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The Thanksgiving Mouse

A Thanksgiving poem, with apologies to Clement Moore: “Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house, Not a creature was stirring except one little mouse. The Hot dry summer had left mouse’s cupboard bare, So he moved into the house in hopes that food would be there. His family was nestled all snug [ Read More ]

Congressman Walsh’s meltdown caught on video

Joe Walsh (the “Tea Party” Republican Congressman from Illinois) held an event with his constituents which he called “A Cup of Joe with Joe.” The event was staged at a café and was intended to show Walsh having a cup of coffee with constituents. Seeing the video of Mr. Walsh’s event leads inescapably to the [ Read More ]

The Book Worm Sez
‘Sourtoe Cocktail Club’ is worth jumping into feet-first

Once upon a time, you wanted to be just like him. The man you called Dad was your hero back when you were small. You looked up to him, literally. He was the guy who could fix anything and create everything. He was strong, smart, fun, resourceful and, particularly if you were his son, you [ Read More ]

A few reflections on my 40 years of serving older adults

Last week the citizens of Clermont County passed the Senior Services Levy by an unprecedented 75 percent affirmative vote. I speak for the board of trustees, our employees, and most importantly the older adults we serve, in expressing our gratitude for your vote of confidence to continue this vital work for another five years. This [ Read More ]

Our vow to America’s veterans

President Lincoln, in his second inaugural address, asked the country to “bind up the nation’s wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan.” It’s a motto etched in stone at the Department of Veterans Affairs and in the heart of a grateful nation that celebrates [ Read More ]

The right wing doesn’t live up to American ideals

Mark Kelly, the astronaut who is the husband of Gabrielle Giffords (the Congresswoman who was shot by a right-wing extremist) has written a book about Giffords’ attempts to re-learn how to walk and talk. The book is scheduled to be released on Nov. 15. I did not originally intend to mention this book in my [ Read More ]

The Bookworm Sez
‘Thanksgiving Graces’ is a book to share

For as far back as you can remember, your parents have taught you that sharing is the right thing to do. You’ve always been told to let others play nicely with your toys and look gently at your books. If you have candy, you’re encouraged to give someone else a bite. You might share your [ Read More ]

What Obama could learn from Kennedy

When one writes a weekly column, the first thing one must do is, of course, decide on the event to be covered in the column for a given week. There were a number of possibilities this week. Herman Cain denied that he sexually harassed two female employees while he was President of the National Restaurant [ Read More ]

The Adopt-a-Senior Program seeks help from the community

All of us are affected by the shaky economy, whether at the gas pump, the grocery store, or determining how low we can set the thermostat. These worries have an even larger impact on older adults on low fixed incomes. As prices go up many find it difficult to buy the most basic personal and [ Read More ]

The Senate has acknowledged that the US is in a trade war

The United States Senate last week acknowledged what too many Ohio workers and manufacturers already know: that we are in a trade war. We took steps to fight back by passing the biggest bipartisan jobs bill this session of Congress: my bipartisan bill to combat Chinese currency manipulation. The Commerce Department released new trade deficit [ Read More ]

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