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The saga of buying a chair for the man cave

As all good parents do from time to time, we recently gave a piece of furniture to one of our kids. This time it was the loveseat from my man cave. I really didn

Ohio voters support seniors despite economy

Sixteen Senior Service Levies were on the ballot in Ohio on Nov. 3, and all 16 passed with the overwhelming support of local voters. This would be an extraordinary accomplishment during the best of times, and it is doubly so during these difficult economic times.

There are several holiday programs and dinners coming up

I was talking to a feller last week and he told me how they have a doggie seat in their car for their little dog. Now, after thinking about this, it makes sense because if a dog was jumping around in the vehicle, it could cause a wreck. Folks would not want their dog or cat to be hurt, so it makes sense to have a doggie seat.

Another good person and friend has passed away

Well here I go again. We lost a good man, but our loss is God

Honor our veterans of today and of wars past

When is too much, too much?

Growing up in the snail mail and low tech world of the 50s and 60s it has been difficult and quite a stretch for me to adjust.

The joy of making childhood memories

Our little grandson, Roni, is now three and a half, about the same age as my recollections of earliest childhood memories. Sometimes when we

The weather was good for traveling to Cleveland

Well, it’s been another busy week for the ole fisherman and wife

Surrounded by beauty

I’m not sure what it is about beautiful autumn days that makes us want to be outside, but there is a magnetism drawing people to come look, smell, experience and enjoy nature.

Transportation helps seniors to live at home

They call it America

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