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Creature Feature
The truth about heartworms and what to do about them

By Dr. Dan Meakin Heartworm Disease is becoming increasingly more common in this area. The heartworm lives in the right side of the heart, and in the nearby large blood vessels. The female worms produce large numbers of immature heartworms, which circulate in the blood. These young worms, called microfilaria, are ingested by a mosquito [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Orphan Train’ will stick to your heart like glue

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Your memories could fill a thousand scrapbooks. On this page here, you’d glue that first-day-of-school smell. If you could, you’d paste the sound of your father coming home from work. Your mother’s voice would be saved between pages of perfect-weather days, lost loves, and hot cocoa. You’d fasten down puppy breath, running [ Read More ]

After a misunderstanding, I’m back in the trailer again

By George Brown I thought I had made it through winter without being banished to our travel trailer. No such luck. Evidently last week’s column sparked a rumor about my marital fidelity – or the possible lack thereof. When the backdraft from that rumor reached our home it set off a full-fledged firestorm. The result, [ Read More ]

Ohio workers have what it takes to excel in the global economy

By Sherrod Brown At the President’s State of the Union address, I was joined by Cookie Hall, a second-generation Cleveland steelworker who knows from experience that American workers are the most productive in the world. Cookie works at Cleveland Works, a steel plant owned by ArcelorMittal North America. Workers at this plant produce one ton [ Read More ]

Municipal income tax compliance is badly hurting Ohio businesses

By John Becker In many respects, being unique is a welcomed quality. But one aspect that makes the state of Ohio unique also drastically hurts its chances for attracting businesses.  Ohio is the only state in the country that allows each city and village to establish its own set of rules and regulations for collecting [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Women of the Frontier’ gives modern families a glimpse into the nation’s past

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Your bedroom is just perfect – finally. You’ve got everything just where you want it. The bed is comfortable, your possessions are on nice shelves, and you can get a little bit of privacy if you want it. Yep, this bedroom is much better than the one in your last house. Spending [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
The real legacy of Johnny Appleseed

By Steve Boehme John Chapman could be described as a successful real estate speculator with a good understanding of how to increase your wealth through compound interest. He is also one of the most misrepresented and misunderstood figures in American history. His biggest contribution to life on the American frontier was to create a renewable [ Read More ]

Only my hairdresser really knows for sure

By George Brown For reasons which will become obvious as this story progresses I’m using fictitious names to protect and preserve the relationship my wife and one of her girlfriends have with their hairdressers. Last week my wife, I’ll call her “Sue,” and I were out with our good friends, “Allen” and “Ellen.” I should [ Read More ]

Speeding up home sales will help to boost the economy

By Sherrod Brown One sure way to reduce the deficit is to strengthen the economy—so more Americans have good-paying jobs and can support themselves and their families rather than relying upon the safety net to make ends meet. We have grown our way out of past recessions through a strong manufacturing sector and a robust [ Read More ]

Introducing a responsible, balanced federal budget

By Brad Wenstrup This week, House Republicans introduced a responsible federal budget. It is a plan to make the cuts and reforms needed to balance our budget in 10 years, which will foster a healthier economy and create jobs. Senate Democrats released their budget this week too, and it provides an opportunity to contrast two [ Read More ]

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