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A hike along Kokosing Gap Trail – circa 1958

By George Brown On Sunday, Labor Day weekend 1958, warm rays from the sun and a soft breeze drifted through an open bedroom window beckoning my brother, sister, me, and two of our cousins to pull ourselves out of bed. Our cousins would return to their home in Marion the next day and the day [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘1954’ is a book for fans who love history of baseball

By Terri Schlichenmeyer You know the rules. Each base must be touched, each ball hit within bounds – or so you hope. No spitballs, corked bats, pine tar, or steroids. Four bases to run. Three strikes, you’re out. Those are the basics of baseball. But rules, of course, can be changed, just like the game [ Read More ]

Batavia meetings and funerals

By Rosanna Hoberg An account by James B. Swing of Batavia of his experiences in the American Civil War, related in 1916, began two weeks ago and continues here. “All through the years of the war there were war meetings held at the Court House — some of them intensely exciting. I remember one such [ Read More ]

Thank goodness for tourist shop benches

By George Brown Our visit with friends in Knoxville a couple of weeks ago included the obligatory journey to and through some of those Gatlinburg candle and gift shops. Just thinking about it is enough to make me sneeze. Entrepreneurs long ago figured out who spends the money at shopping meccas like Gatlinburg. This is [ Read More ]

Major General Walker’s political career

By Paul Schwietering In January, 1960, Major General Edwin Walker sweeps into one of the elementary schools on the base he commands. During World War II he became a daring commando officer, parachuting behind enemy lines to lead bloody night raids. He rose quickly through the ranks. He ended the war with a chest full [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
Shirley Temple biography is an upstanding book

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Staying upright. That’s what you learned when you were a year old: being vertical and walking. You mastered communication at two, played well with others at four, and by time you were six years old, you could read, write, and remember your telephone number. So this’ll make you feel silly: at just [ Read More ]

Creature Feature
Tick paralysis can be fatal

By Dr. Dan Meakin Tick Paralysis is caused by over 40 species of ticks worldwide (5 in North America, including the deer tick) and can occur in almost any region where ticks are found. It has killed thousands of animals. Tick paralysis occurs when an engorged and gravid (egg-laden) female tick produces a neurotoxin in [ Read More ]

A boy tells his Batavia story

By Rosanna Hoberg Last week’s historical column, “The war touches the town,” began the account given by James B. Swing of Batavia in 1916 of his experiences in the American Civil War, a memoir preserved by Mrs. Jean Hughey. The account follows here. “I remember the organization of a company at Batavia for what became [ Read More ]

Court deals with catastrophic injuries

By Paul Pfeifer Dean Sziraki was employed in his family’s paving business when his world came crashing in on May 14, 1991. That day, while in the course of his work, he was injured in a one-car accident that resulted in catastrophic brain and spinal-cord injuries. He spent the next 16 years as a quadriplegic [ Read More ]

An encounter with six young doubters on a Cades Cove trail

By George Brown With backpack in hand, I arrived at the entrance to Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountain National Park at 11 a.m. last Saturday. My brain, if not my body, was ready for an afternoon hiking adventure. I spent a few minutes consulting with Tom, a senior ranger, about trail options. I learned [ Read More ]

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