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Grant and Sherman’s memoirs are long, difficult to put down

By George Brown Growing up, I was not a reader; and it is no wonder. As best as I can recall the only publications to be found in our home were these three: a Bible (which was seldom read), school textbooks, and, lastly, publications Mom picked up at the grocery store, like “The National Enquirer, [ Read More ]

Too many are struggling just to get by

By Sherrod Brown For generations, hardworking Americans have left their homes every morning – and some at night – to earn an honest living, to provide for their loved ones, and to ensure their children have enough food, clothes, and education to thrive. Steelworkers, nurses, mechanics, teachers, and plumbers weren’t always treated with the dignity [ Read More ]

Unions are misunderstood, may be our last chance

By Len Harding Now that we’ve survived the smarmy tip-o-the-hat to working people, we can talk about what labor is all about. Most of what passes for information about unions in Clermont County is really just polemical off-gassing by hacks in the pay of one-per-centers. Hacks’ collective goal is not to save us from unions, [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Flames and Smoke Visible’ will light up your imagination

By Terri Schlichenmeyer The air conditioning is on. It’s been on a lot this summer because, without it, you’d probably melt. Yes, you’re hot, and we’re not talking Wow-You’re-Looking-Good-Tonight hot. We’re talking about Sitting-In-Front-of-the-A/C-Vents-Just-to-Survive hot. Whew! And you know, there’s one group of people who willingly spend hours, if needed, in a place that’s even [ Read More ]

Let’s Grow!
Mums can be hardy perennials

By Steve Boehme Have you planted hardy mums that never came back the next year? You’re not alone; most fall mums are “throwaways”, but it is possible to permanently add mums to your perennial garden. One secret to success is to buy them before they bloom and plant them right away. The sooner you plant [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
At last – A formula to rid your pet of skunk scent!

By Dr. Dan Meakin You’d think that if you discovered the hands-down, bar-none best way for dealing with a pet who has been skunked, you’d be able to sell your formula for a tidy sum and be set for life, right? Wrong. At least, that’s not the way it worked for chemist Paul Krebaum, who [ Read More ]

Descendents of the pilgrims are alive and well

By George Brown A small band of the descendants of Mayflower pilgrim Edward Doty gathered in Columbus a couple of weeks ago for the annual “Doty Cousins Reunion.” For many years two of my cousins have faithfully planned this event, which is annually attended by various cousins of the four daughters of Robert T. Doty, [ Read More ]

How can my office help you?

By Sherrod Brown Some of my office’s most critical work has nothing to do with votes cast on the Senate floor. As your senator, my most important job is serving you and helping constituents cut through red tape when dealing with the federal government. That means helping seniors access the Social Security benefits they have [ Read More ]

Intelligent reforms to the intelligence communities

By Brad Wenstrup Current events remind us of a long-standing and important debate surrounding national security and personal privacy. Twenty-first century technologies heighten that debate. And while these technologies can save untold numbers of lives on the battlefield and here at home, they can also potentially threaten our cherished right to privacy. While I oppose [ Read More ]

Protecting the Legacy of America’s Sportsmen

By Rob Portman There is no greater friend of conservation and no greater protector of the natural treasures of our country than America’s sportsmen. Every year, sportsmen pump billions of dollars into the economy. At the same time, they provide the money through taxes and fees that fund wildlife officers and conservation efforts in national [ Read More ]

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