governor Kasich has designated Friday, Sept. 23 as Fall Prevention Awareness Day in Ohio. Although I’ve been working with older adults for nearly 40 years, I was surprised by the numbers issued in a recent report by the Ohio Department of Health. For example, falls are the leading cause of injury related emergency room visits, [ Read More ]

How to create 4,000 local jobs with a stroke of the pen

After President Obama finished his speech about jobs to a joint session of Congress last week, I handed him an envelope. It contained a letter that outlined how to create 4,000 jobs in South-Central Ohio with the stroke of a pen. I told him what the letter was about. He said: “Thank you, I’ll look [ Read More ]

How a president saved the banks

Having assumed the presidency, Franklin Roosevelt was confronted with the worst economic crisis America had ever faced. In his inaugural address, he had promised action. As historian Arthur M. Schlesinger pointed out, “It was hard to understate the need for action. The national income was less than half what it had been four years before. [ Read More ]

Why men are happier and never depressed

I wish I could say this piece is original. Well, I’m sure it is but not by me. Yvonne emailed it to me the other night. I searched online and could not identify an author to whom I could give credit. I’m sharing it with you, first because it is too cute not to, and [ Read More ]

A great president responds to a call to action

At noon on March 4, 1933 a new President would take the oath of office. A few hours before, every bank in America had locked its doors. A quarter of the workforce was unemployed. The national income was less than half what it had been four years before. In the months leading up to the [ Read More ]

Protecting older adults from abuse and neglect

It is difficult to understand why anyone would abuse or neglect an older person but it happens everyday. At least a half million Adult Protective Service referrals are made each year in the United States to investigate alleged cases of the neglect, abuse, and exploitation of older adults. Experts say this is only half of [ Read More ]

Federal officials yield on the costly replacement of signs

I’ve been working since March to put the brakes on an unfunded federal mandate that would force communities to replace many signs along public roads by 2015. Other signs, including those for street names, would have to be replaced by 2018. On Aug. 30, the U.S. Department of Transportation signaled it would heed warnings from [ Read More ]

Is Mayor Bloomberg blinded by politics?

It’s been widely reported that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned all clergy and prayer at the upcoming ten year anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. In my opinion his decision is incomprehensible and disgraceful and is clearly not in the best interest of those families that were impacted by the [ Read More ]

Women are to be loved, not to be understood

I stopped by to see Rick this morning. Rick was our neighbor for many years, but after Edie passed away a few years ago, he moved to a senior living community. Rick is 74 and still gets around pretty well, so it is not surprising that he gets a lot of attention from the ladies. [ Read More ]

President should act on free trade agreements and boost jobs

The fact that the economy is struggling isn’t news to the 529,000 Ohioans searching for work. What might surprise them, however, is that the means to create some 250,000 jobs nationally are just sitting on President Obama’s desk. He has yet to act on several free trade agreements, which have been languishing in the Oval [ Read More ]

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